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Fleet "Junk Scrounging. J.R. Fleet"

Fleet "Junk Scrounging. J.R. Fleet"
20 Points
created by creeps Premium Member LV20 activity icon envelope icon
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This ship is part of a larger 100 point standard constructed Jade Rebellion fleet.

The crew/event combo pretty well spells out what this ship will be up to.
Head for one of my opponents home island or forts, dependant.
Harass what ever may come within grasp.

Should Grand Mountain happen to sink anything with gold upon it, though not likely in a competitive game do to her speed, her Divers may come into play; If there happens to be more than one coin aboard her unfortunate prey.

And when all else fails. Since she still has two open cargo,
she'll go after islands with gold still left upon them.
Though by then the game will most likely already be over.

Building a couple, and unlocking a couple more, fleets/filling out rosters on some ships.
Nice to build again.

Here's hoping this fleet sees some table time.

Miniature list Group miniatures by  
Section: Ship #1 (3 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Captain PofSCS 109 Crew C
1 x Grand Mountain PofSCS 003 Ship R
1 x Helmsman PofSCS 115 Crew C
Section: Events (1 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Divers PofR 020B Event C
Fleet Statistics
Distribution by Base Move
- bar 75 %  
S bar 25 %  

Distribution by Cargo Space
- bar 75 %  
4 bar 25 %  

Distribution by Faction Affiliation
Jade Rebellion bar 75 %  
Treasure bar 25 %  

Distribution by Number of Masts
- bar 75 %  
6 bar 25 %  

Distribution by Point Value
1 bar 25 %  
14 bar 25 %  
2 bar 25 %  
3 bar 25 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 75 %  
R bar 25 %  

Distribution by Type
Crew bar 50 %  
Event bar 25 %  
Ship bar 25 %  

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Author Message
a7xfanben Premium Member
LV98 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for a7xfanben
Member since
June 27, 2011
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Subject:    Posted: January 28, 2019 09:16 am

Would love the see the full 100 point setup! I also still need to play my own version of that idea.

Check out my fansite at Pirates with Ben!
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