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Checklist of miniatures from MLB Catchers (TeenyMates)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
36 Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher Common
72 Arizona Diamondbacks Catcher Common
103 Arizona Diamondbacks Infielder Batter Common
37 Atlanta Braves Pitcher Common
73 Atlanta Braves Catcher Common
38 Baltimore Orioles Pitcher Common
74 Baltimore Orioles Catcher Common
39 Boston Red Sox Pitcher Common
75 Boston Red Sox Catcher Common
32 Brooklyn Dodgers Vintage Catcher Rare
66 Brooklyn Dodgers VintagePitcher Pitcher Rare
369 Camouflage Catcher Catcher Rare
43 Chicago Cubs Pitcher Common
79 Chicago Cubs Catcher Common
44 Chicago White Sox Pitcher Common
80 Chicago White Sox Catcher Common
40 Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Common
76 Cincinnati Reds Catcher Common
33 Clear Blue Ice Catcher Ultra Rare
67 Clear Blue Ice Pitcher Rare
41 Cleveland Indians Pitcher Common
77 Cleveland Indians Catcher Common
42 Colorado Rockies Pitcher Common
78 Colorado Rockies Catcher Common
45 Detroit Tigers Pitcher Common
81 Detroit Tigers Catcher Common
101 Glow-In-The-Dark Catcher Rare
65 Glow-In-The-Dark Pitcher Rare
47 Houston Astros Pitcher Common
83 Houston Astros Catcher Common
48 Kansas City Royals Pitcher Common
84 Kansas City Royals Catcher Common
35 Los Angeles Angels Pitcher Common
49 Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Common
85 Los Angeles Dodgers Catcher Common
34 Metallic Gold Catcher Ultra Rare
70 Metallic Gold Pitcher Ultra Rare
46 Miami Marlins Pitcher Common
82 Miami Marlins Catcher Common
50 Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Common
86 Milwaukee Brewers Catcher Common
51 Minnesota Twins Pitcher Common
87 Minnesota Twins Catcher Common
53 New York Mets Pitcher Common
89 New York Mets Catcher Common
54 New York Yankees Pitcher Common
90 New York Yankees Catcher Common
55 Oakland Athletics Pitcher Common
91 Oakland Athletics Catcher Common
56 Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Common
92 Philadelphia Phillies Catcher Common
57 Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Common
93 Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Common
58 San Diego Padres Pitcher Common
94 San Diego Padres Catcher Common
69 San Diego Padres Camo Uniform Pitcher Ultra Rare
60 San Francisco Giants Pitcher Common
96 San Francisco Giants Catcher Common
59 Seattle Mariners Pitcher Common
95 Seattle Mariners Catcher Common
61 St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Common
97 St.Louis Cardinals Catcher Common
62 Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher Common
98 Tampa Bay Rays Catcher Common
63 Texas Rangers Pitcher Common
99 Texas Rangers Catcher Common
463 Texas Rangers Infielders Batter Common
100 Toronto Blue Jays Catcher Common
64 Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Common
68 Umpire Figure Pitcher Rare
52 Washington Nationals Pitcher Common
88 Washington Nationals Catcher Common
71 ´╗┐Los Angeles Angels Catcher Common