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You can now help us to have the most accurate listing of miniatures for your favorite game. If you find any mistakes, you can now correct them directly on the site. [read more...]

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We have a new design for our main menu: more colorful, modern, and convenient. Check it out! [read more...]

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Miniature of the Week, from Pirates CSG


Cygnet, England's most unique ship?

written by a7xfanben Premium Member send message

"The captain of the Cygnet typically keeps his ship close in around and among islands, the better to shock the French ships he hunts by sneaking his pure-white vessel up behind them in the black of night."

General description:
The Cygnet is a... ... [read more]

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Fleet of the Week, from Pirates CSG


Fleet "Lord D's Gimmick - Paranoia" - 64 Points for Pirates CSG

built by lord_denton send message

Before we begin, I'll say that the Polaris is proxy-ing in for the Return to Savage Shores ship Orphan, whose stats are listed below.


Points: 16
Masts: 3 (Catamaran)
Cargo: 5
Move: S+S
Cannons: 3S-4S-4S

Ability: *Catamaran. If this ship is the target of a shoot action, the attacking player must first roll a d6. On a result of 1-3, this target can't be shot at and the attacking player can give their ship another action.

Flavor: The scattered survivors of pirate ships sunk by various nations have banded together to set sail once again aboard the Orphan.

*Note: The Orphan is a Double Catamaran, they just combined those two keywords into one.

Link to the preview where she was introduced and the discussion:


Indeed, the Orphan is the star of this fleet. Ever since I laid eyes on her stats, I was very impressed by the combination presented by her ability and by her being a Double Catamaran. As-is, she presents one of the most difficult targets in the game. Furthermore, my mind was intrigued by the possibility of making her even more of a defensive champ for she has room for Davy Jones (the Copier) onboard. This gimmick fleet aims to take advantage of this by giving the Orphan some fleetmates that are also difficult to hit to be copied, making this fleet a master of the defensive category.

The purpose of this fleet isn’t to make use of the defensive abilities to be deadly in combat (though there are different builds that could be done to do this). Indeed, the only offensive things this fleet has is if Davy copies a Captain/World Hater ability (the first would be for making an attack, the second would be for responding to one) or if Fortaleza Dorado is constructed, though even then Forts are more defensive than offensive. Rather, this fleet hopes to make use of the defensive abilities to ensure that a steady stream of doubloons makes it home safely. I say “stream” instead of “river” for there isn’t a TON of cargo space (9 spaces). But it’s just enough so that when combined with the phrase “Satisfaction Guaranteed!” it’ll be a considerable amount.

I attempted to maximize two things on the Orphan’s fleetmates to make best use of their abilities – their speed and number of masts. Even the best defensive abilities can be neutralized if the enemy is able to sail circles around the ships or if one simple ram can take down the only mast. So, all of the Orphan’s fleetmates have respectable S+S speed (with support coming from the Emerald’s Navigator) and two masts.

Now, the Orphan herself has a number of things going for her: Her Double-Catness*, her own ability, her boosted base speed (which wasn’t all that bad printed) and space for two coins! Her cannons aren’t the best and she doesn’t have a Captain unless it’s copied, but the cannons aren’t feeble either. The Orphan should be able to survive any fight for she can adapt to fit the circumstances – take the Bazana’s ability when there’s L-range cannons abound, the Sister’s Rage’s ability when things get close and the Emerald’s ability if the enemy has (somehow) found a way around the invulnerability abilities and has managed to destroy the secondary hulls (the Emerald’s ability won’t be of help until the hulls are gone). If it’s a smaller fighter she can put up a fight and probably win, eventually, for in an attrition battle she has the upper hand. Even a larger fighter is going to have immense problems with her. If things get too hairy or if not under attack, she can use her speed to safely ferry gold home.

Bringing the “Two hits are required to eliminate one of this ship’s masts” ability to this fleet, the USS Emerald will create Trade Currents to start and then switch to gold running once some paths have been created. She can leave the Navigator home for this if she wants to maximize her cargo capacity. If the enemy engages her but is unable to deliver crippling damage the Emerald can return fire with a nasty set of 2S cannons.

The Bazana brings the “L-range cannons can’t hit this ship” ability to this fleet. If the enemy has predominantly L-range cannons the only way the Bazana can be harmed is through ramming (the Orphan won’t be able to be harmed AT ALL because she’s invulnerable to ramming). If not, this ship might have to play more carefully because she’ll just be like a regular ship. However, Bianco’s Haulers will help her out here – she’ll be able to be safe from cannonballs while docked! The Bazana also has Contessa Amore aboard to provide 5 more points for crew. Hopefully she’ll feel safe onboard! This leaves the Bazana with only one cargo to space to spare but it’ll make it hopefully make it home. Also, her cannons are fair.

The Sister’s Rage is the backbone in the cargo department as well as bringing the most powerful defensive ability in the game to this fleet, the “This ship cannot be shot at by ships within S of her” ability. This can make her invulnerable to S and L range cannons alike, so long as the attacking ship is within S range. Her 4 cargo is not occupied by any crew so she’s primed for exploring! She also has a fair set of cannons, too. A nice ship all around!

The Fortaleza Dorada is ready to be constructed, at “I guess I don’t know what” cost – 3 gold, maybe? Anyway, she’ll provide some good, unexpected firepower, especially after an opponent has tried to attack the Haulers-carrying Bazana! This fort will provide a home-away-from-home for these ships. What’s home without a little added security in the form of bronze cannons? Note: The fort’s ability won’t be good for copying, since it says “This fort…”.

Weaknesses of this fleet include its limited cargo, potentially limited speed, limited number of masts, and ability for the defensive abilities to be circumnavigated. If any of her fleetmates goes down, the Orphan will have less and less abilities to copy. It’ll be a valid strategy for an opponent to target them and reduce the Orphan’s effectiveness. If this starts to happen, it might not be a bad idea to amass the ships and strike while the fleet is still mostly intact – even if they are Captainless, I really wouldn’t want to get into a close fight with these ships! :shocked:

*Ability text reprinted here for convenience: A ship with this keyword printed on its deckplate card has one or two smaller, secondary hulls. This ship can't be rammed. Each time this ship is hit, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6 the hit is ignored instead (no effect). When this ship is successfully hit, eliminate a secondary hull instead of a mast; if no secondary hulls remain, eliminate masts normally. This ship can't be pinned or boarded if it has a secondary hull.

Sidenotes: Previous incarnations of this fleet contained the F&S Pestilence instead of the USS Emerald, but she was dropped because she only has one mast and the other ability might be just as useful. A number of supporting ships were tried out. Instead of the Hauler’s, the Spanish crew Joaquin Vega was considered to provide one of the few missing defensive abilities, “This ship ignores the first hit she takes each turn as long as she has all of her masts”. However, Vega is one more point than the Hauler’s, the Hauler’s are more flexible, and if the Orphan has lost her hulls she’s in big trouble anyway. Once the USS Emerald was added it made that ability superfluous anyway, I guess.

Question for Woelf: Would you be so kind as to answer how the Orphan's ability would exactly work in a game, what with Captains and all that (like you mentioned in the preview)?

Anything else I’m forgetting? If there is, I’ll add it in red text latter.

Thanks to A7xfanben for the extension and running the challenge! It’s fun. Thanks to all of those that have already voted and commented on previous fleets – it has made things lively around here! Any comments and votes to this fleet will be much appreciated!

Edit 7/5/2016: For those wondering where the Orphan's(Polaris') crew went...

This fleet is currently "Fleet of the Week" and has been for some time. Thanks so much for the votes, guys!

The Fleet of the Week is displayed on Miniature Tradings' frontpage. The image representing the fleet of the week is selected by the first item in Ship 1, based on alphabetical order. Anamaria has been there a while, and isn't representative of this fleet. So, I'm kicking the Orphan's crew down to the "Ship #5" section. This will display the Double Catamaran Polaris as the image for this fleet, which I think is more fitting.

All the crew in section "Ship 5" belong to the Orphan, who is represented by the Polaris.

1 x Polaris [RotF: 094, Ship, SE]
1 x Navigator [SS: 039, Crew, C]
1 x Bazana [RotF: 045, Ship, C]
1 x Sister's Rage [PofSCS: 205, Ship, PR]
1 x Anamaria [DPotC: 077A, Crew, U]
1 x Fortaleza Dorada [PofRU: UL045, Fort, C]

[see more...]

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May 21, 2015: Help maintain our miniature database
We want to have the most detailed and accurate data for collectible miniatures on the net, but it's difficult to maintain such an extensive database. So we are requesting your help. As you are the experts, you are best positioned to identify any mistakes or missing data on our site, and now you can correct them right away.

When you open the details window for a miniature you will see now an 'Edit' button:
Miniature edit button
Click on it and you will be taken to a form where you can make any necessary changes to the info for that item. It's that easy!

And as a reward for your help you will get 5 Friendship Points for each item that you correct on a miniature.

You can also add a new miniature to an existing set. You'll find an 'Add miniature' button at the bottom of the list of figures in a set.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

January 4, 2015: New main menu design
We have redesigned our main menu to be more clear, colorful, and convenient.

  • It now shows complete at the top of the page so that you don't need to scroll down to go to any of our sections.
  • It uses colors and images to better identify each available option.
  • Each section expands dynamically to occupy less space while not in use.

Hope you enjoy it.

September 16, 2014: Insert miniatures in your text!
When posting your comments in our forums and discussions many times you talk about miniatures that your readers may not know by heart. Now you can make all the details and info about a miniature accessible whenever you mention it with a new tag that you can generate automatically by using the form at the top of your text area:

Form to insert a miniature name or image in your text

This will insert the miniature's name or image and will show all the info about that figure when you hover your mouse over that name or image, like this:

Miniature details being shown when you place your cursor over the miniature's name

The name is also a link to the details page for that card.

This should make your comments and card reviews much more informative and clear. Try it out!

June 24, 2014: Average miniature prices
As you know, we already offer price data for most miniatures: in the miniature details window you can see the minimum, average and maximum price for the miniature, retrieved from multiple online stores. Up until now, though, you had to click on each miniature to check its price.

Now we are showing the average price value on miniature lists so that you can see this data without having to click on each item and so that it's easier for you to compare prices among different miniatures. You can see this information in your haves and wants and in other members' collections. This is also very useful when adding items to a trade.

Furthermore we are also showing the total average price for armies by adding up the average prices of all the individual miniatures. We are also doing this for trades. So you can now see the cost of building an army, and the total value of the miniatures sent and received in a Tracked Trade.

This feature is currently available for the following games: HeroClix, Dungeons & Dragons, Axis and Allies, Star Wars minis, and WoW minis.

April 19, 2014: Business cards for everyone!
You can now design your own business cards to let other people know about your web page at Miniature Trading and about your achievements on the site.
You can print these cards and hand them out to prospect traders you meet at the local store or tournaments. And you can also use them online as forum signature or avatars. They will link directly to your web page so that people can find it easily.

To create and customize your own business card, go to Your Profile and choose the option "Your avatar and business card". You can choose among multiple templates and include your own image.

Try it out and show off your membership in this community!

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