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Checklist of miniatures from Secret Invasion (Marvel) (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
047 Adam Warlock (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
F006 Alias Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
056 Annihilus (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
011 Arachne Avengers Common
007 Atlantean Warrior Marvel Unaffiliated Common
028 Attuma Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
114 Benjamin J. Grimm (S.I.) Fantastic Four Limited Edition
F005 Camouflage (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
019 Captain America (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
042a Captain Mar-Vell (S.I.) Shield Rare
042b Captain Mar-Vell (Skrull) Skrulls Rare
018 Clea Defenders Uncommon
039 Cloak and Dagger Spider-Man Ally Rare
F102 Disassemble Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Feat Card
BF002 Disruption Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
040 Doom (S.I.) Mystics Rare
034 Dr. Octopus (S.I.) Sinister Syndicate Rare
033 Dr. Strange (S.I.) Spider-Man Ally Rare
032a Dum Dum Dugan Shield Uncommon
032b Dum Dum Dugan (Skrull) Skrulls Uncommon
048a Elektra (S.I.) Hydra Rare
048b Elektra (Skrull) Skrulls Rare
015 Energizer Fantastic Four Common
054 Gamora Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
012 Gee Fantastic Four Common
022 Goliath (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
009 Gravity Marvel Unaffiliated Common
010 Grey Gargoyle Masters of Evil Common
023 Hawkeye (S.I.) Avengers Uncommon
F101 Healing Factor Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Feat Card
016 Hercules (S.I.) Avengers Common
035 Howard the Duck Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
017 Human Torch (S.I. Uncommon) Defenders Uncommon
020 Immortus Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
052 Impossible Man Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
F103 Improvise Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Feat Card
F002 Infiltrate Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
F104 Invigorate Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Feat Card
004 Iron Fist (S.I.) Spider-Man Ally Common
021 Iron Man (S.I.) Avengers Uncommon
057 Jarvis Skrulls Super-Rare
113 Johnny Storm (S.I.) Fantastic Four Limited Edition
026 Kristoff Minions of Doom Uncommon
013 Lightspeed Fantastic Four Common
F004 Loner Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
050 Magus Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
036 Malice Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
014 Mass Master Fantastic Four Common
055 Mephisto Mystics Super-Rare
031 Mole Man (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
002 Moloid (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
029 Morbius Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
008a Ms. Marvel Avengers Common
008b Ms. Marvel (Skrull) Skrulls Common
045 Namor (S.I.) Defenders Rare
051 Nick Fury (S.I.) Shield Super-Rare
BF101 Nowhere to Hide Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Battlef. Con
058 Power Man and Iron Fist Spider-Man Ally Super-Rare
043 Psycho-Man (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
030 Punisher (S.I.) Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
111 Reed Richards (S.I.) Fantastic Four Limited Edition
049 Ringmaster Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
BF003 Sabotage Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
059 Sentry (S.I.) Avengers Super-Rare
005 Sharon Carter Shield Common
025 She-Thing Fantastic Four Uncommon
053 Skrull Emperor Skrulls Super-Rare
BF001 Skrull Kill Crew Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
038 Speedball Spider-Man Ally Rare
041 Spider-Girl Spider-Man Ally Rare
001 Spider-Man (S.I.) Spider-Man Ally Common
024 Spider-Slayer Sinister Syndicate Uncommon
100 Spider-Woman (S.I.) Skrulls Chase
F001 Spotter Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
112 Sue Storm (S.I.) Fantastic Four Limited Edition
060 Super-Skrull: Avengers Skrulls Super-Rare
061 Super-Skrull: Illuminati Skrulls LE-Brick
044 Super-Skrull: X-Men Skrulls Rare
099 Susan Richards Skrulls Chase
027 Tarantula Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
E101 The Illuminati (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Event Dial
E102 The Infinity Gauntlet (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Event Dial
046 Thor Girl Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
003 Tombstone Sinister Syndicate Common
037 Triton Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
F003 Vendetta (S.I.) Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
115 Victor Von Doom Minions of Doom Limited Edition
006a Yellowjacket (S.I.) Avengers Common
006b Yellowjacket (Skrull) Skrulls Common