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Fleet "ziotoo4's IND fleet"

Fleet "ziotoo4's IND fleet"
45 Points
created by ziotoo4 activity icon
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Hi all! This is the official challenge entry by ziotoo4.
If you lost something, here the rules:
40 point fleet, deathmatch.
0LR characters allowed.
Need at least one "doctor" crew, or at least 2 crew that protect other crew, OR a crew that says "this ship's crew cannot be eliminated unless this ship sinks"
Also, one Musketeer or Marine is required.
No events.

Hi! For this fleet, a deathmatch fleet, i decided to try something new...that is, i wanted to use the marine flaw on submarines. Basically, a Marine can shoot while the submarine is submerged.

That is why i added USS Mercury (the best sub on the loose) as well as a marine on it, and a firepot specialist. Since losing the marine means losing much of this fleet's strenght, i added Montana Mays, a captain and doctor...all together!
And so, the two requests of the challenge (doctor and marine) were fulfilled.

Now, i had 13 points left and a canceller to buy. Why? Simple. Uss Mercury is powerful only as long as it remains a submarine. And most fleets have been carrying around a canceller crew, lately. So, i needed another canceller to deny the enemy one. If the enemy fleet doesn't have a canceller...well, it's better, because you can shut down extra actions, helmsmen, ecc.
With 11 points i therefore bought another submarine: the Mobilis. It's slow and has bad cannons. Still, considering that a canceller costs 5 points, and that submarines have immunity from being shot at, the Mobilis was definitely the right choice. An helmsman brought its speed at S+S, so that it could follow USS Mercury wherever it went.

The tactic is plain simple: move the Mercury and the Mobilis paired. USS Mercury shoots with the marine and a firepot specialist, or, if you want, with his Marine and the three 2L cannons. Mobilis simply follows it to cancel nasty abilities that could damage any one of the 2 ships.

I like this fleet, and, though the doctor is not very useful for the fleet, the marine, instead, is essential. Soi believe i creatively re-elaborated the requisites of the challenge (isn't it, dear judge? )

I think this fleet has a good chance of winning against any other IND
challenge fleet: two submarines and a firepot specialist mean a lot in a deathmatch game....It's a slow combo, but there aren't many opportunities to pick fast AND powerful ships (or even extra action crew) when you have to use 1/4 of your point total with a doctor and a musketeer...

Let me know what you think and...ciao!

note: USS Mercury is listed as if it costed 14 points, but it doesn't. It costs instead 16 points!

Miniature list Group miniatures by  
Section: Ship #1 (5 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Commodore Matthew Perry PofSCS 096 Crew R
1 x Firepot Specialist PofR 102 Crew U
1 x Montana Mays F&S 030 Crew R
1 x USS Mercury PofMI 300 Ship PR
1 x William Eaton PofBC 095 Crew R
Section: Ship #2 (2 miniatures)
  Miniature Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Helmsman PofMI 122 Crew C
1 x Mobilis PofMI 006 Ship R
Fleet Statistics
Distribution by Base Move
- bar 71 %  
L bar 14 %  
S bar 14 %  

Distribution by Cargo Space
- bar 57 %  
- bar 14 %  
3 bar 14 %  
4 bar 14 %  

Distribution by Faction Affiliation
America bar 71 %  
Mercenaries bar 29 %  

Distribution by Point Value
- bar 14 %  
11 bar 14 %  
16 bar 14 %  
2 bar 29 %  
7 bar 29 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 14 %  
PR bar 14 %  
R bar 57 %  
U bar 14 %  

Distribution by Type
Crew bar 71 %  
Ship bar 29 %  

Current score for this Fleet, based on 2 votes:

bar 4.00
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Subject:    Posted: May 16, 2008 11:23 am

OK, that's just mean.

Subs are tough to crack down especially if you don't have any counter-measures. I left you a 4 because I was surprised to see a Firepot Specialist rather than a Fire Shot or Exploding Shot. I understand why, just thought the risk was worth the 1 point. Also, I think the extra action Montana Mays is a better buy. And, USS Mercury can hold her own in a fight, especially if she gets first strike and Mobilis is right there to help out.

Glad to see subs in this turn of challenges, you Steamed-Punk!!
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