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TIP You can generate, and print, checklists for the miniatures you have, you want and you offer, from either the 'miniatures you have' or the 'miniatures you want' section. The checklists let you and others see easily how you are doing with your collection.

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May 21, 2015: Help maintain our miniature database
We want to have the most detailed and accurate data for collectible miniatures on the net, but it's difficult to maintain such an extensive database. So we are requesting your help. As you are the experts, you are best positioned to identify any mistakes or missing data on our site, and now you can correct them right away.

When you open the details window for a miniature you will see now an 'Edit' button:
Miniature edit button
Click on it and you will be taken to a form where you can make any necessary changes to the info for that item. It's that easy!

And as a reward for your help you will get 5 Friendship Points for each item that you correct on a miniature.

You can also add a new miniature to an existing set. You'll find an 'Add miniature' button at the bottom of the list of figures in a set.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

January 4, 2015: New main menu design
We have redesigned our main menu to be more clear, colorful, and convenient.

  • It now shows complete at the top of the page so that you don't need to scroll down to go to any of our sections.
  • It uses colors and images to better identify each available option.
  • Each section expands dynamically to occupy less space while not in use.

Hope you enjoy it.

December 16, 2014: Holiday promotion
Our Christmas promotion is here!
You can now become Premium for half the price. For a limited time only.
Grab the opportunity now and get your Premium for less than 50 cents a month!

Pay 1 Get 2 Promotion

Attention: This promotion is applicable to Premium memberships purchased with Friendship Points too!

September 16, 2014: Insert miniatures in your text!
When posting your comments in our forums and discussions many times you talk about miniatures that your readers may not know by heart. Now you can make all the details and info about a miniature accessible whenever you mention it with a new tag that you can generate automatically by using the form at the top of your text area:

Form to insert a miniature name or image in your text

This will insert the miniature's name or image and will show all the info about that figure when you hover your mouse over that name or image, like this:

Miniature details being shown when you place your cursor over the miniature's name

The name is also a link to the details page for that card.

This should make your comments and card reviews much more informative and clear. Try it out!

June 24, 2014: Average miniature prices
As you know, we already offer price data for most miniatures: in the miniature details window you can see the minimum, average and maximum price for the miniature, retrieved from multiple online stores. Up until now, though, you had to click on each miniature to check its price.

Now we are showing the average price value on miniature lists so that you can see this data without having to click on each item and so that it's easier for you to compare prices among different miniatures. You can see this information in your haves and wants and in other members' collections. This is also very useful when adding items to a trade.

Furthermore we are also showing the total average price for armies by adding up the average prices of all the individual miniatures. We are also doing this for trades. So you can now see the cost of building an army, and the total value of the miniatures sent and received in a Tracked Trade.

This feature is currently available for the following games: HeroClix, Dungeons & Dragons, Axis and Allies, Star Wars minis, and WoW minis.

April 19, 2014: Business cards for everyone!
You can now design your own business cards to let other people know about your web page at Miniature Trading and about your achievements on the site.
You can print these cards and hand them out to prospect traders you meet at the local store or tournaments. And you can also use them online as forum signature or avatars. They will link directly to your web page so that people can find it easily.

To create and customize your own business card, go to Your Profile and choose the option "Your avatar and business card". You can choose among multiple templates and include your own image.

Try it out and show off your membership in this community!

March 23, 2014: Detailed miniature lists
When searching for miniatures you can now list all the details for each miniature so that you have all the information displayed at the same time.

New detailed format for lists of miniatures in our searches

This way it's easier to identify the miniatures you are interested in when searching our database, or other users' lists, or when looking for miniatures to add to your armies.

Also, when browsing our miniature database you can also display just their images for a more compact view:

New display for miniature lists showing all the images

February 21, 2014: Trades reactivation
Our Tracked Trade system is designed and tailored to best accommodate the whole process of trading, buying and selling through the postal mail, with the corresponding risks and delays.

Nevertheless sometimes a Trade might expire due to extraordinary circumstances, like extreme weather conditions that delay the mail, or unanticipated personal events that prevent one of the parties to send or receive on time.

To accommodate for even these exceptional cases, we have now added the option to re-activate an expired Trade so that you can continue with it and take it to completion. This option has obviously its limitations:

  • it should be used only when both parties are willing to continue with the trade or purchase,
  • can only be used once per Trade,
  • and is available only during the 5 days following the expiration of the Trade.

So, when a Trade expires you will now be offered a "Reset Trade" button that you should use if both you and the other user are willing to continue it to completion.

I hope that will help to make the trading process even smoother on our site.

June 20, 2013: Trade Evaluations
Each Tracked Trade completed on our site becomes part of your track record and tells others about your good trading practices.
To go beyond the simple fact that you have completed a trade and have received a reference, we are now setting up an evaluation system whereby each trader may evaluate their experience in each trade and give more information on how the trade developed. You can now evaluate each trade on three parameters: communication, speed, and condition of the items. And you may also enter a short comment to support your rating.
These evaluations will combine into a reputation report that will be shown on your public page:
Combined trades evaluations for a user on our site
The report also includes the average time it takes for the user to prepare and send their items and the time it takes for the items to reach their destination, both for domestic and international trades. This is based on all completed trades so far.

So we have now yet another tool to gauge the trustworthiness of our traders, which will also encourage people to try and improve their trading skills so as to get the best evaluations.

Note: You can still evaluate those trades you have finished in the last 30 days, so we encourage you to take the time to give an evaluation to all those trades you have completed recently so as to help build these reputations on the site.

We have also added a couple of small features to make your trading experience easier:

  • Pending Actions: On the list of people you are trading with, you can now see the actions you are expected to perform so that you can easily identify the trades which need your attention.
    Pending actions being shown on the list of your trades
  • Address Labels: You can now easily print the address of the other trader so that you don't make any mistakes when copying it. The label also includes your address as the sender, so you can just print and stick it on your parcel.

May 8, 2013: Get money and Premium by promoting our site!
We could not survive without our thriving community of users, so we want to give back and let you take advantage of our growth.
We have just greatly improved the ways in which you can benefit from promoting our site and bringing new members to our community:

  • Affiliate Program: we have increased the commission you get to a 50%!, so that you get half of what your affiliates pay for Premium memberships.
    And you get this commission for each and every payment your affiliates make. For life! This means that you can keep getting money from your affiliates many years after you referred them to us!
  • Friendship Points: we have halved the amount of points you need to get a free Premium membership! You get a month of free Premium membership for just 250 Friendship Points!
    This means that you only need to bring a handful of friends to our site to be Premium every month from the points they generate for you!

Now is the time to take advantage of these great conditions, and bring as many new people as you can. Please check our Affiliate Program for hints on how to attract new users and to make sure you get credited for them.

Let's all grow together now!

April 16, 2013: Anniversary Gifts!
We want you to stay with us for many years to come, and would like to reward your loyalty.
So we have decided to give you a little present as an anniversary gift for every year you stay registered on our site.

Our anniversary gift for you: a Premium golden star.

Every year, on the day you registered, you will receive an extra 15 days of Premium membership so that you can try again all our services without limitations.

For those of you who have been with us already for over a year: don't worry! You will be getting gifts for your previous anniversaries too! You'll get them one every day for each year you have been registered on the site.

Here's to hope that we will stay as a community for many more years with all of you! Thanks a lot!

April 7, 2013: Bad Traders, Beware!
At Miniature Trading we take trading very seriously and are committed to ensure the safest trading environment for everyone.

Therefore, in our fight against cheaters and scammers, we are now making public all the information we have about old bad traders, including their full names and addresses.
This has two main purposes:

  1. as a deterrent for future bad traders, to make them think twice before they try to rip anyone in this site, and
  2. as a preventive tool, so that you can check any addresses for a history of bad trading before sending your minatures there.

So, from now on, anyone who cheats in a trade on our site will face, not only expulsion and permanent ban from our community, but also having their private information posted for public shame so that everyone knows that they are dishonest.

We are confident that this measure will greatly increase the safety in all your transactions through our site.

Please let us know if you find this helpful.

March 18, 2013: Better management of your lists during trades
As soon as a trade gets accepted the miniatures you are expected to send should not be available for any other trades as they are already committed, and the miniatures you are going to receive should not be in your wants any more either. This prevents other people from getting matches for miniatures that are already committed to a trade and sending trade offers that are not really viable.

We are now managing your miniature lists in this way. Your lists get updated as soon as a Tracked Trade gets accepted, to prevent any confusions or double trades for the same miniature. And the lists get restored if the Trade expires before you send or receive.

We hope this will further improve the usefulness of our Tracked Trades system. Please let us know if you notice any issues.

March 8, 2013: Large Trade Displays
You can now store all the miniatures you offer for trade in a single display, without having to split them by sets. This way people can browse all your miniatures in one place the same way they would do if you would hand them your storage case when meeting in person. Though, of course, your display at Miniature Trading is visible to everyone around the world so that you can get more and better offers!

Trade display showing miniatures offered for trade or sale

February 23, 2013: Uploading your lists made easier
When you need to add a lot of miniatures to your haves and wants, the option to upload a text file is very convenient, because it lets you upload as many items as you want in one single go. But generating the file with the data in the correct format can be a lot of work.

This is why we are offering now a utility that lets you download a template file correctly formatted that you can simply then update with the correct amounts and use to upload to the site. You just save the template in your computer, edit it with a text editor, and update the amounts for those miniatures that you want to add to your lists. The file is now ready for you to upload to the site so that the miniatures get added to your haves and/or wants.

Check it out and let us know if you like it.

We want to thank user emoss for suggesting this feature.

February 14, 2013: Search Haves and Wants
When other users' lists are very long, it is convenient to be able to filter them down to those figures that interest you. You can now do that with the new search form we have added to everybody's lists.

You can select from the miniatures a user has only those of a given rarity, for example, so that you can concentrate on those that may be of most interest for you. And you can do that with your own lists too, so it is much easier to make sure they are up to date and to explore your collection and your list of wanted miniatures.

We hope this will be of convenience for you all.

February 1, 2013: Facebook February
We're declaring this February the month of Facebook!

We want all of you to promote our site on your Facebook pages, and the easiest way to do that is letting your friends know about all the things you do here at Trade Cards Online.

And this month, you will get a Premium membership just for doing that: if you connect to Facebook from Your Profile and then perform any single action on our site that gets published on your Facebook wall, you will get one month of Premium membership. Right away. It's that easy!

Check it out now!

January 17, 2013: Improved and extended FAQs
We have improved and extended our FAQ section to answer all your questions about our site and how to use it to get the most benefit out of it.

Check it out!

And please let us know if there is still any question you have that is not answered in our online help.

November 3, 2012: More prizes!
We are now giving away more prizes! Armies of the Week are now also awarded one month of Premium membership. So you have now even more ways to become Premium for free!

And in order to better distribute the prizes and prevent them from going every week to the same game, we are forcing now alternation among games from one week to the next. The winners for a week will be chosen from the Miniature Reviews, and Armies belonging to games that did not win the same prize the previous week. This way we are making sure that the same game does not monopolize the prizes week after week. We hope this will give you all better chances to enjoy free Premiums from your contributions to the site.

June 30, 2012: 10th Anniversary Promotion!

As part of our 10th year anniversary, we are holding a "Pay 1, Get 2" promotion for the whole month of July.

Take this opportunity and become Premium today!

June 22, 2012: Customize your personal page
You can now customize your public page by displaying your avatar on it. You can choose whether to show it from Your Profile: just check the corresponding box, and your public page will get refreshed immediately to show the corresponding image:

Choose whether you want to show your avatar on your personal page

You can do this even if you are not a Premium member. And your public page will look something like this:

Avatar displayed on a user's public page

June 9, 2012: Facebook Connection
As you may have noticed, we are testing our integration with Facebook. If you have a Facebook profile, you can now connect it with your Miniature Trading membership, so that your Facebook friends can see what you achieve on our site. You can choose at any moment which actions you want to post on your Wall or Biography. If you want your friends to know when you publish a Miniature Review, or when you build a new army, you can now do this automatically. You can also show off when you reach a higher level, and you can encourage your friends to join in when you post a new thread in our forums or when you participate in any discussions on our site.

To set it up you only need to go to Your Profile and click on the Facebook login button. After you give permissions for our app to publish on your wall you will be able to choose which actions you want showcased on your Facebook profile. And that's it, you're ready to go!

Please try it out and send us your feedback and suggestions as always.

February 21, 2012: Have I traded with you before?
We are so many nowadays that oftentimes it is difficult to remember if you have talked to someone before, or even if you have already traded with another user.

Now you have that information available on the very private message form so that you can check it before sending someone a message or a trade offer. The form shows you if you have traded before with that person, and if so, how many times, and how many of the trades were successful. It also shows if you have already contacted that user before and, if so, how many messages have you both exchanged. The corresponding links let you check the trades and the conversation, and they open in new windows so you can use them even if you have already started writing your message and you won't lose it.

New information on the message form showing how many times you have messaged and/or traded with the other user

Communication should be a bit easier now even for non-Premium users.

November 19, 2011: The Buzz...
Do you ever wonder which armies are getting comments? Do you want to see what people are saying about the miniatures, or the reviews? Instead of browsing through the different sections and checking each item for new comments, you can now see all the latest comments from all the sections in one single place.

Welcome The Buzz!, the new section on our site which lets you browse all the comments from other users as they happen:
The Buzz... shows the latest comments contributed by our users to miniatures, miniature reviews, and armies

Try it out and contribute your own comments to the different discussions!

You can also check the comments contributed by a single user from a new link in their home page.

November 5, 2011: Talking about miniatures...
This site is about miniatures and now you can talk about each one of them on their own pages.

You can now add your comments to any miniature on our site. Let everyone know how much you like a miniature and everything you know about it!

New miniature page layout that includes comments from users

October 24, 2011: We're giving away 100 booster packs!
We are giving away 100 booster packs!

Thanks a lot to all for the great participation in this promotion. All 100 booster packs have been given away already. This is the list of lucky winners:
delfa, mrhudson, grissu, wean, deljaroo, jadenyubel_, sawyer, achares16, koke_55, tepigfan, uthminister, kashi7, doctordeath, neoraptor, kalcifer, tigger_14, ichigozanget, alejandroh, santy_henao, martin_illanes, emanuel_mundiña, perrojefe, gerardosanchez, recliff, knives22, cardshop, tinghol, filippebalbino, eldjmolon88, willthefox, nekher, darklegacy, hero_of_stars, arg0s, lightorber, tyhana, loopyman, jfshaka, aknot, pennywise14, fortemon, imperialjen, frozen06, lichkuroro, karpancho, alejandroeiji, inconciente, reactronz, kinui, Melgor, Treschipi, mrganon, Titomack, Rodwiggin, alfredo_kun, keinelust, sofy, torru, favarilla, libras25, crissq2, zeba, jead94, sirc, zerito, almademetal, pepitoperez, darks21, mr_jack, simestim, tonyoskr, yagamik, vandervilt, steve_rayhard, danzig, seravilo, skalofrio, ddzombie, anri_sonohara, vampiregirl_93, manselito, ojancano, omegarugal, vitathebest, Melgor, kettouryuujin, uraharin, jd_crusher, mindmaster11, juicaj1, Crism22, fabiodjj, parexa, cpt_vance, nick_96, joshua02, malakian, bogard, pokefreak00, andrew00

That's right, the first 100 users who send us an email with the answer to a very easy question about the Eredan game will receive a free booster pack of cards (on top of the booster and crystals you receive just for registering)!

You only need to register on the Eredan site, follow the tutorial for the game, and then just send us a message indicating your user name at Miniature Trading together with the answer to this question:

What's the name of the first enemies you face in the tutorial?

You will then receive a code to redeem immediately for one booster pack:

We are giving away one hundred booster packs like this one!

September 28, 2011: Find armies containing a given miniature
Have you ever wondered which armies use a given miniature? You can now find out. In the army's search form you have a new option to indicate a miniature they should contain. You can combine that with the other search parameters.

You also have a direct link from each miniature's detail window, so you can quickly see all the armies that are using that miniature.

August 31, 2011: Quick Add
We have added a new Quick Add form that lets you search for miniatures by name and add them to your lists and to your armies without having to leave the page.
Just type a name and the miniatures matching it will appear below so that you can select the one you want. Then just enter an amount and add that miniature quickly to your haves, to your wants, or to your army.

Autocomplete form to search for miniatures on the spot

All is done on the spot so that you don't have to move to other pages to get the miniatures you want.

Try it out and let us know if you like it!

June 30, 2011: Help us with your clicks!
Help maintain this site alive simply by clicking on the "+1" button that you can now find on every page, at the top right corner. You only need to click on this button: for your vote to count and for this site to become more popular.

Whether it is on your favorite miniature, on the miniature reviews you read, on the armies you browse, on the forum threads in which you participate, on the public page of other users, you will find the button everywhere, and with just a click you will be helping to bring more people to the site and to keep this community alive. You will be simply telling the world that you love this site and the services it offers.

Just remember! Press on the white button: to turn it blue: (don't press it again or you will cancel your vote).

It's that easy.
Thanks a lot to you all for your cooperation.

April 13, 2011: Friendship Points
You can now become Premium for free with the new Friendship Points!

From now on, all the Merit Points that you get from your affiliates or friends are counted separately and make up your Friendship Points. And every time you accumulate 500 of these points you can redeem them for a month of free Premium membership!

So now all you need to do to become Premium for free is to bring people to the site: the points they generate for you will make you Premium. Don't wait! and start inviting your friends and using your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other websites to bring more people to our community and help us grow.

You can check your current Friendship Points balance at any moment in Your Profile.

March 21, 2011: Can I build this army?
You like an army and you would want to build it in real life? Now you can check whether you can do that with just a click. We'll let you know if you have all the miniatures needed to build the army, and if not, we'll tell you which miniatures you are missing. Just make sure you keep your haves and your private collection updated.
You only need to click on the link "Can I build this army?" that you'll find on the army's page.

showing the missing miniatures in a deck

You will also get this information when building your own armies.

March 15, 2011: Improved spell checking
When writing Miniature Reviews or commenting in the discussions for other users' contributions, the system will reject your post if it contains too many spelling errors. Unfortunately, the spell checker can not account for all the strange words and proper names used in the miniatures names and this could cause your post being rejected even if it was perfectly written (i.e. if it contained a lot of mentions of miniatures).

To prevent this we have included now a check for miniature names in the final acceptance of your posts, so that any word that is part of the name of a miniature will not count towards your limit for spelling errors, even though the word is not in the spell-checker dictionary.

So when you do get an error stating that your post contains too many spelling errors you can now be sure that you can remove it by checking carefully your text and correcting any mistakes that are not related to miniature names.

Hope this helps to encourage you to keep contributing and participating!

Notice: when correcting your text the spell checker will still mark those words as incorrect or unknown. But the system will not count them later when deciding whether to accept your submission.

March 11, 2011: How many miniatures are you offering?
Have you ever wondered how many miniatures other users are offering for trade? Do you want to know how many you are offering, or how many you are still missing? We now count them for you!
On each user's web page we now show the total of miniatures they're offering for trade, and those they want, for each game, together with a grand total. Now you can know with just a look whether a user only has a few miniatures for trade, or whether he or she is a big collector with hundreds of offers.

March 3, 2011: New winners selection method
To prevent votes from newcomers altering too much the outcome of the weekly contests we have now modified the mechanism we use to select candidates and winners each week. The votes now count more the higher the Experience Level of the user who submitted them. Votes from users in Level 10 or higher count almost as much as ten votes from users in Level 0. New users are free to vote as much as they want, but their votes will not be very relevant until they reach higher Experience Levels. As a matter of fact, new users need to continue voting in the same responsible way, because their votes will gather more and more importance as they themselves reach higher experience levels on the site.
Note: The scores will still show normally and only the selection of winners and candidates will be affected by the level-weighing of the votes.
Note 2: Only votes from active users are counted for the selection of winners.

Update: You can now change your votes after you have submitted them. This way you may correct a vote if you made a mistake, or change it later if a miniature review or an army has been improved, for example.

February 8, 2011: Review contest for Axis&Allies
Our Herald colringbk has organized a Review Contest for Axis&Allies to celebrate Jules Verne's birthday (Feb. 8th).

You can get prices for writing a Miniature Review on the “voice” of Jules Verne or making references to Jules Verne. Please read here the short rules.

So, let your brain juices flow and write a good Axis&Allies miniature review that reminds us all of the French genius.

January 18, 2011: Detailed view of haves and wants
We have a new way to display the lists of miniatures from other traders which displays the images and detailed stats for each miniature in the list, both for haves and for wants.
Just click on the 'Show details of the miniatures' link:
Show details of the miniatures link
and you will see a list which looks like this:
New detailed list of miniatures for haves and wants

December 25, 2010: Can you build your army?
We have made some changes to the army edit form, which now shows all the info about the miniatures that you include in your armies, and we also now show a piece of information that may be important for you: we let you know if you have included any miniature in your army that you don't own. If you add to your army any miniature that is not in your collection or in those you offer for trade, a red warning will be shown at the bottom of the form to let you know.
New army edit form interface

Furthermore, when adding miniatures to an army, Premium members can now choose to see only those miniatures they actually own, so as to build their armies only with miniatures they have.
new option to select only miniatures you own

December 16, 2010: The contest goes on!
We are half-way through our December Points Contest and you can still get your position among the five winners. Hurry up and participate!
This is the classification as of now. You may want to ask the current leaders to share with you what they are doing to be in that position:

  1. Peru nadie

  2. United States google

  3. Spain pistolas

  4. Ecuador mario25

  5. Mexico spam_renacido

  6. Mexico raper_duelista

  7. Paraguay enmanuel7

  8. Spain omicron

  9. Spain mameluco

  10. United States jakspades

November 26, 2010: Let's celebrate your participation!

Site-wide Contest

To celebrate your participation in our online community, we are hosting a Points Contest during the month of December in which we will be giving prizes to the users who earn more Merit Points during that month.

You only need to keep using our site, participating and contributing to our community, and you will be granted Merit Points as usual for all your activities. To win, you only need to try and deserve the most points. Only Points granted during the month of December will be counted, so everyone starts from square one.

Just remember that the fastest and easiest way to earn points is by bringing new people to the site who will earn points for you!

At the end of the month we will give 5 prizes to those users who have earned the most points (you can check how many you earned during the month by visiting your profile, or by clicking here):

  1. First position: a $25 gift certificate to buy collectible miniatures, plus 1 year of Premium membership.

  2. Second position: a $25 gift certificate to buy collectible miniatures.

  3. Third position: 1 year of Premium membership.

  4. Fourth position: 6 months of Premium membership.

  5. Fifth position: 3 months of Premium membership.

So if you want to win cash prizes and free Premium memberships, don't forget to come often to the site during the month of December, participate in all the ways you already enjoy, and bring your friends along (remember to tell them to give your user name as referrer when they register), or promote our site in any way you can.

August 27, 2010: Galleries of Selections of the Week
Wondering who won last week's Miniature Review of the Week?
Want to know which one was the Army of the Week two months ago?

Visit our galleries of past selected contributions and you will be able to enjoy all the Miniature Reviews and Armies that have been granted the award in the past. You can check our:

Gallery of all past Miniature Reviews of the Week,
Gallery of all past Armies of the Week.

You will find links to them from the corresponding sections on our home page and from the main page of the corresponding sections on the site.

May 17, 2010: Earn points and reach higher levels!
To reward and reflect your participation in our site, we are now giving you Merit Points so that others can see how much you have contributed to this community. Most things you do on the site will give you points that will let you reach higher Experience Levels. Your Experience Level is shown next to your user name (like LV1 or LV15) and it's a quick way for others to determine how much you have worked on the site.

We have also defined Trader Levels and Player Levels that indicate how much experience someone has trading successfully on this site, and how good they are playing collectible miniature games.

Every user has now a Merits Card that shows the number of points they have earned and the different levels they have currently reached.
Merits Card legend
The card is shown on your web page and on the contact form to send private messages.

You can read more about Merit Points and how to earn them and about the three different Levels on our help page here.

We have already granted you Merit Points for all the activities you have already performed on our site since you joined in, so you may already have a high Level if you are an old-standing user or have participated actively on our site.

So keep on participating and contributing to this community and keep upgrading to the next Level!

May 11, 2010: Managing your Trades
Sometimes you can not send your part on a trade as promptly as should be normal, and this might cause a Tracked Trade to time out and flag you as an unreliable trader. To prevent this, you can now extend for up to 6 days the standard deadlines for each state of a Trade. This should give you more than enough time to successfully process and update the trade.

Remember, there is no honest reason why someone should not want to track a trade...! Make sure to always use Tracked Trades to enjoy all their benefits.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions about this service.

May 1, 2010: Put a comment on your vote!
After multiple requests for this feature, we have finally added a text input to the voting interface so that you can include a comment with your vote to justify it.
Furthermore, this comment is compulsory if you want to cast a maximum or a minimum value vote. This is to make sure that others can understand why you think such a high or low vote is warranted.

April 26, 2010: New search options
Based on users' feedback we have added a new search option when looking for trades so that you can now check also for matches with the cards in your private collection.

We have also added a sorting option so that you can decide how to sort the results of your search. You may want to see first those users with more references or who have been registered for a longer time. You can do that and more now.

I hope you enjoy the new options, and please keep on sending your feedback and suggestions.

Look for trades form with new options available

March 26, 2010: Become our fan on Facebook!
We have now a Facebook page.
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March 19, 2010: Access your favorites
When viewing Miniature Reviews and Armies, you can now get a list of your favorite ones with just a click. The new option lets you list those contributions that you have given a high rating (you have voted them with a 4 or a 5). This way you can easily go back to your favorite reviews or armies at any moment.

So, keep voting for your favorite items and come back to them often to discuss them with others!

February 28, 2010: Updated Trading Guidelines
We have updated our Official Trading Guidelines to incorporate the use of our new Tracked Trades system.

Please read the guidelines again and make sure to follow them and to always use our Tracked Trades for all your trades and other transactions on our site. Only this way will you get the maximum protection available online.

February 16, 2010: Share what you do with your friends!
We want you to share what you do here at Miniature Trading with all your friends and pals. Let them all know about the articles you find interesting and show off about the ones you have created yourself!

To make it easier for you to bookmark and share things in your social networks, we have added a nifty little toolbox where you can do that with just a click:

You can let everyone know about your own armies. You can discuss in your favorite social network the miniature reviews you like or dislike. And you can also share your own public page so that others are always up to date with what you do here at Miniature Trading.

facebook logo
twitter logo

January 7, 2010: Track your Trades!
The new Tracked Trade system lets you track and manage all the trades that you arrange in our site and have them controlled at all moments.

With this system every detail of each trade gets registered so that there aren't any misunderstandings. It has lots of advantages compared with a normal trade and we encourage you all to start using it right away.

Any time you contact another user, you will now have a form that lets you register and send this user a trade offer.

form to register a tracked trade

Please read the help and, as always, let us know what you think of it.

December 10, 2009: Restrictions on votings
In our efforts to improve our voting system and make the deck, and review contests more reliable, we are limiting the number of votes each user of the site may cast in a given time. This way no one will be able to drastically change the classifications and these will reflect the average opinion of all our voting users. This should not affect those who vote fairly and evaluate the items objectively.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to further improve the voting system, or any other service of the site.

September 30, 2009: Avatars for everyone!
We have added the use of avatars to our forums so that every user is represented by a unique, personalized image. You can see the avatar that has been assigned to you in your profile and change it if you wish by registering at with your email address.

Examples of avatars
Examples of avatars

The avatars created by default are some funny characters, but if you prefer to infuse your own personality into your avatar you can use any image (as long as it is G-rated). Use your imagination and be creative!

September 16, 2009: Become Premium by phone!
We have added a new and innovative way to pay for your Premium membership. If you don't have a PayPal account, nor a credit card, nor a bank account, and don't want to send cash by mail, you still have now a way to purchase your Premium membership by simply using your phone.

You just click on the phone icon on your account:

and you will get instructions on what number to dial and what code to enter.
Hopefully now everyone who wants to become Premium has a way to do it. Please let us know what you think and keep sending us your feedback.

August 29, 2009: Could you spell that for me?
We have an online spell checker ready for you to use when posting content to the site. This way we'll reduce the amount of typos and spelling errors that can be found in some sections of the site. Now you can check the spelling of what you write with a single click of a button. Hopefully this will help us all improve the quality of the contents published on the site.

Please use this tool before submitting your contributions to the forums, to the miniature reviews section, and in the discussions in the different sections, and let us know if you notice any problems while using it.

The online spell checker in action.

August 11, 2009: The chat rooms are open!
We have opened chat rooms on our site, though we are restricting their use to the dedicated users of the site which have earned or purchased a Premium membership. Hopefully this will make the chat rooms a more fun and more relaxed experience. Nevertheless, please report any issues if they do arise.

You may access the chat rooms from the messages and the trade search sections.

The chat rooms at Miniature Trading.

July 20, 2009: Look who's voting!
Votes for miniature reviews and armies are no longer anonymous. You can now list the votes any contribution has received and see who voted and what value they gave. As there were concerns about the voting system that decides our Army, and Miniature Review of the Week, we have finally made the votes visible so as to increase transparency in the process.

You only need to click on the link below the rating box for any element and the list of votes will be displayed sorted by date. You can then sort it also by user names and by vote values by just clicking on the corresponding table header.

Votes listed in detail for a Card Review

Please report any abuse or misuse of the voting system. Thanks a lot.

July 4, 2009: Miniatures Reviews & Armies Marathon
We have a site-wide contest organized by our Herald colringbk where you can contribute in multiple ways: by writing miniature reviews or building armies for any game, and by commenting on others' reviews and armies. Everyone is invited to participate, so go ahead, you only have 7 days!

There are prizes graciously donated by colringbk, plus two 1-year Premium memberships for the top winners.

Read here the rules and may the best win!

May 7, 2009: Attention Hotmail users!
A few days ago Microsoft decided to block all messages from this site as we moved to new servers. If you have a hotmail or email address then you have probably been affected.

Messages we sent to hotmail addresses during the last week or so have been simply deleted by Microsoft, not even redirected to a spam folder, so they are irreversibly lost!
I have worked with Microsoft to fix this issue and have finally managed to lift the block, so you should now receive messages normally.

  • If you noticed that you did not receive replies from another user of this site these days, then it may be because they have a hotmail account and have not received your messages. So I would recommend that you resend them now.

  • If you registered recently and did not receive your welcome message, please go now to your profile and request the message to be resent (from a link just beneath your email address in the form).

  • If your membership was canceled because you did not receive your welcome message and could not confirm your email address, please contact us and I'll reactivate your account as soon as possible.

I apologize for the inconveniences.

January 4, 2009: Help your community
This is a community-driven website, which means it depends on you to continue existing and to grow and thrive. If you like this site, please consider helping it. You can do that by contributing in multiple ways:

  • Uploading the miniature lists for new sets as they become available.

  • Letting me know of any errors in our miniatures lists or any missing miniatures so that our miniature database stays correct and updated.

  • Reporting any inappropriate content by just clicking on the warning icon () next to it.

  • Posting news in our forums and helping others with their questions.

  • Sending your suggestions for improvements, or your comments on what you like the most in this site.

Thanks a lot for your help.

December 14, 2008: Happy Holidays!
Miniature Trading wants to wish you all Happy Holidays and New Year, and thank you for your participation in our continued success into yet one more year.

We also want to celebrate with you, so we've set up our traditional promotion:

purchase now your Premium membership and we'll double the period you get for the same price. Pay 1 and get 1 extra for free! For a limited time only!

Attention: This promotion is applicable to Premium memberships purchased with Friendship Points too!

Get your upgrade now!

October 12, 2008: Official Trading Guidelines
In order to help our members to trade successfully on our site, and to prevent the problems that sometimes arise when trading online, we have put together these Trading Guidelines that we encourage you all to abide by. We should all read them and follow them as closely as possible, so that we all stick to the same rules and can trade with peace of mind.

There are in fact five stages we should differentiate during every trade:

The Guidelines also tell us when we can file a Bad Trader Report, and when we should just stop trading with a given user.

September 27, 2008: Improved speed.
Due to the continuous growth of our community, our site had been experimenting certain problems and some pages had been loading more slowly than they should. To fix this, we have invested in a more powerful machine and have recently added it to our cluster of servers. This should improve our website and make it run faster and smoothly. Please let us know if you notice the improvement.

July 10, 2008: Customize your searches!
We have improved the 'look for trades' section so that now you can configure your searches and adapt them to your own needs. You can select multiple parameters to narrow your trade search and find the traders that best match with what you are looking for. Also, in the results obtained you can now collapse the miniature listings, if they are too long, so that you can better see the list of users.

In order for everybody to try these new features we have made the section available to all registered users for a few days. Check it out now!

New search options to find the best matches for your collections

New search options to find the best matches for your collections.

April 17, 2008: Browse trade displays online.
Your haves are now displayed in a trade display where you can graphically see all the miniatures you offer for trade. Other people can also browse your trade display and you can see theirs. It's like having your trade displays online and showing them to other people, the same way you would do at the local shop or tournament, only 24 hours a day. Any time of the day you have access to the displays of any trader in the site so you can check if they have anything that you want. Even better, because you can reorganize the miniatures the way you prefer, sorting them by name, by collector number, or by rarity. Check them out from your haves and from any other user's public page.

A trade display showing a page with HeroClix miniatures

Trade display showing a page with HeroClix miniatures.

October 29, 2007: Count your visitors!
We are now keeping track of the number of visits your public page has received (from August 2006). This way you can check how popular your page is, and you can compare with other traders on the site. Check it now on your public page!

page visits counter

Your public page keeps track of how many visitors it receives.

October 19, 2007: Be more creative with your public page!
We have improved the BBCodes that you can use on our site to display your content more nicely. You can now change the aspect of blocks of text so you can be more creative when building your public trader page.

You can now give format to whole blocks of text in your public trader page (or any other content you submit to our site), by using the new BBCodes we have integrated. You can use a background color, add a border around your text, or change its width and alignment. Try it now!

This is a simple example of what you can do with your public page.

Example trader page using the new BBCodes.

Example trader page using the new formatting possibilities.

October 19, 2007: Golden stars only for long-duration Premium members.
The presence of the golden star icon (Premium member icon) next to every new user was making its meaning less clear and significant. Therefore now the icon will only show for Premium members that gained their status after registration, by paying the monthly fee so as to keep this site alife, by writing a good <%site_item_capitalized%> Review, or by uploading a new set of <%site_item%>s. This way the golden star icon should become more meaningful from now on.

September 23, 2007: Your own private armies!
You don't like other players looking at your armies and finding out your secret strategies? Now you can prevent this with private armies. Premium members can now make their armies private so that only they can access them. You just select that option when creating or editing an army. Try it now!

Armies can now be private to you.

Armies can now be private to you.

September 14, 2007: Improved handling of conversations
We have improved the messages section:

  • There's a new column in the list of conversations that shows you who sent the last message.

  • The list loads muchs faster now.

  • And you can now hide those conversations in which you are not interested any more.

A list of conversations

List of conversations with other traders of the site.

May 28, 2007: Collection displays online!
You can now display your collection of miniatures in a collector display. For each set, you can graphically see the miniatures you have and the empty slots where you are missing miniatures. It's like having your collection display online and being able to browse it and sort it every way you want. Check it out now at the 'miniatures you have' section

A collector display for a HeroClix miniatures collection

A collector display for a HeroClix miniatures collection.

April 4, 2007: Take your checklists with you!
Do you want to know which miniatures you are missing from a set? Do you want to check if your wants include all the miniatures you are missing? Do you want to see your combined lists easily? You can do all that with our checklists, which you can also print and take with you everywhere. You can access them from your lists and from the miniature list for each set.

Checlists show the info in your lists in an easy way

Checlists show the info in your lists in an easy way.

March 17, 2007: Your complete miniature collection inventory
As a new improvement to our site, you can now keep, not only your haves and wants, but also a complete inventory of your miniature collection. This way you can maintain everything on a single place.

You can now keep a record of all the miniatures you have, not only of those you offer for trade, but also of those you keep for yourself (either as a collection, or just to play with them). In the section "miniatures you have" you can now enter the miniatures that you own but that you are not trading, and see the list of these miniatures with the option to sort them by any criteria. You can also print the list to take it with you to the shop or a tournament. Premium members can also check which miniatures they are missing for each expansion set, and add them easily to their wants.

You can start entering your miniatures right away the same way as you do for your haves and wants, by using the Miniature Search engine, or by uploading a complete list in a file. Check it out now!

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