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Checklist of miniatures from Tantive IV (Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
TNTIV03 Backup Shield Generator Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
TNTIV04 C-3PO Upgrade - Crew Fixed
TNTIV05 Comms Booster Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
TNTIV02 CR90 Corvette (aft) Ship - CR90 Corvette Fixed
TNTIV01 CR90 Corvette (fore) Ship - CR90 Corvette Fixed
TNTIV06 Dodonna's Pride Upgrade - Title Fixed
TNTIV07 Engine Booster Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
TNTIV08 Engineering Team Upgrade - Team Fixed
TNTIV09 Gunnery Team Upgrade - Team Fixed
TNTIV10 Han Solo Upgrade - Crew Fixed
TNTIV11 Ionization Reactor Upgrade - Cargo Fixed
TNTIV12 Jaina's Light Upgrade - Title Fixed
TNTIV13 Leia Organa Upgrade - Crew Fixed
TNTIV14 Quad Laser Cannons Upgrade - Hardpoint Fixed
TNTIV15 R2-D2 Upgrade - Crew Fixed
TNTIV16 Raymus Antilles Upgrade - Crew Fixed
TNTIV17 Sensor Team Upgrade - Team Fixed
TNTIV18 Single Turbolasers Upgrade - Hardpoint Fixed
TNTIV19 Tantive IV Upgrade - Title Fixed
TNTIV20 Targeting Coordinator Upgrade - Crew Fixed
TNTIV21 Tibanna Gas Supplies Upgrade - Cargo Fixed