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Checklist of miniatures from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie (HeroClix)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
010 Alfred Pennyworth (BvS) Batman Ally Rare
006 Aquaman (BvS) DC Unaffiliated Common
001 Batman (BvS Common) Batman Ally Common
012 Batman (BvS Rare) Batman Ally/Superman Ally Rare
009 Bruce Wayne (BvS) Batman Ally Rare
013 Clark Kent (BvS) Superman Ally Rare
014 Diana Prince (BvS) DC Unaffiliated Rare
004 Henchman's Goon Underworld Common
008 Lex Luthor (BvS) Underworld Common
005 Lois Lane (BvS) Superman Ally Common
007 Mercy Graves (BvS) DC Unaffiliated Common
015 Perry White DC Unaffiliated Rare
002 Superman (BvS Common) Superman Ally Common
016 Superman (BvS Rare) Batman Ally/Superman Ally Rare
003 Wonder Woman (BvS) DC Unaffiliated Common
011 Zev Underworld Rare