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Checklist of miniatures from StarViper (Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
VIPER05 Accuracy Corrector Upgrade - System Fixed
VIPER06 Autothrusters Upgrade - Modification Fixed
VIPER04 Black Sun Enforcer Ship - StarViper Fixed
VIPER03 Black Sun Vigo Ship - StarViper Fixed
VIPER07 Bodyguard Upgrade - Elite Pilot Fixed
VIPER08 Calculation Upgrade - Elite Pilot Fixed
VIPER02 Guri Ship - StarViper Fixed
VIPER09 Hull Upgrade Upgrade - Modification Fixed
VIPER10 Inertial Dampeners Upgrade - Illicit Upgrade Fixed
VIPER11 Ion Torpedoes Upgrade - Proton Torpedoes Fixed
VIPER01 Prince Xixor Ship - StarViper Fixed
VIPER12 Virago Upgrade - Title Fixed