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Trader Public Page for rizz

Total miniatures: 2,291 Trader rizz Premium Member  in United States (Oregon)
This page viewed 43,064 times. Member since: June 11, 2008 (10 years, 11 months and 14 days ago)

Ahoy, you have reached Riz's corner of the site. Some of you may know me from the forums here at MT, and other places. Hi to those of you who do. Please drop by and say hi if you haven't visited any of these forums recently. Also I have been working on the fan made set Pirates of the Forgotten Coast, you can find my set at my site, drop on by.

Here is the latest card designed for the Forgotten Coast set...

My site is also playing host to the Treasure Trove of Fenrir equipment set, which was designed by Woelf.

Oh and if you are interested in more fan made sets, the guys and gals over at Pirates Pocket Models World ( are working on a set (One Man's Journey) based on the story by Rustyhook. The story is available in the forums here at MT, at PPMW, and also on my site in the Fiction area. You should read it if you haven't.

Trading Closed!
This means I am NOT accepting trade offers at this time.

However I may or may not accept a trade offer sent to me. Do not be offended if I decline, it simply means that I didn't feel the offer was opportune at the time. I may revise it and send you a counter offer however.

Some islands I need that are not available to add to the wants lists...
Spanish Main (blank backed): I03, I04, I12, I15.
From Crimson Coast through Davy Jones Curse: I01, I02, I03, I04, I05, I06, I07, I08, I09, I10, I11, I12, I13, I14, I15, I16.
Oh these islands are needed in card for scanning purposes.

I will trade with anyone who is in the United States (sometimes with Canadians). For those outside the U.S. sorry, I cannot afford the international rates. I will only be using the new tracked trade system for trades from here on out. If you do not wish to use this system, then I will not be the one you want to trade with.

If I send you a trade offer, and you do not wish to accept it, please do not just let it hang until it times out. Cancel it if you don't want it. That way I will know you are not interested and not waste my time. If you don't want the items, someone else might and I would like to know if the items I offered are going to be available to someone else. I do not offer items to multiple people at once, if I offer it to you, it is off the table for everyone else. If I see a trade just hanging, and you are loggig into the site (yes we can see it), and you just never accept it, that is a fast way to go on my "Do Not Trade" list.

I mail everything through the United States Post Office, and I send everything standard parcel post. If you want Express or Overnight, you will be sending me the money for it BEFORE I mail anything.
I send everything I trade out in poly sleeves (except Megacards which i do not have poly sleeves for), so if you are getting cards from me, they will be in sleeves for safety. I will not demand you send to me sleeved, but it would be nice. My trade stock is stored sleeved in a storage box.
If something in my trade lists has been punched, it WILL say it in the notes for the mini. No notes means it is unpunched.
If I have any Fortresses on my haves list, they do NOT trade as the common rarity they display. Due to the limited number of these I trade them as rares only.
If a mini has a note saying it is held for a local trade, I will NOT send it out until the local trader has stated they no longer want it.
If a mini has a note saying it is outbound to someone, don't try to get me to trade it to you. It is promised to someone and I will not break that promise. Now if the trade ends up cancelled, you can try again.
If a mini says it is inbound from someone, I will not be accepting trades for it, as it is already coming in to me. Like the outbounds however, if the trade fails, you can try again later.
If there is a note saying it is a mini I am negotiating with (on either haves or wants) it is also currently spoken for.
I do not store SE (pre-built) ships assembled. They are put into the box, carded and sleeved like anything else in my stock.
I do not buy cards in general, and on the rare occassions I do, it is ONLY from someone I know and trust.
I am a collector, however, this is first and foremost a game! I play with the pieces I own, and sometimes a crew will end up going into my trade stock after it was punched (not common anymore but I still have some). If I am offering a trade to you and it contains a punched crew, I will ensure you will get the treasure coins to fill the card.

BTW while I am talking about trading, if you have things you want, and you do not put them on your wants list, how are people supposed to find out you want them for trades?

Now here is how I work trades. I work off rarity, and trade type for type. This means I will not trade a Rare ship for a Rare crew, except in very rare and special circumstances. In my book SR, LE, PR, and SE are all the same for trading. I also consider CT crews to be the same as C crews.

I also have a ton of islands available for trade, these are the one exception to the type for type rule. I will trade islands for generic crew, or for other islands. All islands I have available for trade are un-punched. If I send a punched island to you it is a bonus "karma" island.

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