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Dr. Jonathan Crane (LE):

An expert specializing in fear and the human mind, Dr. Jonathan Crane sought revenge against those who mocked him and called him a "Scarecrow." Dressing as a Scarecrow, Crane blackmailed and frightened his tormentors to death. Batman and Robin stopped his reign of terror and Crane was sent to Arkham Asylum. The Scarecrow returned again and again to fight the Dark Knight,forcing the hero to face and overcome many of his deepest fears. Despite his slight build, the Scarecrow is a skilled combatant, but his best weapon is the fear of others. The Scarecrow claims to have no fears himself, save one - The Batman.

Joker, Blockbuster

Batman, Robin, Nightwing

Bio by Scott Rogers of Whoclix

  • Collector's number: 201
  • Rarity: Limited Edition
  • Team Ability: Batman Enemy
  • Point Value: 55
  • Powers: Mind Control, Smoke Cloud, Psychic Blast, Perplex
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