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Lieutenant Henry Ducie Chads figure image: click to enlarge

Lieutenant Henry Ducie Chads:

Once per turn before you give this ship an action, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, this ship may be given the same action twice. This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against Pirate ships.

Link: HMS Botany Bay

Tasked with ridding the world of threats at sea, Chads’ focus is the pirates who seem to attack at will. He has zeroed in on Captain Mission and his ilk, with the aim of making the seas safe for everyone.

  • Collector's Number: 043B
  • Faction Affiliation: England
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Crew
  • Point Value: 5
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Avatar for submariner96
For a mere 5 points this is quite a good piece, a +1 against pirates with the 1/3 chance of a double action, however I have to say that he's slightly outclassed by just running a "stay at home mycron" for an extra point although mycron does require his own ship so all in a all a fairly balanced trade off
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Posted: November 5, 2014 06:26 pm 
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