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Checklist of miniatures from Supernova (Marvel) (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
B004 "Pug" Pugliese Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
44 Aleta (Experienced) Defenders Uncommon
43 Aleta (Rookie) Defenders Uncommon
BF002 Alpha Strike Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
50 Ant-Man (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
49 Ant-Man (Rookie) Avengers Uncommon
51 Ant-Man (Veteran) Avengers Rare
210 Arthur Douglas (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
12 Badoon Commander (Veteran) Skrulls Uncommon
11 Badoon Guard (Experienced) Skrulls Common
10 Badoon Warrior (Rookie) Skrulls Common
94 Binary (Unique) X-Men Rare
94p Binary (Unique) [purple ring] X-Men Rare
41 Bulldozer (Experienced) Masters of Evil Uncommon
40 Bulldozer (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
42 Bulldozer (Veteran) Masters of Evil Rare
93 Captain Mar-Vell SN (Unique) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
93p Captain Mar-Vell SN (Unique) [purple ring] Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
80 Captain Marvel SN (Experienced) Avengers Rare
211 Celestial Madonna (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
221 Colonel America (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
BF001 Damage Control Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
71 Doctor Spectrum (Experienced) Defenders Rare
70 Doctor Spectrum (Rookie) Sinister Syndicate Uncommon
72 Doctor Spectrum (Veteran) Defenders Rare
218 Doom (LE) Power Cosmic LE-Brick
216 Dr. Donald Blake (LE) Avengers Limited Edition
205 Dr. Hank Pym (LE) Avengers Limited Edition
66 Drax (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
65 Drax the Destroyer (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
64 Drax the Destroyer (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
BF003 Extraordinary Day Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
B006 Forbush Man Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
215 Genis-Vell (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
95 Graviton (Unique) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
95p Graviton (Unique) [purple ring] Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
53 Guardian SN (Experienced) Avengers Uncommon
202 Henry Camp (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
223 Hulk (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
74 Hyperion (Experienced) Defenders Rare
73 Hyperion (Rookie) Sinister Syndicate Uncommon
75 Hyperion (Veteran) Defenders Rare
217 Iron Man (LE) Avengers LE-NGN
90 Jack of Hearts (Unique) Avengers Rare
90p Jack of Hearts (Unique) [purple ring] Avengers Rare
206 James MacDonald Hudson (LE) Avengers Limited Edition
B003 Jane Foster (SN) Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
207 Jennifer Walters Esq. (LE) Spider-Man Ally Limited Edition
212 Joe Ledger (LE) Defenders Limited Edition
17 Jubilee (Experienced) X-Men Common
16 Jubilee (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
18 Jubilee (Veteran) X-Men Uncommon
29 Justice (Experienced) Spider-Man Ally Common
30 Justice (Veteran) Avengers Uncommon
47 Kang SN (Experienced) Masters of Evil Uncommon
46 Kang SN (Rookie) Masters of Evil Uncommon
48 Kang the Conquerer (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
88 Karnak (Unique) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
88p Karnak (Unique) [purple ring] Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
38 Kid Nova (Experienced) Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
213 King Hyperion (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
92 Korvac (Unique) Power Cosmic Rare
92p Korvac (Unique) [purple ring] Power Cosmic Rare
2 Kree Captain (Experienced) Shield Common
3 Kree Colonel (Veteran) Shield Uncommon
1 Kree Warrior SN (Rookie) Shield Common
79 Legacy (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
BF004 Loyalty Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
87 Machine Man (Unique) Avengers Rare
87p Machine Man (Unique) [purple ring] Avengers Rare
85 Majestrix Lilandra (Unique) Shield Rare
85p Majestrix Lilandra (Unique) [purple ring] Shield Rare
60 Major Victory (Veteran) Defenders Rare
68 Mantis (Experienced) Avengers Rare
67 Mantis (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
69 Mantis (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
28 Marvel Boy (Rookie) Spider-Man Ally Common
F007 Mental Shields Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
S001 Meteorite Marvel Unaffiliated Special Object
204 Nathaniel Richards (LE) Minions of Doom Limited Edition
14 Night Thrasher (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
13 Night Thrasher (Rookie) Spider-Man Ally Common
15 Night Thrasher (Veteran) Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
35 Nocturne (Experienced) Brotherhood Common
34 Nocturne (Rookie) X-Men Common
36 Nocturne (Veteran) X-Men Uncommon
214 Norrin Radd (LE) Power Cosmic Limited Edition
37 Nova (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
39 Nova (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
203 One-Who-Knows (LE) Defenders Limited Edition
81 Photon SN (Veteran) Avengers Rare
BF005 Poor Teamwork (SN) Marvel Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
89 Power Princess (Unique) Defenders Rare
89p Power Princess (Unique) [purple ring] Defenders Rare
23 Raza (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
22 Raza (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
24 Raza (Veteran) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
86 Red Ghost (Unique) Minions of Doom Rare
86p Red Ghost (Unique) [purple ring] Minions of Doom Rare
B001 Rick Jones Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
32 Sage (Experienced) Brotherhood Common
33 Sage (Veteran) X-Men Uncommon
S002 Satellite Marvel Unaffiliated Special Object
B005 Shalla-Bal Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
56 She-Hulk SN (Experienced) Fantastic Four Uncommon
55 She-Hulk SN (Rookie) Avengers Uncommon
57 She-Hulk SN (Veteran) Avengers Rare
9 Shi'ar Admiral (Veteran) Shield Uncommon
8 Shi'ar Borderer (Experienced) Shield Common
7 Shi'ar Warrior (Rookie) Shield Common
77 Silver Surfer SN (Experienced) Defenders Rare
76 Silver Surfer SN (Rookie) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
78 Silver Surfer SN (Veteran) Power Cosmic Rare
6 Skrull General (Veteran) Skrulls Uncommon
4 Skrull Infiltrator (Rookie) Skrulls Common
5 Skrull Warrior SN (Experienced) Skrulls Common
219 Skymax (LE) Defenders LE-Mailaway
F002 Sneak Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
B002 Space Phantom Marvel Unaffiliated Bystander Token
220 Spider-Man (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
F001 Squadron Supreme Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
45 Starhawk (Veteran) Defenders Rare
F004 Sunder Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
26 Sunspot (Experienced) Brotherhood Common
25 Sunspot (Rookie) X-Men Common
27 Sunspot (Veteran) X-Men Uncommon
19 Super Apes: Igor (Rookie) Minions of Doom Common
20 Super Apes: Mikhlo (Experienced) Minions of Doom Common
21 Super Apes: Peotor (Veteran) Minions of Doom Uncommon
91 Super Skrull SN (Unique) Skrulls Rare
91p Super Skrull SN (Unique) [purple ring] Skrulls Rare
201 Super-Nova (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
F005 Tactics Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
31 Tessa (Rookie) Brotherhood Common
96 Thanos SN (Unique) Power Cosmic Rare
96p Thanos SN (Unique) [purple ring] Power Cosmic Rare
224 The Mighty Thor (LE) Power Cosmic LE-Con
83 Thor SN (Experienced) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
82 Thor SN (Rookie) Avengers Uncommon
84 Thor SN (Veteran) Avengers Rare
B010 Thor, Frog of Thunder Marvel Unaffiliated Marquee
F008 Thundering Blow Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Con
F003 Toxic Burst Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
59 Vance Astro (Experienced) Defenders Uncommon
58 Vance Astro (Rookie) Defenders Uncommon
208 Vance Astrovik (LE) Defenders Limited Edition
209 Victor Shade (LE) Avengers Limited Edition
54 Vindicator SN (Veteran) Avengers Rare
62 Vision SN (Experienced) Avengers Rare
61 Vision SN (Rookie) Avengers Uncommon
63 Vision SN (Veteran) Avengers Rare
52 Weapon Alpha (Rookie) Avengers Uncommon
F006 Whirlwind Marvel Unaffiliated Feat Card
222 Wolverine (LE) Marvel Unaffiliated Chase