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Pirates of the Savage Seas & Return of Davy Jones

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Subject: Pirates of the Savage Seas & Return of Davy Jones   PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:11 am Reply with quote

This thread will hopefully detail the story behind my custom set, whatever it may be called, I haven't decided yet. Anyways the story idea I have is supposed to be a seven book series which is based off of the game in general. Taking inspiration from Captain Vendari, I have decided to post some rough draft work here. I originally had a thread for this in the main forum page for pirates, but since that page is more for game mechanics and other stuff more closely game related. This first post combines what I had from the other thread with some newer rough draft material. Enjoy and comment and thoughts or ideas as well as any criticisms you may have Very Happy

Thomas sighed heavily, looking at his brother’s fleet. As usual he had opted more for a combat build and as usual had used almost all Cursed pieces.
“Dude, you do know this is just a standard game right?”
“So? A fleet can be built however you want it to be; besides I do have options to run gold.”
Samuel gestured and a small two masted ship docked at his home island. Thomas looked and scoffed.
“Really, the Justice? You’d be lucky to get any gold back with that, I’ve got two runners that are faster than your gunship and a decked out warship to boot. You can’t win.”
“Why don’t you put your fleet where our mouth is bro, it’s game time!”
Samuel went first and surprised Thomas by hitting him with an event that froze his ships, essentially skipping Thomas’s turn for the next several rounds. Thomas hadn’t expected Samuel to use that particular game piece, and bemoaned his idiocy for not including a counter measure. The event wore off, and Thomas’s two runners jumped out at tremendous speed, but Samuels runner had managed to reach an island, explore it and begin the return trip home, while the rest of his fleet was making its way for Thomas’s runners.
Thomas kept a wary eye on his two ships while waiting for his other ship to become free of the event. One of Samuels ships got within striking distance and fired, taking out one of the two precious masts. However Samuel’s victory was short lived as Thomas’s warship became free and raced out to assist the besieged runners, who had begun running as fast as possible for home. Across the sea, Samuel's runner had docked and unloaded 9 gold, Thomas would have to get both runners home to tie him and prevent him from getting any more gold home. Thomas changed tactics, instead of sailing right for Samuel’s warships, he instead maneuvered his to avoid them and make a run at Samuel’s sole runner.
Samuel realized what Thomas was up to and tried to send his warships to intervene, but was too slow. Thomas caught up to the tiny ship and sunk her easily. Thomas smiled at his brilliance, but his smile quickly vanished as Samuel docked one of his warships at an island and dumped most of its crew and took two gold coins. Thomas knew the values of those coins and knew that if that ship got home he would lose. He quickly sent his runners back out to the islands and grabbed any remaining gold while his warship sailed circles around Samuels Home Island, waiting for him to return. Samuel saw what Thomas was up to and paired up his two remaining ships. Thomas ‘hmmd’ to himself thinking about what to do. He knew his runners could get gold home faster than Samuel’s, however if Samuel got those coins home, he would win by a narrow margin. Thomas made up his mind and sailed his warship out to meet Samuel's small convoy. He carefully kept his distance until the right moment then sailed in and took out all the masts on the ship with the gold. As Thomas expected, Samuels warship, which was on the other side of his makeshift gold ship sailed around and began to tow the derelict ship and open fire on Thomas’s warship. Thomas took the damage and then repositioned his warship so that HE was towing the derelict. In this way the ship became his and he gave it a scuttle attempt. Scuttling the ship would prevent him or Samuel from getting the gold, and to further add to his victory, Thomas inflicted an equal amount of damage on Samuel's surviving ship, which now only had one mast. Samuel tried in vain to get his ship back and even managed to inflict a fatal blow to Thomas’s ship. But before it could sink to fire, Thomas used her to sink Samuel’s ship and capture the ship with the gold on it. Thomas’s gunship sunk, and he successfully scuttled the captured vessel giving him the win.

“Blast it!! How did you beat me?!”
It had been an hour since the game ended, Thomas was lounging on the couch watching a funny car show on BBC and sipping a Mountain Dew. Samuel was sitting in a chair next to the couch, brow furrowed and arms crossed, his frown so deep Thomas thought it might freeze that way.
“That wasn’t easy, mind you. If you’d gotten those last two coins home you’d have won. I got lucky with dice and had slightly better ships.”
Samuel huffed angrily and watched as his brother fast forwarded through a commercial break.
“If you would use more of the other nations and less of the Cursed you might win more often you know”
Samuel’s frown deepened. He liked the Cursed, ever since he found out about them with his first game pack. There was something about them that he liked he just couldn’t put his finger on wat it was. He used them heavily in all of their games, whether standard or not, and while he had lost quite a few games, he had won some of them as well.
“If you used something other than Pirates and Spanish you might lose.”
Thomas ignored his brother's jibe and instead chortled at the show, in which two of the hosts were in a back and forth over whose car might be faster. Suddenly the TV went out and the AC stopped as well. Both brothers shot glances at each other and got up. Thomas checked the fridge, and sure enough it wasn’t running. Samuel tried to turn on the computer, and even his laptop which ran on a battery separate from the mains.
“Nothing’s working, not even my laptop!”
“I thought your laptop had a battery?”
“Yeah but it’s not responding, I had it on sleep mode and it won’t wake up.”
Thomas was walking to Samuel’s room to see if he could get the laptop going when it happened. Samuel came out of his room, and something appeared behind him. The hallway was filled with a low hum as a blue light lit up the darkness. Samuel jumped back a few steps and bumped into Thomas.
“What is that?!”
“How should I know?!”
Both brothers felt a tug from the blue light, and watched as it moved toward them. Samuel leapt up and slipped on a piece of paper, falling on his tailbone. He winced and looked up as the blue light descended on him.
The blue swallowed him up as Thomas watched, mouth agape
Thomas didn’t hesitate and ran straight into the blue. He felt odd as he collided with it, a pulling sensation behind his navel and his ears popped. He was blinded by the bright light and felt himself slipping into unconsciousness.

When he regained his senses he was lying on a beach. He slowly sat up, his head aching.
Thomas looked around in the brilliant sunlight. He was sitting on a beach, with palm trees behind him and a brilliant blue sea in front of him that blended into the sky at the horizon.
“Where… am I?”
He stood up and turned in a circle, leaving footprints in the fine white sand. Beyond the palm trees was a thick jungle, Thomas heard monkeys and other things in the trees as two birds sailed overhead squawking loudly.
Thomas spun around faster looking in earnest for his brother, but couldn’t see him, or anyone else for that matter, on the beach. Thomas spun around one more time, faster, and then stumbled to a stop, hunched over.
He straightened up and began to trot down the beach, his eyes wildly sweeping the scenery.

Samuel sat up, bringing a hand to his head which hurt something fierce. He looked around blinking, his eyes trying to adjust to the dark. He saw waves crashing over craggy rocks and a black sand beach stretched left and right. He stood shakily; still groggy from whatever it was that had happened. He staggered two steps to the left, hunching over. He brought his hand before him and saw blood. He gingerly reached up to where his head hurt the most and felt a sticky wetness there. He likened it to when he had fallen off of his bike and hit his head, cutting it. He groaned and sat back down, looking inland. He saw trees and in the distance some mountains.
Right, when I stop bleeding I’m gonna go looking for someone. Island like this there’s probably someone around who can help.
He stretched his legs out and felt around for his phone. Taking it out he found to his dismay that he had no connection and therefore no way to figure out where he was. He sighed and returned his phone to its pocket lay back and looked up. The sky wasn’t dark but clouds obscured the sun, and a cold breeze was blowing in from the sea. Samuel abruptly sat up, and looked at the tree line behind him, listening intently.
What was that? Did I hear something?
He frowned and lay back down, his eyes tracing out pictures in the clouds above. There it was again! He jumped to his feet, wobbled and faced the tree line, looking and listening. He saw nothing and heard nothing. Still he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. He looked left and right, frowned again and began walking to the right.

The black sand eventually gave way to white and as daylight began to fade Samuel found himself in paradise. Palm trees and white sand as far as he could see. He turned back to look at the way he had come, and frowned at the rocks and black sand that he could just make out.
There’s something not right about that place down there.
He sighed and looked out at the setting sun, bathing the water a brilliant orange gold. He sat down and watched as the sky darkened, the tide came in and the sun set. He hiked up the beach and a little ways into the tree line. Unlike where he had woken up, the trees here seemed friendlier, more welcoming. He spied a bunch of bananas and grinned. He hadn’t had anything to eat since before the game and his stomach growled in anticipation of fresh fruit for dinner. He made to bring down the bunch but froze, his hand inches from them. There was a gigantic spider partway up and hiding in between the bananas. He’d heard about banana spiders and how you didn’t want to mess with them. Grumbling he brought his hand back to his side and took two steps back. He eventually returned to the high tide line and sat down about a foot away from the gently lapping waves, now looking about for any dangerous bugs or insects, and eventually drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

Thomas had run up and down the beach for several hours as the sun fell from the sky. He had tried everything he could think of to find Samuel. However his phone didn’t work, and as far as he could tell, he had somehow wound up on a deserted island.
Are there even any deserted islands left in the world?
He sighed, flopping down in the sand. He gazed at the sky for a few seconds, looking at the shapes the clouds formed in the setting sun, then sat up and looked out at the ocean before him, turned gold in the sunset. He sighed and hiked up to the tree line to avoid high tide, and lay down near a palm tree. Under normal circumstances this would’ve been paradise, but with without knowing how he’d gotten here, and with Samuel missing, this was far from paradise.
Still, this is pretty nice, and I haven’t even seen an airplane since I got here, wherever this is.
Thomas’s eyelids drooped, and he soon fell fast asleep. He awoke the next morning to a light fog that quickly burned off in the sun and a strong breeze coming in from the sea. He enjoyed it for about three seconds before he realized how hungry he was. Looking about he saw a mango tree further in the jungle and soon he was enjoying a breakfast of mango. He sat above the tideline, looking out at the sea, and wondered how to get off of this island. He had no supplies, a phone that didn’t work, and no fresh water. As he thought, he spotted something on the horizon. Putting down his mango he squinted into the midmorning sun, trying to make out the dark shape on the horizon.
Is that a ship?
He jumped to his feet, and ran back to the trees, looking for some dry twigs and wood. He quickly found several small sticks and some dried up palm leaves. He gathered them on the beach and set them up for a fire. He frantically rubbed two of the twigs together, but to no avail. He looked back at the horizon, and the dark blob was still there, and looked like it might be closer. Thomas tried once more unsuccessfully to get a spark from the twigs. He cursed in frustration and sat down hard on the sand.
“Wait a minute….”
He pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked at the screen. He had no idea what the screen was made out of, but if it could magnify the sunlight, like with a magnifying glass… Thomas slammed the phone against a rock, which loosened the case. He pried at it, trying to get as much of the screen off as he could, and smashed it again on the rock. A large portion of the screen came off, and he grabbed it, holding it over the dried leaves so that the sun refracted through it. He waited, and waited, and then the leaves began to smoke. He grinned and held the screen steady as the leaves smoked some more and he began to see tiny flames amidst the smoke. Thomas grinned and jumped up in joy, placing the now burning leaf among the other sticks which quickly lit. In no time at all he had a smoky bonfire going, and the dark blob, which he could see more clearly now, was a ship that began to turn his way.
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