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Instructions on how to add a new game to this site

Adding a new game to this site.

To add a new game to our site we need someone to provide us with the data for all the existing miniatures in that game. The data must have a specific format so that we can upload it to our database.

Specifically, the data has to be in a spread-sheet (like Excel), or otherwise in a tab-delimited text file. Each miniature should have its own row, with one column for each data item. The minimum data would be: name, number, rarity and type, in that order, if possible. Then, the rest of stats for the miniature, and finally the game text, if any.

This is the same format we use to add new sets to existing games, so you can see the instructions we provide for existing games without a Herald, for example, here.
There you also have a sample file with random data for that specific game so that you can gain a more precise idea of the format. The same structure in a spread-sheet is also acceptable.

If you, or someone you know, may gather this data in this format, please send us the files to

Thanks a lot for your interest and your help.

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