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Checklist of miniatures from Icons of the Realms: Storm King's Thunder (Dungeons&Dragons)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
024 Azer Medium U
015 Bandit Medium U
014 Bandit Captain Medium U
014i Bandit Captain Invisible Medium VR
006 Cazi Alphelandra Small C
006i Cazi Alphelandra Invisible Small VR
045 Chief Guh Gargantuan Unique
028a Cloud Giant (Spear) Huge U
028b Cloud Giant (Sword) Huge U
042 Countess Sansuri Wilderness R
007 Crag Ungart Civilization C
007i Crag Ungart Invisible Civilization VR
004 Darkmantle Underdark C
027 Fire Giant Borderlands U
032a Fire Giant (Mace) Borderlands U
032b Fire Giant (Warhammer) Borderlands U
026 Fomorian Large U
029b Frost Giant (Axe) Huge U
029a Frost Giant (Sword) Huge U
008 Giant Frog Medium C
018 Githzerai Monk (Dagger) Medium U
019 Githzerai Monk (Knife & Flame) Medium U
043 Harshnag Huge R
038 Helena Nostrum Medium R
038i Helena Nostrum Invisible Civilization VR
013 Hell Hound Medium C
031a Hill Giant (Club) Huge U
031b Hill Giant (Spear) Huge U
005 Homunculus Small C
001 Intellect Devourer Underdark C
044 Iymrith Wilderness R
011 Kenku (Bow) Borderlands C
010 Kenku (Sword) Borderlands C
041 King Hekaton Wilderness R
020 Kleef Kenric Civilization U
020i Kleef Kenric Invisible Civilization U
040 Lai Antolio Civilization R
040i Lai Antolio Invisible Civilization VR
034 Night Hag Underdark R
034i Night Hag Invisible Underdark R
009 Scarecrow Borderlands C
033 Solara Thann Civilization R
033i Solara Thann Invisible Civilization R
003 Sprite (Bow) Wilderness C
002 Sprite (Sword) Wilderness C
030 Stone Giant Borderlands U
017 Thri-Kreen (Shuriken) Wilderness U
016 Thri-Kreen (Spear) Wilderness U
021 Wight Underdark U
025 Winter Wolf Wilderness U
012 Yochlol Underdark C
039 Yuan-Ti Abomination Wilderness R
036 Yuan-Ti Malison (Snake Arms) Wilderness R
037 Yuan-Ti Malison (Snake Tail) Wilderness R
035 Yuan-Ti Malison (Sword & Shield) Wilderness R
023 Yuan-Ti Pureblood (Bow) Wilderness U
022 Yuan-Ti Pureblood (Sword) Wilderness U