Miniature Trading help

replying to another user

When another user sends you a message through our site, you get an email with the text he sends you:

[Please do not reply to this email, see instructions below]
The user xxxx from sends you the following message:

...[user message here]...

To reply to this user, click on the following link:

You should not reply to this email directly. The message includes a link that you should use to reply to that user. If you click on this link (or copy it to your web browser address box) you will be directed to the contact form on our site from which you can send a message to that user. You will see that the previous message is being included in the message box for reference, and that the subject line is the same one with the text 'Re: ' prepended to it, as it happens when you reply to an email message. You may change any of these while you add your reply.

All the messages you receive from other users and all the messages that you send can be checked and read again on the site (section ) if you have a Premium Membership, so you have a record of all the conversations you maintain and the trades you arrange through Miniature Trading.