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These are the miniatures of Star Wars that the user pukunui has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
JA 12 Antarian Ranger  Republic Common 2  
CotF 1 Bastila Shan  Old Republic Very Rare 1  
IE 27 Bespin Guard  Fringe Common 2  
CotF 23 Clone Commander Gree  Republic Rare 1  
CotF 47 Dark Trooper Phase I  Imperial Common 2  
JA 37 Death Watch Raider  Mandalorian Common 2  
RS 26 General Veers  Imperial Rare 1  
JA 27 Grand Master Luke Skywalker  New Republic Rare 1  
JA 14 Grand Master Yoda  Republic Rare 1  
RS 7 Han Solo  Rebel Rare 1  
JA 15 Heavy Clone Trooper  Republic Common 2  
DT 18 Imperial Engineer  Imperial Common 5 Near Mint w/ card
LotF 22 Imperial Pilot  Imperial Common 1  
RS 51 Jawa  Fringe Common 1  
BH 13 Lord Vader  Imperial Very Rare 1  
RS 53 Mon Calamari Mercenary  Fringe Common 2  
BH 41 Mustafarian Flea Rider  Fringe Rare 1  
JA 35 Peace Brigade Thug  Fringe Common 1  
JA 36 R4 Astromech Droid  Fringe Common 1  
CotF 36 Republic Commando - Sev  Republic Common 1  
TFU 57 Telosian Tank Droid  Fringe Uncommon 1 MIB
BH 49 Utapaun on Dactillion  Fringe Rare 1  
TFU 25 Vader's Apprendice, Redeemed  Rebel Rare 1 MIB
JA 4 Vodo-Siosk Baas  Old Republic Very Rare 1  

Miniatures 1 to 24 of 24

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
AE Alliance & Empire
BH Bounty Hunters
BoH Battle of Hoth
CS Clone Strike
CW Clone Wars
CWB Clone Wars Battles
CWMP Clone Wars Map Packs
CWS Clone Wars Starter
CotF Champions of the Force
DT Dark Times
GaW Galaxy at War
IE Imperial Entanglements
JA Jedi Academy
KOR Knight of the Old Republic
LotF Legacy of the Force
MAPS Maps, Posters & Misc.
MotF Masters of the Force
RI Rebels & Imperials
RS Rebel Storm
RofS Revenge of the Sith
S Starter Set
SB Starship Battles
TFU The Force Unleashed

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