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You can send private messages to any other user of our site. To do this you just click on the envelope icon () next to their user name. You can also use the 'send message' button from the user's public page.

In either case, you get a form that lets you send a message to the selected user, who will receive it in his email address.

Form to send a message to another user

You must enter the topic of your message in 'Subject', and the text of the message in 'Message'.
If you check the 'send me a copy' option a copy of the message will be sent to your e-mail address (the one you provided when you registered, and which you can see and change from 'your profile').
If you are a Premium user, you will also have here the option to end the conversation. If you check it, the conversation will be hidden after sending the message. This is convenient when you don't expect a reply from the other user and you don't want the conversation to appear in your list (in the section 'Your Messages').

From this form you can also access other pages that may help you when contacting with a user: