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Checklist of miniatures from Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie III (Dungeons&Dragons)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
39b Aasimar Paladin (Flaming Sword) Medium Rare
39a Aasimar Paladin (Sword) Medium Rare
39ai Aasimar Paladin (Sword), Invisible Medium VR
34b Arcanaloth (Fire) Medium Rare
34a Arcanaloth (No fire) Medium Rare
33 Bearded Devil Medium Rare
26b Cyclops (Club) Huge Uncommon
26a Cyclops (Stone Axe) Huge Uncommon
9 Death Dog Medium Common
20b Dragonborn Fighter (Axe) Medium Uncommon
20a Dragonborn Fighter (Sword) Medium Uncommon
20ai Dragonborn Fighter (Sword), Invisible Medium VR
25b Empyrean (Green Kilt) Huge Uncommon
25a Empyrean (Red Kilt) Huge Uncommon
30 Fire Giant Dreadnought Huge Uncommon
31 Frost Giant (Axe) Huge Uncommon
32 Frost Giant (Sword) Huge Uncommon
42 Frost Giant Everlasting One Huge Rare
4 Gazer Small Common
24 Gibbering Mouther Medium Uncommon
7 Gnoll Small Common
16 Gnoll Flesh Gnawer Medium Uncommon
11a Gnome Wizard (Dagger) Small Common
11b Gnome Wizard (Flame) Small Common
11bi Gnome Wizard (Flame), Invisible Small VR
6 Goblin Small Common
43 Goblin Hucker Large Rare
21b Gray Slaad (Fire) Medium Uncommon
21a Gray Slaad (No Fire) Medium Uncommon
28a Hill Giant (Spear) Huge Uncommon
28b Hill Giant (Unarmed) Huge Uncommon
19a Human Bard (Chain Sickle) Medium Uncommon
19b Human Bard (Lute) Medium Uncommon
5 Kobold Borderlands Common
45a Kraken Gargantuan Promo
45 Kraken and Islands Gargantuan Promo
12 Kraken Priest Medium Common
8 Kuo-Toa Medium Common
17 Kuo-Toa Whip Medium Uncommon
2a Magma Mephit Small Common
1 Magmin Small Common
13 Mezzoloth Medium Common
27 Mouth of Grolantor Huge Uncommon
2b Mud Mephit Small Common
40 Nameless One Medium Rare
40i Nameless One, Invisible Medium VR
36 Neogi Master Medium Rare
15 Nilbog Small Uncommon
15i Nilbog, Invisible Small VR
45g Pirate Treasure Gargantuan Promo
18 Quadrone Medium Uncommon
45e Rowboat Gargantuan Promo
45h Sand Bar Gargantuan Promo
23 Sea Spawn Medium Uncommon
3 Stirge Small Common
29a Stone Giant Dreamwalker (Banner) Huge Uncommon
29b Stone Giant Dreamwalker (Spear) Huge Uncommon
44 Storm Giant Huge Rare
41 Storm Giant Quintessent Huge Rare
45b Tentacle Gargantuan Promo
45c Tentacle Gargantuan P
45d Tentacle Gargantuan Promo
35b Tiefling Rogue (Crowbar) Medium Rare
35a Tiefling Rogue (Dagger) Medium Rare
35ai Tiefling Rogue (Dagger), Invisible Medium VR
45f Treasure Chest Gargantuan Promo
38a Triton Fighter (No Shield) Medium Rare
38b Triton Fighter (Shield) Medium Rare
37b Ulitharid (Spell) Large VR
37a Ulitharid (Staff) Large Rare
10b Vampire Spawn (Green) Medium Common
10a Vampire Spawn (Yellow) Medium Common
22b Wereboar (Axe) Medium Uncommon
22a Wereboar (Hammer) Medium Uncommon
14 Winged Kobold Small Uncommon