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Help maintain our miniature database

You can now help us to have the most accurate listing of miniatures for your favorite game. If you find any mistakes, you can now correct them directly on the site. [read more...]

New main menu design

We have a new design for our main menu: more colorful, modern, and convenient. Check it out! [read more...]

Insert miniatures in your text!

Now you can insert miniatures in your text so that all the miniature's info gets displayed automatically. [read more...]

Average miniature prices

You can now check the prices for miniatures directly on the lists, and also the total cost of armies and the value of trades. [read more...]

Business cards for everyone!

You can now design and customize your own business cards for Miniature Trading. [read more...]

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This is the place to find all those collectible miniatures you need. You can trade, buy and sell miniatures, safely and easily. All you need is here, together with a great community of miniature players and collectors. Please explore the site and all its many features!
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Miniature of the Week, from Pirates CSG

Slarg Gubbit

Slarg Gubbit, The Horror! The Terror! The FEAR!

written by loveseamonsters send message

General description:
You’re sailing along, no doubt about to target some defenseless, treasure-laden vessel. You set your eyes on the target, order your men to quarters to get ready for cannon fire. Right before you give the order, you... ... [read more]

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Fleet of the Week, from Pirates CSG

Verdant Isle

Fleet "ziotoo's CF- the pirate's way!" - 65 Points for Pirates CSG

built by ziotoo4's been a long time since i last posted a fleet on MT. This time, it's a combo i created almost 9 months ago, in a local tournament. There were many limitations, including a 60 points build total and a single-nation approach.
Howewer, this fleet turned out to be really powerful, and since it's creative, too, i think it will do well in Woelf's Creative Fleet Challenge.

Now, let's start up! I will get some help from time to time with my long-date friend, Genny's Red Rampage
ARRRR!, me be born ready! And there ain't gold for th' premium membership, so vote me up, ye stinky land-lubbers!
ARR! (shameless plug, i admit it )

So, from a first look, we cannot see anythink interesting in this fleet. We have two not-so good gunships, the almighty banshee's cry as well as a bunch of random ships. It looks plain harmless
ARRR! Me knew' that! That be a stinky fleet-as stinky as me breath when me be drunk...that's to say, all th' time!

Well, i would'nt be so hasty. The key of this fleet lies in two elements:
1) the mistery islands, often undervalued but really powerful anyway (in the specific, Verdant Isle), and
2) the UT "Altar of the Loa", which i still can't believe passed playtesting with such a game-breaking ability

quote from the plan:

So, how does this works?
That's simple: we're going to use the "bunch of random ships" to bring into play the UT Altar's of the loa, then we'll take advantage of the load of sac fodder to take control of the enemy fleet, ending the match as total winners.

Koff koff! *rum down the wrong way* Yer' be saying we're gonna steal good ships and take them along the piracy road???

ARR! Me's gonna love this stuff!

So, now let's get serious and describe the process. Genny, please shut up
Aye Aye cap'tn!


You'll have to put the mysterious islands (we used four of them) so that every non-mistery island is no further than 3L from at least one of them.
In short, you should place them so that it's possible to reach them easily from every spot your opponent gives you as a HI.
DO NOT PLACE the UT yet; it will be brought in later, during the game


First turn: roll for the navigator, then move all of your ships towards the nearest Verdant Isle. Use lucky the parrot to peek at your enemy's cargo. Nothing else.
Second turn: assuming you placed the island 3L away from your HI, you should now be there with all of your ships: there's five of them, so you'll be able to roll at least 5 times for the effect. If you're in the luck range, you should already have got the result we're looking for; otherwise, repeat until you get a 5 or 6.

Howewer it goes, remember to unload the payload on the Verdant island: that is, 1 oarsman from rover, 4 from the DHII, 1 from Banshee's cry and 2 from White Rose should now be on the Wild Island, totalizing 10 oarsmans.
If you got a 5 or 6 on one of the die rolls, things start to get interesting.

After the roll:
After you roll the 5 or 6, you pretty much have won the game. Take a look at your opponent's situation: the best moment to do what you're gonna do, is when your opponent has just loaded gold with his/her treasure ships and is about halfway between your and his/her HI (it's a common situation, and it should be fairly easy to lure him as near to your HI as you can-as we said before, this fleet looks harmless)
When you believe it's the right moment, turn Altar of the Loa, show it to your opponent, and watch as his face gets blank.

To sum up, you should now have:
Altar of the Loa on a Verdant Isle, to wich almost all of your ships (depending on the time elapsed) are docked, 10 oarsman awaiting on that same island, your opponent's gunship should be no more than 5L away from your HI and his/her goldships around the unexplored Wild Islands-ready to go back home

What's Next?
Assuming you've 10 SAC crew on the Altar, you will be able to control your enemy ships for about 5 turns. Just keep the stinky mermaid docked to this island, and keep sacrificing 2 crew per turn, for 5 turns (if you need more SAC, remember we have a grand total of 18 crew in the fleet, allowing 9 turns of enemy control!)
Arr! Shiver me' timbers!

What you do now, is up to you. Bring your enemy gunships into cannon's range and blow them up as they watch helplessy. Use his/her treasure ships to unload treasure near your HI; then sink them and bring gold home with DH enormous hold. You could even use White Rose's special ability to get all the enemy coins, including the ones he already unloaded!
The world is yer' oyster now, land-lubber!
Well told, Genny, well told! ;)

This fleet was tested on the 31st january of 2009, in a semi-official tournament here in Italy. It ranked first, with 38 match points (the second ranked scored 27 points-1/3 less!!!)

Also, it's not limited to one UT; you'll find some suggestions in the comments-feel free to add your own too!


p.s. now i want to hear woelf ^_^
Arr! Me too! Me too! Let's get together and haul some keel!!!

4 x Verdant Isle [SS: I08, Island, C]
1 x Captain [PofFN: 099, Crew, C]
1 x Explorer [PofSM: PC-EX, Crew, C]
1 x Banshee's Cry [PofR: 013, Ship, R]
1 x Navigator [SS: 034, Crew, U]
1 x Mermaid [PofCC: 020, Ship, R]
1 x Jolly Mon [DPotC: 005, Ship, R]
1 x Favor of the Gods [PofSCS: 058B, Event, C]
1 x Altar of the Loa [SS: 033, Unique Treasure, R]

[see more...]

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May 21, 2015: Help maintain our miniature database
We want to have the most detailed and accurate data for collectible miniatures on the net, but it's difficult to maintain such an extensive database. So we are requesting your help. As you are the experts, you are best positioned to identify any mistakes or missing data on our site, and now you can correct them right away.

When you open the details window for a miniature you will see now an 'Edit' button:
Miniature edit button
Click on it and you will be taken to a form where you can make any necessary changes to the info for that item. It's that easy!

And as a reward for your help you will get 5 Friendship Points for each item that you correct on a miniature.

You can also add a new miniature to an existing set. You'll find an 'Add miniature' button at the bottom of the list of figures in a set.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

January 4, 2015: New main menu design
We have redesigned our main menu to be more clear, colorful, and convenient.

  • It now shows complete at the top of the page so that you don't need to scroll down to go to any of our sections.
  • It uses colors and images to better identify each available option.
  • Each section expands dynamically to occupy less space while not in use.

Hope you enjoy it.

September 16, 2014: Insert miniatures in your text!
When posting your comments in our forums and discussions many times you talk about miniatures that your readers may not know by heart. Now you can make all the details and info about a miniature accessible whenever you mention it with a new tag that you can generate automatically by using the form at the top of your text area:

Form to insert a miniature name or image in your text

This will insert the miniature's name or image and will show all the info about that figure when you hover your mouse over that name or image, like this:

Miniature details being shown when you place your cursor over the miniature's name

The name is also a link to the details page for that card.

This should make your comments and card reviews much more informative and clear. Try it out!

June 24, 2014: Average miniature prices
As you know, we already offer price data for most miniatures: in the miniature details window you can see the minimum, average and maximum price for the miniature, retrieved from multiple online stores. Up until now, though, you had to click on each miniature to check its price.

Now we are showing the average price value on miniature lists so that you can see this data without having to click on each item and so that it's easier for you to compare prices among different miniatures. You can see this information in your haves and wants and in other members' collections. This is also very useful when adding items to a trade.

Furthermore we are also showing the total average price for armies by adding up the average prices of all the individual miniatures. We are also doing this for trades. So you can now see the cost of building an army, and the total value of the miniatures sent and received in a Tracked Trade.

This feature is currently available for the following games: HeroClix, Dungeons & Dragons, Axis and Allies, Star Wars minis, and WoW minis.

April 19, 2014: Business cards for everyone!
You can now design your own business cards to let other people know about your web page at Miniature Trading and about your achievements on the site.
You can print these cards and hand them out to prospect traders you meet at the local store or tournaments. And you can also use them online as forum signature or avatars. They will link directly to your web page so that people can find it easily.

To create and customize your own business card, go to Your Profile and choose the option "Your avatar and business card". You can choose among multiple templates and include your own image.

Try it out and show off your membership in this community!

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