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Icons of the Realms: Storm King's Thunder

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Icons of the Realms: Storm King's Thunder: 57 miniatures
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027 Fire Giant Borderlands  search
032a Fire Giant (Mace) Borderlands  search
032b Fire Giant (Warhammer) Borderlands  search
011 Kenku (Bow) Borderlands  search
010 Kenku (Sword) Borderlands  search
009 Scarecrow Borderlands  search
030 Stone Giant Borderlands  search
007 Crag Ungart Civilization  search
007i Crag Ungart Invisible Civilization  VR  search
038i Helena Nostrum Invisible Civilization  VR  search
020 Kleef Kenric Civilization  search
020i Kleef Kenric Invisible Civilization  search
040 Lai Antolio Civilization  search
040i Lai Antolio Invisible Civilization  VR  search
033 Solara Thann Civilization  search
033i Solara Thann Invisible Civilization  search
045 Chief Guh Gargantuan  Unique  search
028a Cloud Giant (Spear) Huge  search
028b Cloud Giant (Sword) Huge  search
029b Frost Giant (Axe) Huge  search
029a Frost Giant (Sword) Huge  search
043 Harshnag Huge  search
031a Hill Giant (Club) Huge  search
031b Hill Giant (Spear) Huge  search
026 Fomorian Large  search
024 Azer Medium  search
015 Bandit Medium  search
014 Bandit Captain Medium  search
014i Bandit Captain Invisible Medium  VR  search
008 Giant Frog Medium  search
018 Githzerai Monk (Dagger) Medium  search
019 Githzerai Monk (Knife & Flame) Medium  search
038 Helena Nostrum Medium  search
013 Hell Hound Medium  search
006 Cazi Alphelandra Small  search
006i Cazi Alphelandra Invisible Small  VR  search
005 Homunculus Small  search
004 Darkmantle Underdark  search
001 Intellect Devourer Underdark  search
034 Night Hag Underdark  search
034i Night Hag Invisible Underdark  search
021 Wight Underdark  search
012 Yochlol Underdark  search
042 Countess Sansuri Wilderness  search
044 Iymrith Wilderness  search
041 King Hekaton Wilderness  search
003 Sprite (Bow) Wilderness  search
002 Sprite (Sword) Wilderness  search
017 Thri-Kreen (Shuriken) Wilderness  search
016 Thri-Kreen (Spear) Wilderness  search
025 Winter Wolf Wilderness  search
039 Yuan-Ti Abomination Wilderness  search
036 Yuan-Ti Malison (Snake Arms) Wilderness  search
037 Yuan-Ti Malison (Snake Tail) Wilderness  search
035 Yuan-Ti Malison (Sword & Shield) Wilderness  search
023 Yuan-Ti Pureblood (Bow) Wilderness  search
022 Yuan-Ti Pureblood (Sword) Wilderness  search

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