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Checklist of miniatures from Icons (DC) (HeroClix)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
026 Aquaman (Experienced) Justice League Uncommon
025 Aquaman (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
027 Aquaman (Veteran) Justice League Rare
204 Barbara Ann Minerva (LE) Injustice League Limited Edition
041 Batman (Experienced) Batman Ally Rare
001 Batman (Experienced) (Starter) Batman Ally Starter Exclus.
208 Batman (FCBD) [purple ring] Batman Ally Promotional
040 Batman (Rookie) Batman Ally Uncommon
042 Batman (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated Rare
010 Beast Boy (Rookie) Titans Common
012 Beast Boy (Veteran) Titans Uncommon
035 Bizarro (Experienced) Superman Enemy Uncommon
034 Bizarro (Rookie) Superman Enemy Uncommon
036 Bizarro (Veteran) Superman Enemy Rare
020 Blackfire (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
019 Blackfire (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated Common
021 Blackfire (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
050 Brainiac (Unique) Superman Enemy Rare
F006 Brilliant Tactician (IK) DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
011 Changeling (Experienced) Titans Uncommon
017 Cheetah (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
016 Cheetah (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated Common
018 Cheetah (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
053 Cyborg (Unique) Titans Rare
207 Dark Knight Detective (LE) Batman Ally LE-Mailaway
F009 Darkness Within DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
044 Darkseid (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated Rare
043 Darkseid (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated Uncommon
045 Darkseid (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated Rare
F003 Divebomb DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
201 Dr. Jonathan Crane (LE) Batman Enemy Limited Edition
202 Gar Logan (LE) Titans Limited Edition
005 Harley Quinn (Experienced) Batman Enemy Starter Exclus.
003 Hawkgirl (Experienced) Justice League Starter Exclus.
BF001 Infiltration DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
BF003 Internal Strife DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
B002 L-Ron DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
051 Lex Luthor (Unique) Superman Enemy Rare
B006 Lian Harper DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
B001 Lucius Fox DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
BF002 Madness DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
B003 Maggie Sawyer DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
006 Man-Bat (Experienced) Batman Enemy Starter Exclus.
BF005 Ordinary Day (IK) DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
205 Princess Komand'r (LE) DC Unaffiliated Limited Edition
206 Princess Koriand'r (LE) Titans Limited Edition
209 Professor Zoom (LE) DC Unaffiliated LE-Mailaway
049 Ra's al-Ghul (Unique) Batman Enemy Rare
BF004 Rally DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
029 Raven (Experienced) Titans Uncommon
028 Raven (Rookie) Titans Uncommon
030 Raven (Veteran) Titans Rare
B005 Renee Montoya DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
014 Robin (Experienced) Batman Ally Uncommon
002 Robin (Experienced) (Starter) Batman Ally Starter Exclus.
013 Robin (Rookie) Batman Ally Common
015 Robin (Veteran) Titans Uncommon
008 Scarecrow (Experienced) Batman Enemy Uncommon
007 Scarecrow (Rookie) Batman Enemy Common
009 Scarecrow (Veteran) Batman Enemy Uncommon
F004 Sidekick DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
F007 Siphon Power DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
F002 Slippery DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
B004 Snapper Carr DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
B007 Speed Saunders DC Unaffiliated Marquee
023 Starfire (Experienced) Titans Uncommon
022 Starfire (Rookie) Titans Common
024 Starfire (Veteran) Titans Uncommon
F001 Submerged DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
047 Superman (Experienced) Justice League Rare
046 Superman (Rookie) Superman Ally Uncommon
048 Superman (Veteran) Superman Ally Rare
F008 Swingline DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
052 Terra (Unique) Titans Rare
054 The Flash (Unique) DC Unaffiliated Rare
038 The Joker (Experienced) Batman Enemy Rare
004 The Joker (Experienced) (Starter) Batman Enemy Starter Exclus.
037 The Joker (Rookie) Batman Enemy Uncommon
039 The Joker (Veteran) Batman Enemy Rare
203 Tim Drake (LE) Titans Limited Edition
F005 Unstoppable (IK) DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
032 Wonder Woman (Experienced) Justice League Uncommon
031 Wonder Woman (Rookie) Justice League Uncommon
033 Wonder Woman (Veteran) Justice League Rare