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have list for user beetleboy8

These are the miniatures of MechWarrior: Dark Age that the user beetleboy8 has and is willing to trade (change to: )

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Set  * Name  Type  Rarity  Amount  Comments 
AofD PC-009 Active Volcanoes  Planetary Condition Fixed 1  
SVII G-004 Advanced Anti-Missile System  Gear Common 1  
SVII GS-003 Aglin, Imad “Hal”  Gunslinger Common 1  
PGC GS-013G Aiko Ryohara (Gold)  Gunslinger Limited Edition 1  
SVII GS-026 Allard-Liao, Kai  Gunslinger Common 1  
Dom. GS-038 Anastasia Kerensky (Unique)  Gunslinger Very Rare 1  
PGC G-028G Anti-Aircraft Targeting (Gold)  Gear Limited Edition 1  
AofD G-032 Armor Piercing  Gear Fixed 1  
Dom. G-103 Armor Piercing  Gear Common 1  
PGC G-029G Artemis IV Fire-Control (Gold)  Gear Limited Edition 1  
SVII G-016 BattleMech Jump Pack  Gear Common 1  
PGM AOD-135G BLR-1S-A 'E.O.D.' Battlemaster  Mech Limited Edition 1  
SVII G-008 Brawling  Gear Common 1  
SVII GS-025 Bruneau, Sonja  Gunslinger Common 2  
Dom. PC-032 Caverns  Planetary Condition Common 2  
SVII 26 CDR-DC-M 'Yen-lo-Wang' Centurion (Unique)  Mech Super Rare 1  
SVII GS-004 Chapman, Chris  Gunslinger Common 1  
Dom. 70 Cizin (Veteran)  Vehicle Uncommon 1  
Dom. 5 Clan Battle Armor (Green)  Infantry Common 2  
Dom. 6 Clan Battle Armor (Veteran)  Infantry Common 1  
SVII 17 CLN-C2-H 'Rosse's Revenge' Cave Lion (Unique)  Mech Common 1  
PGC L-015G Consuela Dagmar (Gold)  Legendary Limited Edition 1  
SVII 20 CPLT-D1-H 'Cynosure' Catapult (Unique)  Mech Common 1  
Dom. PC-033 Craters  Planetary Condition Common 1  
SVII GS-005 Creighton, Randy  Gunslinger Common 1  
SVII 5 CVR-A1-L 'Possum' Cadaver (Unique)  Mech Common 1  
SVII 25 CVR-A1-L 'Red Sonja' Cadaver (Unique)  Mech Super Rare 2  
SVII GS-018 Deodatus, Valerius  Gunslinger Common 1  
SVII GS-016 Donnici, Marcello  Gunslinger Common 1  
SVII GS-019 Dougal, Fearghal  Gunslinger Common 1  
PGC G-030G ECM Suite (Gold)  Gear Limited Edition 1  
AofD GS-008 Enlil Searcy  Gunslinger Fixed 1  
Dom. 65 Enyo Strike Tank (Green)  Vehicle Uncommon 1  
Dom. G-092 Evade  Gear Common 1  
AofD 130 Fenrir Battle Armor  Infantry Fixed 1  
SVII GS-002 Ferrar, Paulina  Gunslinger Common 1  
SVII G-005 Fluid Gun—Corrosive  Gear Common 1  
SVII G-006 Fluid Gun—Viscid Incendiary  Gear Common 1  
AofD G-005 Full Strike  Gear Common 1  
PGC GS-012G Gabriel Smith (Gold)  Gunslinger Limited Edition 1  
Dom. 23 Gnome Battle Armor (Veteran)  Infantry Common 2  
Dom. P-043 Graduate - An Ting University  Pilot Common 1  
Dom. P-039 Graduate - War College of Tamar  Pilot Common 1  
AofD P-005 Graduate/NAIS College of Military Sciences  Pilot Common 1  
AofD 3 Gun Nest (Veteran)  Infantry Common 1  
Dom. 45 Hadur Fast Support Vehicle (Green)  Vehicle Uncommon 1  
SVII G-018 Heat-Dissipating Armor  Gear Common 1  
SVII G-001 Heavy Armor  Gear Common 1  
SVII 2 HL-SP-L 'Laser Bait' Hellion (Unique)  Mech Common 1  
Dom. PC-031 Ice Field  Planetary Condition Common 1  

Miniatures 1 to 50 of 124 - Pages:     [1] 2 3     Next>>

* Abbreviations used for the names of the expansion sets:
Anh Annihilation
AofD Age of Destruction
BF Battleforce
CA Counterassault
DA Dark Age
DfA Death from Above
Dom. Domination
FP Falcons Prey
FfE Fire for Effect
FiPo Firepower
LI Liao Incursion
PGC Parallel Gold CEC Set
PGM Parallel Gold Mech Set
SVII Solaris VII
VG Vanguard
WS Wolf Strike

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