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Checklist of miniatures from Legacy (DC) (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
88 Ares (Unique) Mystics 6
88p Ares (Unique) [purple ring] Mystics 6
F001 Armor Piercing DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
41 Arsenal (Experienced) Titans 3
42 Arsenal (Veteran) Outsiders 4
83 Batman (Experienced) Justice League 4
82 Batman (Rookie) Outsiders 3
84 Batman (Veteran) Batman Ally 5
62 Blockbuster (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated 4
61 Blockbuster (Rookie) Suicide Squad 3
63 Blockbuster (Veteran) Batman Enemy 5
BF001 Bright Lights DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
216 Bruce Wayne (LE) DC Unaffiliated LE-6
216g Bruce Wayne (LE) [gold print] DC Unaffiliated LE-6
212 Capt. Nathaniel Adam (LE) DC Unaffiliated LE-6
212g Capt. Nathaniel Adam (LE) [gold print] DC Unaffiliated LE-6
71 Captain Atom (Experienced) Justice League 4
70 Captain Atom (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 3
72 Captain Atom (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated 5
B006 Carol Ferris DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
213 Clifford Zmeck (LE) DC Unaffiliated LE-6
213g Clifford Zmeck (LE) [gold print] DC Unaffiliated LE-6
210 Connor Kent (LE) Superman Ally LE-5
210g Connor Kent (LE) [gold print] Superman Ally LE-5
F002 Damage Shield DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
BF002 Deep Shadows DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
B005 Dr. Jeremiah Arkham DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
203 Drake Burroughs (LE) Legion of Super Heroes LE-4
203g Drake Burroughs (LE) [gold print] Legion of Super Heroes LE-4
8 Enchantress (Experienced) Suicide Squad 2
7 Enchantress (Rookie) Mystics 1
9 Enchantress (Veteran) Suicide Squad 3
205 Etrigan (LE) Mystics LE-4
205g Etrigan (LE) [gold print] Mystics LE-4
95 Flash (Unique) Kingdom Come 6
95p Flash (Unique) [purple ring] Kingdom Come 6
F004 Fortitude DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
90 General Zod (Unique) Superman Enemy 6
90p General Zod (Unique) [purple ring] Superman Enemy 6
96 Green Lantern (Unique) Kingdom Come 6
96p Green Lantern (Unique) [purple ring] Kingdom Come 6
B004 Harvey Bullock Police Bystander Token
93 Hawkman (Unique) Kingdom Come 6
93p Hawkman (Unique) [purple ring] Kingdom Come 6
14 Hourman (Experienced) Justice Society 2
13 Hourman (Rookie) Justice Society 1
15 Hourman (Veteran) Justice Society 3
86 Hush (Unique) Batman Enemy 6
86p Hush (Unique) [purple ring] Batman Enemy 6
5 Hyena (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated 2
4 Hyena (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 1
6 Hyena (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated 3
29 Impulse (Experienced) Justice League 2
28 Impulse (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 1
F003 In Contact with Oracle DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
B001 Iris West-Allen DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
56 Jade (Experienced) Green Lantern 3
55 Jade (Rookie) Justice Society 2
57 Jade (Veteran) Outsiders 4
207 Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (LE) Justice Society LE-5
207g Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (LE) [gold print] Justice Society LE-5
B007 Jimmy Olson DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
35 Jinx (Experienced) Calculator 2
34 Jinx (Rookie) Calculator 1
36 Jinx (Veteran) Calculator 3
30 Kid Flash (Veteran) Titans 3
32 Kid Quantum (Experienced) Legion of Super Heroes 2
31 Kid Quantum (Rookie) Legion of Super Heroes 1
33 Kid Quantum (Veteran) Legion of Super Heroes 3
F005 Large Object DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
F006 Lazarus Pit DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
204 Lois Lane (LE) Crime Syndicate LE-4
204g Lois Lane (LE) [gold print] Crime Syndicate LE-4
B002 Ma Hunkle DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
74 Major Force (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated 4
73 Major Force (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 3
75 Major Force (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated 5
92 Mongul (Unique) Superman Enemy 6
92p Mongul (Unique) [purple ring] Superman Enemy 6
38 Mr. Freeze (Experienced) Batman Enemy 3
221 Mr. Freeze (LE) Batman Enemy LE-Mailaway
37 Mr. Freeze (Rookie) Batman Enemy 2
39 Mr. Freeze (Veteran) Batman Enemy 4
17 Mr. Terrific (Experienced) Justice Society 2
16 Mr. Terrific (Rookie) Justice Society 1
18 Mr. Terrific (Veteran) Justice Society 3
211 Nyeun Chun Ti (LE) Calculator LE-5
211g Nyeun Chun Ti (LE) [gold print] Calculator LE-5
53 Obsidian (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated 3
52 Obsidian (Rookie) Justice Society 2
54 Obsidian (Veteran) Mystics 4
85 Oracle (Unique) Batman Ally 6
85p Oracle (Unique) [purple ring] Batman Ally 6
BF003 Ordinary Day (LG) DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
BF004 Overconfidence DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
68 Persuader (Experienced) Calculator 4
67 Persuader (Rookie) Calculator 3
69 Persuader (Veteran) Calculator 5
BF005 Poor Teamwork DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
26 Power Girl (Experienced) Justice League 2
25 Power Girl (Rookie) Justice Society 1
27 Power Girl (Veteran) Justice Society 3
91 Prometheus (Unique) Calculator 6
91p Prometheus (Unique) [purple ring] Calculator 6
77 Ra's al-Ghul (Experienced) Batman Enemy 4
76 Ra's al-Ghul (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 3
78 Ra's al-Ghul (Veteran) Batman Enemy 5
BF006 Radiation Leak DC Unaffiliated Battlefield Con
23 Ravager (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated 2
22 Ravager (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 1
24 Ravager (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated 3
94 Red Robin (Unique) Kingdom Come 6
94p Red Robin (Unique) [purple ring] Kingdom Come 6
209 Roland Desmond (LE) DC Unaffiliated LE-5
209g Roland Desmond (LE) [gold print] DC Unaffiliated LE-5
202 Roy Harper, Jr. (LE) Police LE-4
202g Roy Harper, Jr. (LE) [gold print] Police LE-4
59 Sinestro (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated 3
58 Sinestro (Rookie) Green Lantern 2
60 Sinestro (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated 4
208 Sinestro of Korugar (LE) DC Unaffiliated LE-5
208g Sinestro of Korugar (LE) [gold print] DC Unaffiliated LE-5
40 Speedy (Rookie) Titans 2
2 Spoiler (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated 2
1 Spoiler (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 1
3 Spoiler (Veteran) Batman Ally 3
20 Star-Spangled Kid (Experienced) Justice Society 2
19 Star-Spangled Kid (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 1
21 Stargirl (Veteran) Justice Society 3
97 Steel (Experienced) Superman Ally 7
F007 Stunning Blow DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
65 Superboy (Experienced) Justice League 4
64 Superboy (Rookie) Superman Ally 3
66 Superboy (Veteran) Titans 5
47 Superwoman (Experienced) Crime Syndicate 3
46 Superwoman (Rookie) Crime Syndicate 2
48 Superwoman (Veteran) Crime Syndicate 4
11 Talia (Experienced) DC Unaffiliated 2
10 Talia (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 1
12 Talia (Veteran) DC Unaffiliated 3
50 The Demon (Experienced) Mystics 3
49 The Demon (Rookie) DC Unaffiliated 2
51 The Demon (Veteran) Mystics 4
214 The Demon's Head (LE) Batman Enemy LE-6
214g The Demon's Head (LE) [gold print] Batman Enemy LE-6
80 The Joker (Experienced) Injustice League 4
79 The Joker (Rookie) Batman Enemy 3
81 The Joker (Veteran) Batman Enemy 5
215 The Red Hood (LE) DC Unaffiliated LE-6
215g The Red Hood (LE) [gold print] DC Unaffiliated LE-6
B003 Thomas "Pie-Face" Kalmaku DC Unaffiliated Bystander Token
206 Todd Rice (LE) Justice League LE-4
206g Todd Rice (LE) [gold print] Justice League LE-4
F008 Trick Shot (LG) DC Unaffiliated Feat Card
89 Ultraman (Unique) Crime Syndicate 6
89p Ultraman (Unique) [purple ring] Crime Syndicate 6
201 Victor Fries (LE) Batman Enemy LE-4
201g Victor Fries (LE) [gold print] Batman Enemy LE-4
44 Wildfire (Experienced) Legion of Super Heroes 3
43 Wildfire (Rookie) Legion of Super Heroes 2
45 Wildfire (Veteran) Legion of Super Heroes 4
87 Wonder Woman (Unique) Justice Society 6
87p Wonder Woman (Unique) [purple ring] Justice Society 6