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Miniature Reviews of the Week

Our Miniature Reviews of the Week

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Review of the Week for January 21, 2012
General description:
Oooohhhh...him BIG ship - ME LIKE, ME LIKE!!

Him Zeus - ZEUS SMASH!!!

Strategies and game play:
ME say already - ZEUS SMAAASSSHHH!!!

Combos with other miniatures:
Emperororor Blackheart - him BIG...
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Review of the Week for January 7, 2012
HMS Dreadnought, Victory Is Not Cheap…
written by captain_nemo  on July 18, 2011
"The Spanish could not defeat her. The French also tried, and failed. Now the Dreadnought’s crew looks forward to continuing its winning streak in conflicts against the American colonists."

General description:

New players, as well as old...
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Review of the Week for October 22, 2011
Providence, The Most Divine American 4-Master
written by volt  on July 28, 2011
"The Providence sails the New England coast looking for English warships. Rumor has it that a mysterious benefactor donates five acres of Virginia land to each sailor for every ship they sink."

General description:
The American faction is well...
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Review of the Week for September 17, 2011
Carrion Crow, its called that for a reason
written by arrowyo  on October 20, 2009
General description:
Alright first review in a while, lets go. The carrion crow in a nut shell isn't the worst ship ever, but with that number of masts and that ability it sure seems like it, but it can be useful for example a suicide mission....
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Review of the Week for September 10, 2011
Ophidious, "Hey! Where did the Floating ATM Go?"
written by captain_nemo  on December 20, 2009
General description:
Now for my next review, the eternal pirate sea monster Ophidious. This was the stand out ship in the 5th SS box I bought, (I just need the one with the 1/3 Shui Xian) and I was so happy; it wasn't another duplicate! For one...
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Review of the Week for September 3, 2011
Last Hope, I wouldn't look through my spyglass if I were you
written by cannonfury  on July 10, 2009
General description:
The crew of the Last Hope hang their victims from her masts as a message to any captain looking through his spyglass: This is your fate.

This flavor text just screams world-hater: with an ability like that, the Last Hope...
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Review of the Week for August 27, 2011
El Fantasma, Like Rasputin he never dies…unless he drowns
written by captain_nemo  on March 29, 2011
Flavor Text:
El Fantasma has not been seen for years, and his ships have been found destroyed. Yet some sailors say he now captains a ship made from the bones of his victims. They dare only to whisper his name for fear he may hear them and recruit...
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Review of the Week for August 20, 2011
Calim, Fast and Furious
written by puma_03  on June 2, 2011
General description:
In my personal opinion, Calim is the most useful of all the sea monsters. Others, like Jormungandr, have copied its ability, but Calim is lightning fast as well. Calim's ability to ram a small ship and knock down a mast, and...
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Review of the Week for August 13, 2011
Livestock, - The Sheep Says, "BAAAAD!" (300)
written by woelf  on June 21, 2010
General description:
The unique treasure (UT) Livestock appeared in Davy Jones' Curse as a counter for the brand-new sea monsters in that set. Like most UTs it has no gold value.

Uses and Strategies:
Livestock is purely defensive in nature,...
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Review of the Week for August 6, 2011
HMS King Edward, To Boldly Go...
written by lordstu  on December 26, 2009
General description:
In my early days of collecting Pirates, it was a long while before I came across a 4-mast English ship. It wasn't until Crimson Coast was released that I finally got one in the form of the HMS London. For the longest time after...
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Review of the Week for July 30, 2011
Paul Revere, Assasin
written by cannonfury  on September 10, 2009
General description:
This is probably the second best American ship in DJC. Her cannons are a nice set of 3's and 2's, her speed is wonderful for what ships have nowadays, her cargo is average for a schooner, and she has enough points to have a few...
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Review of the Week for July 23, 2011
General description:
When fleets are being built, many times a player will choose from a group of their favorite go-to ships. While many other ships in their collection may tend to get overlooked. I want to introduce to you a Spanish ship from the...
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Review of the Week for July 16, 2011
Captain Mission, He Isn't a Captain!
written by arrowyo  on December 9, 2009
General description:
Captain mission, very useful on a battle ship especially one that you use to do boarding parties. He should go on your main battleship and not its link (the Coleoptera) he will be much more useful on a bigger ship with better...
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Review of the Week for July 9, 2011
Captain Nemo, A Review of Myself
written by captain_nemo  on December 31, 2009
General description:
Ahh, Captain Nemo the highlight crew of the Mysterious Islands. The coolest submarine commander ever, the king no, Emperor of anything bellow the water level. Now to start the review! No, this is about the card piece not...
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Review of the Week for July 2, 2011
Tower, Not so tall, and not an inferno.
written by rizz  on October 6, 2010
Ship Ability:
Flotilla. Extended Range. Once per turn when this ship hits an enemy ship, also eliminate one crew from that ship.

Flavor Text:
The Tower is towed into battle by small blockade runners so that it can be placed as close to the...
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Review of the Week for June 25, 2011
El Rosal, The Schooner that's not a Schooner
written by davyjones  on November 26, 2009
General description:
El Rosal, the schooner that's not a schooner. This ship is right up there in the top four of the strong ships in PotFN, besides from La Tartessos and La Ebro. El Rosal is a nice sleek ship with good movement, average cannons,...
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Review of the Week for June 18, 2011
Cannibal King, Pirates taste just like chicken!
written by strawfoot  on August 12, 2010
General description:
Catamarans, or multi-hulled ships, are in reality a recent invention, with the exception of a few primitive Polynesian designs. However in our fantasy world, created by Wizkids, they can be devastating warships equal in size...
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Review of the Week for June 11, 2011
Black Heart, - No, Not The Dude - The Ship!
written by lordstu  on June 5, 2010
General description:

The Black Heart is one of those rare commodities in Pirates - the perfect stand-alone ship. Her base speed, special ability, and size need no assistance from Mermaids-prone crew. In fact, she probably would've stood out more...
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Review of the Week for June 4, 2011
Ship Ability:
Submarine. If submerged, this ship can ram another ship (then move away) and then initiate a boarding party against that ship.

Flavor Text:
This submersible was called the Narwhal before an American crew captured her from Nemo and...
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Review of the Week for May 28, 2011
written by lordstu  on March 17, 2010
This is the first of three reviews I hope to be doing in conjunction with the DJC LE Fleet Challenge, each detailing one of the the three DJC LE's in the box-topper pack I got recently, just to hype things up a bit...

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