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Checklist of miniatures from Chaos War (Marvel) (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
173 Ant-Man (Con) Avengers LE-Con
015 Ant-Man (CW Common) Avengers Common
026 Ant-Man (CW Uncommon) Avengers/Shield Uncommon
053 Ant-Man and Wasp Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
034 Ares (CW) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
060 Avengers Prime Avengers Chase
041 Baron Zemo (CW) Masters of Evil Rare
043 Binary (CW) X-Men Super-Rare
031 Black Knight (CW Rare) Avengers Rare
020 Black Knight (CW Uncommon) Masters of Evil Uncommon
001 Captain America (CW Common) Defenders Common
203 Captain America (CW GF) Avengers Common
051 Chaos King Power Cosmic Super-Rare
044 Crystal (CW) Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
012 Dinah Soar Marvel Unaffiliated Common
010 Donald Blake Marvel Unaffiliated Common
058 Dr. Doom and Kang Minions of Doom Chase
004 Egghead Masters of Evil Common
027 Genis-Vell (CW) Power Cosmic Uncommon
200 Giant-Man (Con) Avengers LE-Con
014 Hank Pym Avengers Common
039 Hawkeye (CW) Spider-Man Ally Rare
054 Hawkeye and Mockingbird Avengers/Shield Chase
102 Invisible Woman (CW) Fantastic Four Limited Edition
201 Iron Man (CW GF) Shield Common
024 Iron Man (CW Uncommon) Avengers Uncommon
S101 Iron Man Briefcase Armor Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
002 Iron Man Drone Marvel Unaffiliated Common
018 Jinku Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
050 Kang (CW) Masters of Evil Super-Rare
008 Lava Man Marvel Unaffiliated Common
052 Lockjaw and Hairball Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
042 Loki (CW) Mystics Super-Rare
017 Madame Masque (CW) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
206 Masque Avengers Common
007 Masque Duplicate Marvel Unaffiliated Common
019 Max Fury Hydra Uncommon
049 Morgan Le Fay (CW) Minions of Doom Super-Rare
101 Mr. Fantastic (CW) Fantastic Four Limited Edition
047 Mr. Sinister (CW) Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
207 Ms. Marvel (CW GF) Avengers Common
023 Ms. Marvel (CW Uncommon) Avengers Uncommon
040 Nick Fury (CW) Shield Rare
025 Nitro Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
032 Quicksilver (CW) Avengers/X-Men Rare
056 Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man Avengers/Mystics Chase
005 Sentinel (CW) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
035 Sentry (CW) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
057 Sentry and Void Power Cosmic Chase
009 Shadow Council Soldier Hydra Common
022 Sharon Carter (CW) Shield Uncommon
006 Space Phantom (CW Common) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
204 Space Phantom (CW GF) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
021 Speed Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
104 Spider-Man (CW) Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Ally Limited Edition
209 Spider-Woman (CW GF) Avengers Common
037 Spider-Woman (CW Rare) Avengers Rare
S102 Tank Turret Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
048 Taskmaster (CW) Minions of Doom Super-Rare
046 The Unspoken Power Cosmic Super-Rare
103 Thing (CW) Fantastic Four Limited Edition
202 Thor (CW GF) Avengers Common
038 Thor (CW Rare) Avengers Rare
059 Thor and Hercules Avengers Chase
036 Tigra (CW) Avengers Rare
011 Tony Stark (CW) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
208 Ultron (CW GF) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
003 Ultron Drone Marvel Unaffiliated Common
033 Victoria Hand Shield Rare
013 Vision (CW Common) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
205 Vision (CW GF) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
100 Vision (CW LE) Avengers Marquee
055 Vision and Scarlet Witch Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
045 Void Power Cosmic Super-Rare
030 Wasp (CW Rare) Avengers Rare
016 Wasp (CW Uncommon) Avengers Uncommon
029 Wolverine (CW) Avengers Uncommon
210 Wonder Man (CW GF) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
028 Wonder Man (CW Uncommon) Avengers Uncommon