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Trader Public Page for vagrak

Miniature Trading is shutting down.

Miniature Trading will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Miniature Trading was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Miniature Trading. Thank you!

Total miniatures: 22 Trader vagrak Premium Member  in Austria
This page viewed 1,787 times. Member since: July 18, 2010 (8 years, 11 months and 6 days ago)
Miniatures Listings
This trader HAS miniatures from the following games:
Mage Knight
vagrak is offering a total of 22 miniatures for trade.
This trader WANTS miniatures from the following games:
Mage Knight
vagrak is looking for a total of 46 miniatures.
Message Center
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Miniature Reviews
vagrak has not published any Miniature Reviews yet.
vagrak has not yet built any Armies
vagrak has built Decks of cards in our sister web site, Trade Cards Online:
1 Deck for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
This user has not posted messages in the forums yet.
The Buzz
Trades and References
This user has completed successfully 59 Tracked Trades, but also let Trades to expire 8 times.
Check here all the details about the trades performed by this user.
Trade Evaluations Received
Concept Average rating 1 2 3 4 5
Communication 5.00
(18 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 2 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 3 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 4 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 5 100% (18)
rating bar
Speed 4.67
(18 trades)
rate 1 6% (1)
rating bar
rate 2 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 3 6% (1)
rating bar
rate 4 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 5 89% (16)
rating bar
Miniatures Condition 4.88
(17 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 2 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 3 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 4 12% (2)
rating bar
rate 5 88% (15)
rating bar
Average delays
(0 trades)
(59 trades)
Shipment N/A 2 days, 5 hours and 40 minutes.
Delivery N/A 8 days, 22 hours and 15 minutes.

Shipments sent and lost: 0% (0 / 60)

Shipments not received: 0% (0 / 59)

These are the 40 references that trader vagrak has received,
sorted by the date they were granted.

15 references from active users:

Referrer Country Date
tarsis Premium Member LV3 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom September 8, 2018
nico29 Premium Member LV15 activity France France February 28, 2017
ed_j_webb Premium Member LV17 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom February 25, 2017
lauki77 Premium Member LV28 activity Spain-Vizcaya Spain February 6, 2017
debarg Premium Member LV9 activity Netherlands, The Netherlands, The November 9, 2016
vladlerouge Premium Member LV7 activity France France November 5, 2016
mech Premium Member LV9 activity United States-Illinois United States March 30, 2016
star_man_20 Premium Member LV305 activity United States-Texas United States February 27, 2016
devilgo Premium Member LV25 activity Canada-Alberta Canada September 17, 2013
wtriker Premium Member LV22 activity Canada-Ontario Canada February 12, 2013
jorcajo Premium Member LV59 activity Spain-Cádiz Spain December 19, 2012
pieter2501 Premium Member LV25 activity Netherlands, The Netherlands, The January 12, 2012
sydnelson Premium Member LV32 activity Brazil Brazil August 8, 2010
captainyoti Premium Member LV25 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom August 5, 2010
rafabernalte Premium Member LV26 activity Spain-Alicante Spain July 30, 2010

Plus 25 old references from users not registered any more in Miniature Trading:

Referrer Country Date
dialdfordavid United Kingdom-England United Kingdom April 16, 2014
bayushigoblin Spain-Granada Spain December 13, 2013
bunz Germany Germany August 8, 2013
thekovenant Brazil Brazil June 6, 2013
justodangelo Spain-Jaén Spain February 5, 2013
grelvis79 Australia Australia October 22, 2012
dancombs United States-Massachusetts United States July 13, 2012
lotrias Netherlands, The Netherlands, The April 28, 2012
goose Spain-Palencia Spain March 22, 2012
shadowdragon Canada-Ontario Canada November 17, 2011
hameljustin Canada-Quebec Canada September 30, 2011
bone_br_rj Brazil Brazil April 20, 2011
lotrias Netherlands, The Netherlands, The March 19, 2011
psy_p Brazil Brazil January 6, 2011
forty7au Australia Australia November 16, 2010
echiang United States-Illinois United States October 28, 2010
mantova Italy Italy October 13, 2010
mr_joker Brazil Brazil October 4, 2010
voyager Spain-Madrid Spain September 28, 2010
yesferatu United States-Wisconsin United States September 20, 2010
xyphus France France September 14, 2010
alasdeceniza Spain-Granada Spain September 14, 2010
vamcards_most United States-Utah United States September 8, 2010
mistrmoon Czech Republic Czech Republic August 6, 2010
iselio Spain-Valencia Spain August 5, 2010

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