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Checklist of miniatures from Superman, Man of Steel (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
009 Clark Kent (MOS) DC Unaffiliated Rare
013 Colonel Hardy Police Rare
014 Faora (Rare) Superman Enemy Rare
105 Faora (Starter) DC Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
003 General Zod (MOS Common) DC Unaffiliated Common
016 General Zod (MOS Rare) Superman Enemy Rare
106 General Zod (MOS Starter) Police Starter Exclus.
011 Jax-Ur Superman Enemy Rare
005 Jor-El (Common) Police Common
102 Jor-El (Starter) DC Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
015 Kelex Police Rare
004 Kryptonian Rebel DC Unaffiliated Common
B001 Kryptonian Rebel (BT) DC Unaffiliated Board Game
002 Kryptonian Scientist DC Unaffiliated Common
006 Kryptonian Warrior (Common) Police Common
103 Kryptonian Warrior (Starter) DC Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
012 Lara Lor-Van DC Unaffiliated Rare
007 Lois Lane (MOS) DC Unaffiliated Common
010 Nam-Ek (Rare) Superman Enemy Rare
104 Nam-Ek (Starter) DC Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
008 Soldier Police Common
B002 Soldier (BT) DC Unaffiliated Board Game
001 Superman (MOS Common) Superman Ally Common
100 Superman (MOS LE) Superman Ally Marquee
101 Superman (MOS Starter) Superman Ally Starter Exclus.