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Fleet "Punched Draft"

Fleet "Punched Draft"
40 Points
created by creeps Premium Member LV20 activity icon envelope icon
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While I was going through cards and trying to find the box with deck plates for any assembled ships. I've found a couple of boxes that have reassembled punched cards. [I'm also, matching any loose components, flag, masts, UT, and the like, to their proper ships/cards. "Like that's ever going to end.">
Whilst doing so, I gave myself a challenge. Build a 40 point standard fleet using only ships found from the first ten ships in the row of the first box I found.

What I came away with was a PotCC Royal James and a RotF Aberdeen Baron. For speed, point cost, and abilities, I think I may actually have something to work with here.

Crimson Angel and Helmsman will both start the game face up on their respective deckplates.

Royal James will shadow Aberdeen Baron as best she can. Though, it will be tough to keep from allowing the Baron straying too far from her escort, should Crimson Angel's S-A-T rolls fail her.

Aberdeen Baron will search for gold. Maybe even get into a bit of a scuffle, should my opponent come after her.

I'll be putting all my eggs in three baskets, as it were. In that I'll be running the minimum gold requirement. Three.
If there were such a thing as a fifteen point gold coin, I would have run it; I had to whittle away a few UTs just to get up to three gold.

Event, UT, and possibly a fort or two, descriptions and edits to follow.

"Wine! I had completely forgotten of Ye'."

Miniature list Group miniatures by  
Section: Ship #1 (3 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Captain PofRU UL112 Crew C
1 x Crimson Angel PatOE 039 Crew R
1 x Royal James PofCC 016 Ship C
Section: Ship #2 (3 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Aberdeen Baron RotF 003 Ship R
1 x Admiral James Norrington DPotC 063 Crew C
1 x Helmsman PofSM EC-HM Crew C
Section: Events (2 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Divers PofR 020B Event C
1 x Favor of the Gods PofSCS 058B Event C
Section: Unique Treasures (5 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Claw Cannon PatOE 102 Unique Treasure R
1 x Frond of Fisaga SS 030 Unique Treasure R
1 x Pirata Codex DPotC 067 Unique Treasure R
1 x Targeting Scope PofMI 108 Unique Treasure R
1 x Wine PofBC 104 Unique Treasure R
Fleet Statistics
Distribution by Base Move
- bar 11  85 %  
S+L bar 8 %  
S+S bar 8 %  

Distribution by Cargo Space
- bar 11  85 %  
3 bar 8 %  
5 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Faction Affiliation
- bar 8 %  
England bar 23 %  
Pirate bar 23 %  
Treasure bar 46 %  

Distribution by Number of Masts
- bar 11  85 %  
2 bar 8 %  
5 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Point Value
- bar 8 %  
- bar 31 %  
1 bar 8 %  
12 bar 8 %  
2 bar 15 %  
3 bar 8 %  
5 bar 8 %  
7 bar 8 %  
8 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 46 %  
R bar 54 %  

Distribution by Type
Crew bar 31 %  
Event bar 15 %  
Ship bar 15 %  
Unique Treasure bar 38 %  

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Author Message
a7xfanben Premium Member
LV98 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for a7xfanben
Member since
June 27, 2011
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Subject:    Posted: April 7, 2019 07:19 pm

Neat fleet! Great idea of putting a cannon bonus on the Aberdeen Baron to make her a hybrid.
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