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Checklist of miniatures from Imperial Assault Carrier (Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
IACAR08 Academy Pilot Ship - TIE Fighter Fixed
IACAR09 Agent Kallus Upgrade - Crew Fixed
IACAR10 Automated Protocols Upgrade - Modification Fixed
IACAR06 Black Squadron Pilot Ship - TIE Fighter Fixed
IACAR11 Broadcast Array Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
IACAR05 Chaser Ship - TIE Fighter Fixed
IACAR12 Cluster Bombs Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
IACAR13 Cluster Missiles Upgrade - Missiles Fixed
IACAR14 Construction Droid Upgrade - Crew Fixed
IACAR15 Docking Clamps Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
IACAR16 Dual Laser Turret Upgrade - Hardpoint Fixed
IACAR17 Expert Handling Upgrade - Elite Pilot Fixed
IACAR18 Expose Upgrade - Elite Pilot Fixed
IACAR01 Gozanti-Class Cruiser Ship - Gozanti-Class Cruiser Fixed
IACAR19 Homing Missiles Upgrade - Missiles Fixed
IACAR20 Ion Torpedoes Upgrade - Proton Torpedoes Fixed
IACAR21 Marksmanship Upgrade - Elite Pilot Fixed
IACAR07 Obsidian Squadron Pilot Ship - TIE Fighter Fixed
IACAR22 Optimized Generators Upgrade - Modification Fixed
IACAR23 Ordnance Experts Upgrade - Team Fixed
IACAR24 Ordnance Tubes Upgrade - Modification Fixed
IACAR25 Rear Admiral Chiraneau Upgrade - Crew Fixed
IACAR26 Requiem Upgrade - Title Fixed
IACAR02 Scourge Ship - TIE Fighter Fixed
IACAR27 Suppressor Upgrade - Title Fixed
IACAR28 Vector Upgrade - Title Fixed
IACAR04 Wampa Ship - TIE Fighter Fixed
IACAR03 Youngster Ship - TIE Fighter Fixed