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Miniature Reviews of the Week

Our Miniature Reviews of the Week

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Review of the Week for May 28, 2011
written by lordstu  on March 17, 2010
This is the first of three reviews I hope to be doing in conjunction with the DJC LE Fleet Challenge, each detailing one of the the three DJC LE's in the box-topper pack I got recently, just to hype things up a bit...

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Review of the Week for May 14, 2011
Castaway, In 300 Words
written by lordstu  on June 20, 2010
General description:
Castaway - a unique treasure that can bring in a crew from outside the game.

Expect Castaway to be deployed by a player who has deliberately shortchanged his fleet of crew in favor of other options.

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Review of the Week for May 7, 2011
HMS Morning Star, The Mega Review
written by joshua_hislop  on February 10, 2011

This is an experiment I'm trying out; the Mega-review. It's only for ships with multiple versions throughout time that can be easily tracked through their Flavor Text. (Like the Morning Star, Lezard, and Sea Phoenix) It's a wild...
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Review of the Week for April 30, 2011
Maman Brigitte, All aboard the failboat!
written by hissanrach  on August 18, 2010
General description:
Maman Brigitte. The name of this Cursed vessel might have gotten your interest. If not that, it was the chilling sight of the rotting, putrid ship. Something with such a nice name and something that looks so awesome must be...
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Review of the Week for April 23, 2011
Devil Ray, Circling the Earth in 300 words
written by captain_nemo  on June 19, 2010
General description:
This tiny vessel is the fastest submarine in the game. The Devil Ray can outrun and chase down any ship above the waterline, all while safely traveling underwater. Along with her unique ability, this swift sub can quickly...
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Review of the Week for April 9, 2011
Treasure Card, Congrats, you get nothing! Or do you?
written by bookwyrm  on January 1, 2011
General description:
You've just sailed halfway around the ocean, braving treacherous whirlpools, hostile warships, and vicious sea monsters. It was dangerous, and you lost a crew or two, but at last your battered treasure-runner limps to the...
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Review of the Week for April 2, 2011
Aberdeen Baron, Delivering the goods
written by trox  on July 2, 2010
General description:
Sir… look… over the horizon… Here comes another English five-mast warship. Sir, what is your course of action? Helmsman, set course to avoid her.
…As Aberdeen Baron makes way to the wild island full of...
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Review of the Week for March 26, 2011
General description:
Frankly, I find it unbelievable no version of El Fantasma has been reviewed before here at MT. Old 'Tazzy is a mainstay of the game, and has appeared in more sets than any other crew, with his abilities only getting more...
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Review of the Week for March 19, 2011
Rook's Folly, Possession is nine-tenths of the law!
written by bookwyrm  on January 25, 2011
General description:
Ah, the possession ability. First seen in Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse, it was quickly written off as a useless gimmick. A possessor needed to sacrifice his entire turn for a 1-in-6 chance of capturing a crew while leaving...
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Review of the Week for March 12, 2011
El Toro, Cuddly Crustacean?
written by captain_nemo  on October 24, 2010
General description:
There were a few good things that came out of the long Ocean’s Edge set. (When I say a few, I mean a FEW). While there were two six masters, the Zeus, and those cute two segmented sharks, none created as much fear as those...
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Review of the Week for March 5, 2011
USS Mercury, Putting Stolen Technology to Good Use
written by captain_nemo  on November 13, 2010
USS Mercury is the first American "war submersible". The plans for her construction were based on the captured Lamon, and later revised by Annapolis admirals.

General description:
Submarines—seem to be made for mercenaries, in fact most of...
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Review of the Week for February 26, 2011
Cannoneer, & Musketeer - Twins separated at birth?
written by woelf Premium Member  on September 21, 2010
This does not follow the standard review format, so many of the sections you're used to seeing will be different or may not appear at all.

Cannoneers and Musketeers have been around since the very beginning of the...
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Review of the Week for February 19, 2011
Deliverance, I Die Honorably........ You Die Horibly :P
written by arrowyo  on August 24, 2009
General description:
The Deliverance in my opinion is one of the better 5 masts for the pirates, especially against the cursed with its ability combined with its link. Believe me when i say that the Deliverance can deliver you to your death (heh...
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Review of the Week for February 12, 2011
Captain Whitebeard, You better watch out, you better not cry.
written by wapcaplets  on December 16, 2005
General description:
As I said in my review about the Sleigh, this is quite possibly the coolest promotional crew I've ever seen. For those who don't know, this crew was part of a ship/crew combo with the Sleigh that was given to WizKids envoys as...
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Review of the Week for February 5, 2011
General description:
One of only 2 catamarans in the entire Pirates world, this ship is rarely seen, but can have a large impact. I would never have used it myself had I not pulled it in 2 straight sealed tournaments. I was pleasantly surprised...
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Review of the Week for January 29, 2011
Zeus, Ship of the Apocalypse, command of the Antichrist
written by donosis  on November 17, 2010
Flavor Text:
Blackheart attacked the Baochuan with a fleet of six ships. Five of those ships were lost before a single hit was scored against the great ship of the Jade Rebellion. Changing Tactics, Blackheart used his last ship, the Blackheart,...
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Review of the Week for January 22, 2011
Hidden Cove, Best Two Points You'll Ever Spend
written by lordstu  on October 24, 2010
Reveal this event at the beginning of one of your turns. As a free action, dock one of your ships at the nearest unexplored wild island or the nearest wild island with no treasure on it.

General description:
Hidden Cove is one of the handful...
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Review of the Week for January 15, 2011
Raninoidea, Clash of the Titans
written by mastercommander  on November 25, 2009
General description:
First off, I will say that there are only three titans in the game(not counting HMS Titan): Brachyura, El Toro, and Raninoidea. Actually, there are two Brachyuras, super rare and uncommon, but they are exactly the same except...
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Review of the Week for January 8, 2011
HMS Hyena, Feisty Hybrid
written by bookwyrm  on August 23, 2010
Flavor Text:
The crew of the HMS Hyena prefer to fight up close so that their swords and guns can be used to full effect.

General Description:
The hyena is a small but ill-tempered beast whose heavy jaws are strong enough to crush bone. ...
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Review of the Week for January 1, 2011
Jarvis, The Hunter
written by trox  on August 22, 2010
Jarvis was built by the David Family to hunt pirates plaguing Charleston. Moored near shore to lure ships onto the rocky coast, if her cannons don’t destroy the enemy, the rocks will.

General description:
The American faction received a tease...
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