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Checklist of miniatures from Maps (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
GSX02 Abandoned Weapon X Facility/Starcore Space Station Map Fast Forces
JW001 Ace Chemicals/Ace Street Map Limited Edition
AV01 Airbase Map LE-Map
SF01 Airfield/Street Map Starter Exclus.
DC7501 Airport Terminal/Hawkworld Map LE-Map
GG02 Alien City/Knowhere Map Fast Forces
STATOS02 Amok Time/Underground Cavern Map LE-Map
FOTR01 Amon Hen/Lothlorien Map LE-Map
FI03 Antarctica/Paris Map LE-Map
AM01 Anti-Matter Fortress Map Action Pack
BPRD01 Anura Temple Map Action Pack
SLOSH01 Apokolips/Legion Plaza Map LE-Map
AVAS01 Arcade's Arena/Avengers Compound Map LE-Map
ROC04 Arctic Outpost Map LE-Map
MM02 Arena Map LE-Map
DKR02 Arkham Asylum (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
DKR01 Arkham Asylum/Gotham Bank Map Starter Exclus.
WI02 Arthur's Castle/Avengers Unity Rooftop Map LE-Map
ROC06 Assassin's Alley Map LE-Map
WXM06 Asteroid/Shi'ar Throne Room Map Super booster
WXM03 Astral Plane/Xavier Institute Headmaster's Office Map Super booster
JLTW01 Atlantis/House of Mystery Map LE-Map
GOTG02 Attilan: Blue Area of the Moon/Attilan: North Atlantic Ocean Map Fast Forces
CACW01 Avengers HQ Upstate/Avengers HQ Upstate Map Starter Exclus.
IIM01 Avengers Island/Office Building Map LE-Map
WI01 Avengers Island/Runaways Base Map Starter Exclus.
CW01 Avengers Mansion Grounds/Negative Zone Prison Map LE-Map
MRVL02 Avengers Mansion/The Danger Room Map Collectors Set
MRVL01 Avengers Mansion/Xavier's School (Marvel Map Set) Map Collectors Set
MU01 Avengers Mansion/Xavier's School (Marvel Universe Starter) Map Starter Exclus.
AAOU01 Avengers Tower/Strucker's Fortress Map Starter Exclus.
AVX01 Avengers Tower/Utopia: West Map Starter Exclus.
ICON01 Axis Chemical/Centennial Park Zoo Map Starter Exclus.
STT201 Badlands/Doomsday Map Starter Exclus.
FOTR02 Bag End/Weathertop Map LE-Map
SFSM1 Bank Heist/Friendly Neighborhood Map LE-Map
MM01 Battle Square Map LE-Map
YGO201 Battlecity/Zeppelin Map LE-Map
DOTA01 Battlefield Map Starter Exclus.
LOTR01 Battlefield/The Mines of Moria Map Starter Exclus.
DOFP01 Baxter Building-Sentinel HQ/South Bronx Mutant Internment Center Map Action Pack
FF01 Baxter Building/Castle Doom Gardens Map Starter Exclus.
TMNT01 Baxter's Lab/Turtles Lair Map Starter Exclus.
GRID08 Beach Invasion/The Warehouse Map Exclusive
ASM01 Bell Tower/Dr. Strange Mansion Map LE-Map
TMT02 Bifrost/Jotunheim Lake Map LE-Map
SM02 Bizarro World/The Farm Map Fast Forces
STT302 Black Hole/Delphic Expanse Map LE-Map
WOL05 Black Mercy Garden/Ysamault Map LE-Map
NML01 Blackgate Prison/Blackgate Prison: Post-Cataclysm Map LE-Map
FI01 Blitzkrieg DC/Blitzkrieg Manhattan Map Action Pack
GG01 Blue Area of the Moon/Realm of Death Map LE-Map
STT03 Borg Transwarp Hub/Qo'Nos Map LE-Map
FI08 Brazil/Dark Asgard Map LE-Map
STT402 Briar Patch/Mutara Nebula Map Starter Exclus.
BOTM05 Broken Sphinx Map LE-Map
FI06 Broxton, OK/China Map LE-Map
WXM01 Canadian Wilderness/Danger Room Map LE-Map
DPXF01 Cargo Plane/Speakeasy Map Limited Edition
WZ08 Cargo Ship Map Exclusive
WZ01 Castle Ruins/Stephens Bros. Carnival Map LE-Map
FL02 Central City Park/The Flash Museum Map Fast Forces
FL01 Central City/Keystone City Map LE-Map
LOSH01 Central Port/Small Town Map Starter Exclus.
CIV02 Chemical Plant/Final Battle, New York Map LE-Map
GRID06 Chemical Plant/The Mansion Map Exclusive
WOL02 Coast City/Okaara Temple Map LE-Map
IG03 Collector's Ship/Space Racetrack Map LE-Map
BI01 Columbia/Founders' Pavilion Map Starter Exclus.
WZ06 Convention Center Map Exclusive
MKR01 Crackstone Camp/Delphana Domain Map Starter Exclus.
SOG02 Crime Alley/Gotham City Clocktower Map Fast Forces
BA01 Crimes Square Map Common
WF01 Danny the Street/United Nations Conference Map LE-Map
ADW01 Dark Dimension/Wakanda Map LE-Map
CR01 Dawn of Man Map LE-Map
DP01 Deadpool's House/Hellhouse Map LE-Map
SN01 Deep Space Map LE-Map
STT01 Deep Space Nine/Kobayashi Maru Map Starter Exclus.
STT203 Delphi Ardru/Q-Uadrant Map LE-Map
JL02 Docklands Map LE-Map
NML06 Dockside Amusement Park/Dockside Amusement Park: Post-Cataclysm Map LE-Map
IC01 Downtown/The Mall Map Starter Exclus.
WM02 Dr. Manhattan's Lab/Karnak Map Fast Forces
YGO01 Duelist Kingdom: Forest/Pegasus Castle Map Starter Exclus.
T2T02 Edoras/Fangorn Forest Map LE-Map
BOTM06 Egypt Battlefield Map LE-Map
BOTM04 Egypt River Map LE-Map
STT04 Engineering Deck (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
CW02 European Castle/Quinjet Hangar Map Fast Forces
KA01 Evil Lair/Justice Forever Headquarters Map Fast Forces
FI07 Fallen Asgard/Pacific Ocean Map LE-Map
GL01 Ferris Aircraft/Oa Map Fast Forces
AVX04 Flooded Wakanda/Latveria Map LE-Map
T2T01 Forbidden Pool/Isengard Map LE-Map
DOS04 Forest River (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
DOS01 Forest River/Lake-Town Map Starter Exclus.
STATOS01 Forgotten Planet/Gorn Fight Map Starter Exclus.
SM01 Fortress of Solitude/Metropolis City Battleground Map LE-Map
HOT01 Fountain of Asgard Map LE-Map
AI01 Galador Promenade/Halfworld Map LE-Map
WZ04 Gaming Convention Map Exclusive
IH02 Gamma Base/Sakaar Map Fast Forces
IH01 Gamma Range/Shadowland Fortress Map LE-Map
XXS01 Genosha/Muir Island Map LE-Map
TMT01 Gjallerbru/Grand Arena Map Starter Exclus.
HOB01 Goblin Halls/Stone Troll Camp Map Starter Exclus.
HOB02 Gollum's Cavern/Rivendell Map Starter Exclus.
NML03 Gotham City Power Plant/Gotham City Power Plant: Post-Cataclysm Map LE-Map
NML05 Gotham Waterfront/Gotham Waterfront: Post-Cataclysm Map LE-Map
BB01 Graveyard Map LE-Map
ROC03 Great Wall Map LE-Map
BN01 Green Lantern Sciencells Map Starter Exclus.
FI05 Grey Gargoyle Holding Facility/Svartalfheim Map Action Pack
WXM02 Half Court/Princess Bar Map Super booster
SLOSH02 Hall of Doom/Hall of Doom: Slaughter Swamp Map Fast Forces
AOU01 Hank Pym's Lab/Thebes, Egypt Map LE-Map
HQ01 Harley's Apartment/Roller Derby Map LE-Map
CAWS01 Helicarrier/Triskelion Helibay Map Starter Exclus.
LOTR02 Helm's Deep/Minas Tirith Map Starter Exclus.
LOTR03 Helm's Dike/Pelennor Fields Map Starter Exclus.
EW02 High Noon Saloon/Junkyard Map LE-Map
EW01 High Noon Street/Wonder Woman Barn Map Starter Exclus.
DOS02 House of Beorn/Lair of Smaug Map Starter Exclus.
NF01 Hydra Island/Nick Fury's Safehouse Map LE-Map
WXM07 Inner Circle/Rocket Launch Base Map Super booster
DR01 Institute Grounds/Training Complex Map Starter Exclus.
UXM01 Jean Grey School for Higher Learning Grounds/Morlock Tunnels Map LE-Map
UXM02 Jean Grey School for Higher Learning/Manhattan Bridge Map LE-Map
SF02 Jetty/Temple Roof Map Starter Exclus.
HOT02 Jotunheim/Muspelheim Map Fast Forces
OR01 JSA Museum Map LE-Map
DC01 Justice League Watchtower/Metropolis Map Collectors Set
SOG01 Killer Croc Sewer Lair/Streets of Gotham City Map LE-Map
WOL06 Korugar/Nok Map LE-Map
GSX01 Krakoa/Madripoor Lowtown Map LE-Map
BOTM03 Kul Elna Map LE-Map
AVX06 K’un Lun/Surface of the Moon Map LE-Map
YGO301 Labyrinth Wall/Toon World Map LE-Map
SMHAF01 Liberty Island/Xavier Mansion Grounds Map Action Pack
WXM04 Lighthouse/Lighthouse Coastline Map Super booster
AVX05 Limbo/Verkhoyansk Mountains Map LE-Map
LR01 Lone Ranger (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
MOS02 Main Street (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
IM302 Mansion Gates (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
WM01 Mars (Retail Dr. Manhattan) Map Exclusive
MOS01 Metropolis/Smallville Map Starter Exclus.
BOTM02 Millennium Puzzle Map LE-Map
DOS03 Mirkwood Elven Kingdom/Mirkwood: Spider Realm Map Starter Exclus.
TT02 N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: Arctic Base/Teen Titans Tower: Grounds Map Fast Forces
TT07 N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: Control Room/Teen Titans Tower: Recreation Level Map Super booster
TT05 N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: Harvest's Domain/Teen Titans Tower: Sub-Basement Level Map Super booster
TT06 N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: Holding Cells/Teen Titans Tower: Residential Level Map Super booster
TT03 N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: Omen's Domain/Teen Titans Tower: Laboratory Level Map Super booster
TT04 N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: Project Superboy Laboratory/Teen Titans Tower: Memorial Hall Map Super booster
TT01 N.O.W.H.E.R.E.: The Crucible/Teen Titans Tower: Great Hall Map LE-Map
AOU02 New Timbetpal/New York City Map LE-Map
IG01 Nexus of Reality/Soul World Map LE-Map
WXM05 Nova Roma Building/Xavier Institute Classroom Map Super booster
FI04 NYC: Yancy Street/South Africa Map LE-Map
WOL01 Oa Central Battery Plaza/Ranx Map Action Pack
WOL03 Oa: The Big W/Qward Armory and Forge Map LE-Map
WOL04 Odym/Space Map LE-Map
DC7502 Okaara/Qward Map Fast Forces
PR01 Pacific Rim (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
JL5201 Paradise Island/Rooftops of Gotham Map Fast Forces
WZ07 Parking Garage Map Exclusive
BOTM01 Pharaoh's Throne Room Map LE-Map
CIV01 Prison 42/Stamford Map LE-Map
STT403 Proving Grounds/Tholian Web Map LE-Map
GRID01 RealmWorx Headquarters Map Exclusive
NML04 Robinson Park/Robinson Park: Post-Cataclysm Map LE-Map
MKR02 Rokos Ruins/Wylden Watch Map Starter Exclus.
AV02 Rooftops Map LE-Map
TDW01 Royal Naval Academy/Svartalfheim Map Starter Exclus.
WOL07 Ryut/Zamaron Map LE-Map
AVM02 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
CA02 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Below Decks/S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Stern Map LE-Map
CA01 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Bow/S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Midsection Map LE-Map
AVM01 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier/Stark Tower Map Starter Exclus.
AVX03 Savage Land/Wundagore Mountain Map LE-Map
DFP01 School Ruins Map Action Pack
STT202 Sector Z6/Spacedock Map Starter Exclus.
TMNT02 Sewers/Technodrome Map LE-Map
SI01 Spaceship Crashsite Map LE-Map
WZ10 Sporting Arena Map LE-Map
GOTG01 Star Lord's Ship/Titan Map LE-Map
BA02 Stephens Park Map Common
HOB03 Stone Troll Camp (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
QS01 Street Battle (Avengers/Superman Quick-Start Kit) Map Promotional
QS02 Street Battle (Batman Quick-Start Kit) Map Promotional
TDW02 Svartalfheim (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
HT02 The Apartment Complex/The Museum Map Starter Exclus.
AA01 The Asylum Map LE-Map
JL01 The Bank Map LE-Map
BM01 The Batcave/Lazarus Pit Map LE-Map
DC02 The Batcave/S.T.A.R. Labs Map Collectors Set
STT401 The Battle of Chin'Toka/Caretaker's Array Map Starter Exclus.
STT301 The Battle of Sector 001/Tsiolkovsky's Comet Map Starter Exclus.
FI02 The Book of the Skull Fortress/The Raft Map LE-Map
WOS01 The Bridge Map LE-Map
GRID07 The Camp/Jungle Temple Ruins Map Exclusive
YGO02 The Cavern of Lost Souls/Duelist Kingdom: Water Map LE-Map
ADV02 The Construction Site/The Large Building Map Collectors Set
GRID04 The Corporation Map Exclusive
GRID09 The Courtyard/The Sewer Map Exclusive
BD01 The Crater/The Monument Map Fast Forces
SMWW01 The Daily Planet/Mount Olympus Map LE-Map
INDY01 The Evil Headquarters/The Temple Stop Map Starter Exclus.
ADV01 The Factory/The Mansion Map Collectors Set
IG02 The Garden/Tamarata Map LE-Map
ROC05 The Hidden Base Map LE-Map
WZ02 The Hidden Fountains Map LE-Map
CD01 The Junkyard Map LE-Map
GOTGM01 The Kyln/Nova Corps Headquarters Map Starter Exclus.
AW01 The Lab Map LE-Map
WZ03 The Lost Temple Map LE-Map
DP02 The Mall/Thunderbolts' Submarine Map Fast Forces
IM301 The Mandarin's Mansion/Port of Miami Map Starter Exclus.
ROC02 The Mayan Temple Map LE-Map
IG04 The Mental Plane/Shrine to Death Map LE-Map
GRID03 The Mental Ward Map Exclusive
STT02 The Mutara Nebula/Wolf 359 Map Starter Exclus.
HT01 The Office/The Truck Stop Map Starter Exclus.
GRID05 The Park/Swamp Base Map Exclusive
IC02 The Park/The Warehouse Map Starter Exclus.
SIN01 The Prison Map LE-Map
BM02 The Temple/Wayne Manor Map Fast Forces
GRID02 The Underground Lair Map Exclusive
ROC01 The Wrestling Arena Map LE-Map
CR01d Time Zone: Atlantis, 45,000 B.C./Markovia, 1945 Map LE-Map
CR01b Time Zone: Chicago, Earth A.D./Kooey Kooey Kooey, 1989 Map LE-Map
CR01c Time Zone: Coyote, Texas, 1879/Plaza Square 2985 Map LE-Map
CR01a Time Zone: The Battle of Metropolis, 2006/Camelot, Time of Myth Map LE-Map
CAWS02 Triskelion Helibay (Mini-Game) Map Board Game
AVX02 Utopia/Utopia: East Map Starter Exclus.
WZ09 Warehouse Map Exclusive
NML02 Wayne Manor Grounds/Wayne Manor Grounds: Post-Cataclysm Map LE-Map
WZ05 Wizkids Office Map Exclusive