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"Special Rules: Phoenix: is not affected by Force Blast, Incapacitate, Mind Control, Plasticity, Poison, Psychic Blast, Shape Change, Steal Energy, Support, or any team ability that cuplicates those powers; cannot be moved by Telekinesis, but may be the target of a Telekinesis attack; is not affected by knockback; does not need to roll break away, though characters adjacent to Phoenix roll for break away per standard rules; may be attacked by grounded, elevated, or soaring characters using close or ranged combat attacks, and they are adjacent to characters in adjacent squares regardless of elevation; and cannot be carried or captured. Phoenix can be pushed each turn; it will continue to be dealt pushing damage. If you do not give Phoenix an action on your turn, remove all action tokens from Phoenix at the end of that turn. Multiattack (Optional): Give this character a power action. It may use two free actions against up to two targets per action. These free actions may consist of power actions, close combat actions, and ranged combat actions, though free actions gained from this power cannot be used to activate this power. Make an attack roll for each attack, if any. Any damage dealt from one of these attacks is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1 damage. Multiattack cannot be countered or lost."

  • Collector's number: 221
  • Rarity: LE-Mailaway
  • Team Ability: X-Men
  • Point Value: 800/600/400
  • Keywords: Cosmic, Psychic, X-Men
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