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armies for the game Race Day CRG

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Race Day CRG

List of Armies for Race Day CRG

Our current Army of the Week is "HMS Grand Temple", created by a7xfanben Premium Member  for the game Pirates CSG
Select the Army you want to see by clicking on its name. You will be able to rate it and add your comments.
You can sort the list by any of its columns; just click on their headers.
Name  Author  Point Value  Date  Comments  Votes  Score 
A simple car scenario. chasseur85  21 July 12, 2009 0 2
A Test Conscript chasseur85  21 July 12, 2009 0 2
An Alternate Pure Raceday chasseur85  37 July 12, 2009 0 2
Another Group Scenario-Special chasseur85  53 July 12, 2009 0 2
The Ally's Raceday Army chasseur85  13 July 12, 2009 0 2
The Combinations of Cars-Scen. chasseur85  29 July 12, 2009 0 2
The Great Track Scenario chasseur85  289 July 12, 2009 0 2
The Standard Racecar Army chasseur85  20 July 12, 2009 0 2
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