Miniature Trading help

managing the database of miniatures

If you want to help us maintain our miniature database updated, you can do so by uploading the data for the new sets of your favorite game.

To do this you should select in our main menu, and then select your game from the list of Active Games. On the main page for that game you should see a link that reads "Upload data for a new expansion set" just at the top of the list of sets. This link will not appear if there is already a Herald assigned to that game, because in that case the Herald is the one in charge of updating our database.

By clicking on that link you will be taken to a form that lets you upload a text file containing the necessary data. On the form you also get the instructions on how to format the file correctly. And when you upload a file, you will get descriptive error messages if any issues are found, so that you may correct the file and try again.