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Ant-Man (AMBS):


Morph - Many Identities:
Give Ant-Man a move or close combat action that deals no pushing damage. After actions resolve, replace him with any character with this trait on the same click number. If this character started the game on its 50 point starting line, the character it is replaced with can't heal past its 50 point starting line, even if this ability is lost.

Ant Swarm: When this character is brought into the game through a Morph trait, you may place an Ant Swarm bystander token into an adjacent square.

Can't Get Them Off: When an opposing character adjacent to a friendly Ant Swarm is moved or placed, after actions resolve, you may place that Ant Swarm adjacent to that character.


Thank You, My Friend:
Ant-Man can use Combat Reflexes and Toughness. Give Ant-Man a free action and KO up to three Ant Swarms. Heal Ant-Man of 1 damage for each Ant Swarm KO'd.

  • Collector's number: 202
  • Rarity: Collectors Set
  • Team Ability: Marvel Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 100/50
  • Powers: Phasing/Teleport, Stealth, Earthbound/Neutralized, Precision Strike, Incapacitate, Super Senses, Perplex, Close Combat Expert, Shape Change
  • Keywords: Avengers, Scientist
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