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Captain Mako (LE):

"Captian Mako (Bad) Gideon Ray is a mutant, born with shark-like features. Abandoned by his parents, he ended up in an orphanage. After several mysterious deaths, Ray fled to the sea where he continued to mutate. He eventually joined a pirate gang and took the name ""Mako."" Mako and his pirates set up base on Sharkhead Island and came into conflict with Lord Recluse when Arachnos came to take over the island base. The pirates were defeated, but Mako switched sides, ending up as Lord Recluse's bodyguard. He has since teamed up with villainess Barracuda and the alien race known as the Coralax. Allies: Ghost Widow Enemies:Statesman, Positron, Manticore Bio by Scott Rogers of Whoclix"

  • Collector's number: 004
  • Rarity: Collectors Set
  • Team Ability: Arachnos
  • Point Value: 52
  • Powers: "Charge, Toughness, Exploit Weakness, Battle Fury, BCF, Flurry"
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