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These are the miniatures of HeroClix that the user bennyk wants (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
SMWW 009 Accountable  DC Unaffiliated Common 1  
CACW 011 Agent 13 (CACW)  Shield Rare 1  
NF 036 Agent Coulson (NF)  Shield Rare 1  
TMNT 015 Alpha One  Indy Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
JW 012 Amanda Waller (JW)  Suicide Squad Common 1  
SMWW 005 Amazon (SMWW)  DC Unaffiliated Common 5  
WW 006 Amazon (WW)  DC Unaffiliated Common 5  
SFSM 027 Anaconda (SFSM)  Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
ADW 063 Ant-Man (ADW)  Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare 1  
AoU 024 Ant-Man (AoU Uncommon)  Avengers Uncommon 1  
CACW 005 Ant-Man (CACW)  Marvel Unaffiliated Common 1  
TMNT 019 April O'Neil  Indy Unaffiliated Rare 1  
DPXF 011 Asp (DPXF)  Marvel Unaffiliated Common 1  
ADW 016 Atlantean Warrior (ADW)  Marvel Unaffiliated Common 5  
CIV 030 Atlas (CIV)  Masters of Evil Super-Rare 1  
JW 057 Bane (JW)  Batman Enemy Super-Rare 1  
NF 060 Baron Strucker (NF)  Hydra Super-Rare 1  
SFSM 051 Baron Zemo (SFSM)  Masters of Evil Super-Rare 1  
JW 016 Batman (JW)  Batman Ally/Outsiders Common 1  
TMNT 030 Baxter Stockman (SR)  Indy Unaffiliated Super-Rare 1  
TMNT 013 Baxter Stockman (Uncommon)  Indy Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
TMNT2 016 Bebop  Indy Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
SFSM 033 Beetle (SFSM)  Sinister Syndicate Rare 1  
GotG 057 Beyonder  Power Cosmic Super-Rare 1  
GotG 036 Black Bolt (GotG)  Marvel Unaffiliated Rare 1  
WF WFID-007 Black Canary (ID)  DC Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
WaX 035 Black King (WaX)  Marvel Unaffiliated Rare 1  
SFSM 002 Black Mamba  Masters of Evil Common 1  
CACW 013 Black Panther (CACW)  Marvel Unaffiliated Rare 1  
NF NFID-002 Black Panther (ID)  Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
CACW 003 Black Widow (CACW)  Avengers Initiative Common 1  
AvAs AVID-001 Black Widow (ID)  Marvel Unaffiliated Common 1  
NF 027 Blackwing  Hydra/Masters of Evil Uncommon 1  
NF 038 Blazing Skull (NF)  Marvel Unaffiliated Rare 1  
WoS 063 Bombastic Bag-Man  Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Ally Super-Rare 1  
DPXF 042 Boom-Boom (DPXF)  X-Men Rare 1  
SFSM 042 Boomerang (SFSM)  Masters of Evil/Sinister Syndicate Rare 1  
SMWW 019b Brutaal (Prime)  DC Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
AVM 017 Bucky Barnes  Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
CIV 018 Bullseye (CIV)  Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
DPXF 014 Cable (DPXF)  X-Men Common 1  
JW 029 Calculator (JW)  Batman Enemy/Calculator Uncommon 1  
DPXF 057 Cannonball (DPXF)  X-Men Super-Rare 1  
ADW 072 Captain America (ADW Chase 072)  Avengers/Hydra/SHIELD Chase 1  
AVM 204 Captain America (AVM GF)  Avengers Initiative Common 1  
CACW 001 Captain America (CACW)  Avengers Initiative Common 1  
SMWW 013b Captain Atom (SMWW) (Prime)  DC Unaffiliated Common 1  
GotG 207 Captain Marvel (GotG GF)  Avengers Common 1  
GotG 019a Captain Marvel (GotG Uncommon)  Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon 1  
SFSM 044 Carnage (SFSM)  Marvel Unaffiliated Rare 1  

Miniatures 1 to 50 of 353 - Pages:     [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
3D 3D Objects
52FF Justice League: The New 52 Fast Forces
AA Arkham Asylum (DC)
ACBR Assassin's Creed Brotherhood/Revelations
ADW Avengers/Defenders War
AMS Avengers Movie Starter
ANXFF Fast Forces: All-New X-Men
ASM Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel)
AV Avengers
AVM Avengers Movie
AW Armor Wars (Marvel)
AoU Age of Ultron
AoUM Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie
AvAs Avengers Assemble
AvX Avengers vs. X-Men
B&B Brave and the Bold (DC)
BAO Batman: Arkham Origins
BATM Batman (DC)
BCTV Batman Classic TV (DC)
BD DC Map Pack Pogs (DC)
BFA The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies
BM Marvel Map Pack Pogs (Marvel)
BMFF Batman Fast Forces
BN Blackest Night (DC)
BPRD B.P.R.D. - Hellboy
BSI Bioshock Infinite
Bat Batman Alpha (DC)
BotM Yu-Gi-Oh! Heroclix: Battle of the Millennium
BrD Brightest Day (DC)
BvS Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie
BvSFF Fast Forces: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie
CACW Captain America: Civil War
CACWS Captain America: Civil War Starter
CAFF Fast Forces: Classic Avengers
CD Collateral Damage (DC)
CIV Civil War
CJ Cosmic Justice (DC)
CM Critical Mass (Marvel)
CR Crisis (DC)
CT Clobberin Time (Marvel)
CW Chaos War (Marvel)
CWFF Chaos War Fast Forces (Marvel)
Cap Captain America (Marvel)
Cap GR Captain America (Gravity Feed)
Classics Marvel Classics
CoH City of Heroes (Indy)
CoV City of Villains (Indy)
DC10th DC Heroclix 10th Anniversary
DC75 DC 75th Anniversary
DKR The Dark Knight Rises (DC)
DOTA2 DOTA 2 Heroclix: The Dire Starter
DP Deadpool (Marvel)
DPXF Deadpool and X-Force
DPXFFF Fast Forces: Deadpool and X-Force
DR Danger Room (Marvel)
DoFP Days of Future Past (Marvel)
DoP X-Men Days of Future Past (Marvel 2014)
DoS The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
E2FF Fast Forces: Earth 2
EW Elseworlds
FF Fantastic Four (Marvel)
FFDP Fast Forces: Deadpool (Marvel)
FFF Fin Fang Foom (Marvel)
FFGG Fast Forces: Galactic Guardians Annihilators
FFLoD Fast Forces: Legion of Doom
FFM Fantastic Forces (Marvel)
FIT Fear Itself
FL The Flash (DC)
FLFF Fast Forces: The Flash (DC)
FotR Fellowship of the Ring
GCSG Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game
GG Galactic Guardians
GI Giants (DC)
GL Green Lantern (DC)
GLFF Green Lantern (Fast Forces) (DC)
GLGF Green Lantern (Gravity Feed) (DC)
GSFF Giant-Size X-Men (Fast Forces) (Marvel)
GSX Giant-Size X-Men (Marvel)
Galactus Galactus (Marvel)
GoW Gears of War
GotG Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel)
GotGFF Guardians of the Galaxy Fast Forces: Inhumans
GotGM Guardians of the Galaxy Movie (Marvel)
GotGM2 Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Vol. 2
HFF Incredible Hulk (Fast Forces) (Marvel)
HJL The Hobbit: Journey to the Lonely Mountain
HOB The Hobbit
HQ Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls
HQFF Fast Forces: Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls
HULK Incredible Hulk (Marvel)
Halo Halo Heroclix
HoT Hammer of Thor
HoT FF Hammer of Thor (Fast Forces) (Marvel)
Hypertime Hypertime (DC)
IC Infinity Challenge (Marvel)
IG Infinity Gauntlet
IK Icons (DC)
IM Iron Maiden
IM3 Iron Man 3 Movie (Marvel)
IMM Invincible Ironman (Marvel)
Indy Indy (Indy)
Inv Invincible (Indy)
JH Jonah Hex Battlepack (DC)
JL Justice League (DC)
JL52 Justice League: The New 52
JLSG Justice League Strategy Game
JLTW Justice League: Trinity War
JW The Joker's Wild
JWFF Fast Forces: Batman and His Greatest Foes
KA2 Kick-Ass 2
LOTR Lord of the Rings
LR The Lone Ranger
Legacy Legacy (DC)
LoSH Legion of Super Heroes
M10th Marvel Heroclix 10th Anniversary
M4MFF Fast Forces: Deadpool and the Mercs for Money
MKFF Fast Forces: Marvel Knights
MKR Mage Knight: Resurrection
MM Mutant Mayhem (Marvel)
MOPK Monthly OP Kits
MOS Superman, Man of Steel
MnM Mutations and Monsters
NF Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
NFFF Fast Forces: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
NML No Man's Land (DC)
OR Origin (DC)
PR Pacific Rim
RIP Undead
RotK Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
S.I. Secret Invasion (Marvel)
SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2012
SF Street Fighters: Gravity Feed / Fast Forces
SFF Superman (Fast Forces) (DC)
SFSM Superior Foes of Spider-Man
SFSMFF Fast Forces: Spider-Man and His Greatest Foes
SI Sinister (Marvel)
SLoSH Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes
SM Superman (DC)
SMQS Quick-Start Kits
SMWW Superman/Wonder Woman
SN Supernova (Marvel)
SOGFF Streets of Gotham Fast Forces: Birds of Prey
STATOS Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series
STAW Star Trek Tactics: Away Team Fast Forces
STMG Star Trek Mini-Game
STT Star Trek - Tactics
STT2 Star Trek: Tactics II
STT3 Star Trek: Tactics III
STT4 Star Trek: Tactics IV
SoG Batman: Streets of Gotham (DC)
T2T Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
TAB Heroclix Tabapp
TDW Thor: The Dark World
TKNS Tokens
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
TMNT2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half Shell
TMNT3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Return
TMNT3FF Fast Forces: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Return
TMNTFF Fast Forces: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
TMT The Mighty Thor
TR Thor: Ragnarok
TT Teen Titans (DC)
TTFF Fast Forces: Teen Titans
TWFF Fast Forces: Crime Syndicate
TWS Captain America - The Winter Soldier
TaE Tabapp Elite
UXM Uncanny X-Men
Ultimates Ultimates (Marvel)
Universe Universe (Marvel)
Unleashed Unleashed (DC)
WF World's Finest
WFFF Fast Forces: World's Finest
WI What If?
WM Watchmen (DC)
WMFF Watchmen Fast Forces Crimebusters
WOL War of the Light (Fast Forces) (DC)
WW Wonder Woman
WZ Convention Exclusives
WaX Wolverine and the X-Men
WoL2014 War of Light (DC 2014)
WoS Web of Spider-Man (Marvel)
Xplosion Xplosion (Marvel)
YGO1 Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One
YGO2 Yu-Gi-Oh! Heroclix: Series Two
YGO3 Yu-Gi-Oh! Heroclix: Series Three
2099 2099 (Marvel)

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