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Checklist of miniatures from What If? (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
G001 Ameridroid Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Brick
036 Captain America (WI) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
019 Captain Britain Iron Man Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
012 Chase Stein (WI) Avengers Common
038 Cosmic Spider-Man (WI) Power Cosmic/Spider-Man Ally Super-Rare
004 Daredevil (WI Common) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
029 Daredevil (WI Rare) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
104 Daredevil (WI Starter) Spider-Man Ally Starter Exclus.
017 Daredevil (WI Uncommon) Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
035 Daredevil, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Shield Rare
009 Dr. Stark (Common) Mystics Common
022 Dr. Stark (Uncommon) Mystics Uncommon
037 Gertrude Yorkes & Old Lace (WI) Avengers Super-Rare
040 Goblin King Power Cosmic Super-Rare
045 In-Betweener (WI) Mystics/Power Cosmic Super-Rare
006 Iron Lad (WI) Avengers Common
002 Iron Man (WI Common) Avengers Common
027 Iron Man (WI Rare) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
102 Iron Man (WI Starter) Avengers Starter Exclus.
015 Iron Man (WI Uncommon) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
023 Iron Punisher Avengers/Shield Uncommon
010 Iron Rick Marvel Unaffiliated Common
013 Jessica Jones (WI) Avengers/Shield Common
024 Karolina Dean (WI) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
011 Molly Hayes (WI) Avengers Common
031 Nico Minoru (WI Rare) Avengers Rare
106 Nico Minoru (WI Starter) Mystics Starter Exclus.
007 Oni Hulk Marvel Unaffiliated Common
020 Oni Leader Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
043 Peace Machine Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
039 Peter the Hunter Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
047 Poison Spider-Man Ally Chase
003 Punisher (WI Common) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
028 Punisher (WI Rare) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
103 Punisher (WI Starter) Spider-Man Ally Starter Exclus.
016 Punisher (WI Uncommon) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
021 Punisher of S.H.I.E.L.D. Shield Uncommon
042 Punisher of the Strange Mystics Super-Rare
008 Punisher Squad Shield Common
046 Scarlet Centurion Marvel Unaffiliated Super-Rare
033 Spider-Ma'am Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
001 Spider-Man (WI Common) Spider-Man Ally Common
026 Spider-Man (WI Rare) Spider-Man Ally Rare
101 Spider-Man (WI Starter) Spider-Man Ally Starter Exclus.
014 Spider-Man (WI Uncommon) Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
041 The Advocate Mystics Super-Rare
100 The Captain (WI) Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
005 Thor (WI Common) Avengers Common
030 Thor (WI Rare) Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
105 Thor (WI Starter) Avengers Starter Exclus.
018 Thor (WI Uncommon) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
044 Thordis Avengers Super-Rare
034 TV's Daredevil Spider-Man Ally Rare
025 TV's Spider-Man Spider-Man Ally Uncommon
048 Venom Hulk Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
050 Venom Punisher Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
049 Venom Thor Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
032 Victorious Marvel Unaffiliated Rare