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Ranking: Jade Rebellion Gunships

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Subject: Ranking: Jade Rebellion Gunships   PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:12 pm Reply with quote

Top 5 Jade Rebellion Gunships:

1. Grand Temple

This ship is expensive but worth every point. Her ability only makes her that much better and more flexible.

2. Grand Path

This ship is a monster. One of the best boarding ships in the game, her cannons are almost perfect. With a helmsman she's essentially a 19 point ship, comparable to the Grand Temple. The Temple combines better speed and maneuverability with the reverse captain ability while the Grand Path is a better boarder and slightly more accurate, though only at short range. Take your pick - you can't go wrong!

3. Virtuous Wind

This is the only Jade ship bigger than 2 masts with all 2L guns, technically the best cannons money can buy. She's simply one of the best ships in the game and without too much argument the best overall ship in the Jade Rebellion. This is sort of the Jade version of the Tiger's Eye, with a captain and explorer the perfect crew complement.

4. Baochuan

Some may have expected to see this ship higher on the list (or not at all, who knows?). Her huge cost, rather average cannons and Treasure Ship keyword hold her back. This ship isn't a great ship to use exclusively as a gunship, but rather as a hybrid. She definitely needs a captain and helmsman, which essentially brings her cost to 41 points with the necessary Admiral Zheng He.

5. Grand Mountain

There are a number of smaller JR ships with accurate cannons, but the Grand Mountain has six guns for just 14 points. Her speed is lacking to say the least, but with a helmsman and hopefully some kind of extra action crew she should be able to get some shots in. In addition, your opponent may forget about her lone 2L cannon and/or her bonus against English ships.

Honorable mentions (in no particular order): Grand Dynasty, Sea Serpent, Sea Phoenix, Sea Duck, Black Lotus, East Wind
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Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:10 pm Reply with quote

Path was always my favorite of the group so I'd put that first, but that and Temple are almost interchangeable so it doesn't matter too much either way. I never like spending points on the reverse-captain ability if there's any way to avoid it, and Temple's small cargo hold limits it a lot more than Path. Sensei Xu can help make up for it a little bit, but it never seems like enough. Kian Ng on either of them is absolutely brutal.

Temple is notable for being the ship that first inspired/triggered that old ruling about not being able to chain captains and reverse-captains. Although there are plenty of other ships that could do it too, the damage potential and multi-action abuse possible with Grand Temple was borderline ridiculous.

Virtuous Wind is an all-around great ship and one of the best hybrids in the game. Even the Spanish version that showed up a few sets later was great, although it did slow down slightly.

Baochuan... meh. It's only making it on this list because there's so little left below it. It's too expensive and unwieldy to use in anything remotely resembling a standard-sized fleet, and being forced to bring along the Admiral only makes the cost involved worse. It has the inherent advantage of being able to absorb a lot of damage, but in a serious battle you're much better off going with a 6-mast that's loaded with crew for a much lower total price.

Mountain is too slow and too specialized to be much of a threat to anything but an English JV squad. 14 points is a nice place to start, but by the time you've added enough crew to get it into fighting condition you've spent enough that you could/should have just taken one of the others instead.
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