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Checklist of miniatures from NFL TeenyMates (TeenyMates)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
120 Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Common
156 Arizona Cardinals Lineman Common
4 Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Common
42 Arizona Cardinals Running Back Common
82 Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver Common
603 Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald Superstar Common
652 Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson Playmaker Common
121 Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Common
157 Atlanta Falcons Lineman Common
43 Atlanta Falcons Running Back Common
5 Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Common
83 Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Common
604 Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Superstar Common
653 Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan Quarterback Common
158 Atlanta Falcons Throwback Lineman Rare
122 Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Common
159 Baltimore Ravens Lineman Common
44 Baltimore Ravens Running Back Common
6 Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Common
84 Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Common
654 Baltimore Ravens C.J. Mosley Linebacker Common
605 Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs Superstar Common
47 Buffalo Bills Running Back Common
87 Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Common
9 Buffalo Bills Quarterback Common
609 Buffalo Bills Sammy Watkins Superstar Common
77 Camoflauge Wide Receiver Rare
11 Carolina Panthers Quarterback Common
127 Carolina Panthers Linebacker Common
164 Carolina Panthers Lineman Common
49 Carolina Panthers Running Back Common
89 Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Common
608 Carolina Panthers Cam Newton Superstar Common
658 Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly Linebacker Common
10 Chicago Bears Quarterback Common
126 Chicago Bears Linebacker Common
162 Chicago Bears Lineman Common
48 Chicago Bears Running Back Common
88 Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Common
607 Chicago Bears Jordan Howard Superstar Common
657 Chicago Bears Mitchell Trubisky Quarterback Common
123 Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker Common
160 Cincinnati Bengals Lineman Common
45 Cincinnati Bengals Running Back Common
7 Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Common
85 Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Common
606 Cincinnati Bengals A.J. Green Superstar Common
655 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Mixon Running Back Common
636 Classic Uniform Rob Gronkowski Wide Receiver Rare
36 Clear Blue Ice Running Back Rare
124 Cleveland Browns Linebacker Common
161 Cleveland Browns Lineman Common
46 Cleveland Browns Running Back Common
8 Cleveland Browns Quarterback Common
86 Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Common
656 Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield Quarterback Common
619 Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett Superstar Common
117 Coach Figure Linebacker Rare
634 Color Rush Uniform Luke Kuechly Superstar Rare
12 Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Common
128 Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Common
165 Dallas Cowboys Lineman Common
50 Dallas Cowboys Running Back Common
90 Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Common
622 Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Superstar Rare
659 Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Quarterback Common
633 Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Superstar Common
660 Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott White Jersey Running Back Rare
129 Denver Broncos Linebacker Common
13 Denver Broncos Quarterback Common
166 Denver Broncos Lineman Common
51 Denver Broncos Running Back Common
91 Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Common
661 Denver Broncos Chris Harris Jr. Linebacker Common
80 Denver Broncos Vintage Wide Receiver Ultra Rare
610 Denver Broncos Von Miller Superstar Common
130 Detroit Lions Linebacker Common
14 Detroit Lions Quarterback Common
167 Detroit Lions Lineman Common
52 Detroit Lions Running Back Common
92 Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Common
611 Detroit Lions Ezekiel Ansah Superstar Common
662 Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford Quarterback Common
154 Emerald Ice Lineman Lineman Rare
675 Glow in the Dark Carson Wentz Quarterback Rare
114 Glow-In-The-Dark Linebacker Rare
38 Glow-In-The-Dark Running Back Rare
79 Glow-In-The-Dark Wide Receiver Rare
152 Glow-in-the-Dark Coach Lineman Rare
153 Glow-In-The-Dark Lineman Lineman Rare
640 Glow-In-The-Dark Tom Brady Quarterback Rare
131 Green Bay Packers Linebacker Common
15 Green Bay Packers Quarterback Common
168 Green Bay Packers Lineman Common
53 Green Bay Packers Running Back Common
93 Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Common
612 Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Superstar Common
663 Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews Linebacker Common
2 Houston Oilers Vintage Quarterback Rare
111 Houston Texans Wide Receiver Common
149 Houston Texans Linebacker Common
190 Houston Texans Lineman Common
33 Houston Texans Quarterback Common
71 Houston Texans Running Back Common
683 Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins Wide Receiver Common
638 Houston Texans Deshaun Watson Running Back Rare
630 Houston Texans J.J. Watt Lineman Common
133 Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Common
17 Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Common
170 Indianapolis Colts Lineman Common
55 Indianapolis Colts Running Back Common
95 Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver Common
614 Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck Superstar Common
666 Indianapolis Colts T.Y. Hilton Wide Receiver Common
135 Jacksonville Jaguars Linebacker Common
172 Jacksonville Jaguars Lineman Common
19 Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Common
57 Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back Common
97 Jacksonville Jaguars Wide Receiver Common
616 Jacksonville Jaguars Allen Robinson Wide Receiver Common
668 Jacksonville Jaguars Jalen Ramsey Playmaker Common
136 Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Common
173 Kansas City Chiefs Lineman Common
20 Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Common
58 Kansas City Chiefs Running Back Common
98 Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Common
617 Kansas City Chiefs Justin Houston Linebacker Common
669 Kansas City Chiefs Kareem Hunt Running Back Common
78 Line Judge Wide Receiver Rare
686 Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers Quarterback Common
180 Los Angeles Rams Lineman Common
677 Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff Quarterback Common
623 Los Angeles Rams Todd Gurley Running Back Common
118 Metallic Gold Linebacker Ultra Rare
3 Metallic Gold Quarterback Ultra Rare
40 Metallic Gold Running Back Ultra Rare
81 Metallic Gold Wide Receiver Ultra Rare
651 Metallic Gold Defensive Back Playmaker Rare
155 Metallic Gold Lineman Lineman Rare
602 Metallic Gold Referee Superstar Rare
137 Miami Dolphins Linebacker Common
174 Miami Dolphins Lineman Common
21 Miami Dolphins Quarterback Common
59 Miami Dolphins Running Back Common
99 Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Common
618 Miami Dolphins Jarvis Landry Wide Receiver Common
670 Miami Dolphins Minkah Fitzpatrick Linebacker Common
112 Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Common
150 Minnesota Vikings Linebacker Common
188 Minnesota Vikings Lineman Common
34 Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Common
72 Minnesota Vikings Running Back Common
684 Minnesota Vikings Adam Thielen Wide Receiver Common
631 Minnesota Vikings Harrison Smith Linebacker Common
74 Monster Wide Receiver Rare
100 New England Patriots Wide Receiver Common
138 New England Patriots Linebacker Common
175 New England Patriots Lineman Common
22 New England Patriots Quarterback Common
60 New England Patriots Running Back Common
671 New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski Wide Receiver Common
639 New England Patriots Tom Brady Quarterback Common
75 New England Patriots Vintage Wide Receiver Rare
101 New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Common
139 New Orleans Saints Linebacker Common
176 New Orleans Saints Lineman Common
23 New Orleans Saints Quarterback Common
61 New Orleans Saints Running Back Common
673 New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara Running Back Common
132 New York Giants Linebacker Common
16 New York Giants Quarterback Common
169 New York Giants Lineman Common
54 New York Giants Running Back Common
94 New York Giants Wide Receiver Common
613 New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr. Superstar Common
664 New York Giants Saquon Barkley Running Back Common
134 New York Jets Linebacker Common
171 New York Jets Lineman Common
18 New York Jets Quarterback Common
56 New York Jets Running Back Common
96 New York Jets Wide Receiver Common
667 New York Jets Jamal Adams Playmaker Common
615 New York Jets Muhammad Wilkerson Superstar Common
103 Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver Common
141 Oakland Raiders Linebacker Common
179 Oakland Raiders Lineman Common
25 Oakland Raiders Quarterback Common
63 Oakland Raiders Running Back Common
676 Oakland Raiders Derek Carr Quarterback Common
628 Oakland RaidersKhalil Mack Linebacker Common
665 Odell Beckham Jr. Away Jersey Wide Receiver Rare
102 Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Common
140 Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker Common
177 Philadelphia Eagles Lineman Common
24 Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Common
62 Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Common
621 Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz Quarterback Common
178 Philadelphia Eagles Throwback Lineman Rare
674 Philadelphia Eagles Zach Ertz Wide Receiver Common
108 Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Common
146 Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker Common
184 Pittsburgh Steelers Lineman Common
30 Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Common
68 Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back Common
627 Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Wide Receiver Common
680 Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Wide Receiver Common
39 Pittsburgh Steelers Vintage Running Back Rare
37 Referee Figure Running Back Rare
119 Robot Linebacker Ultra Rare
76 Robot Linebacker Rare
601 Ruby Ice Quarterback Superstar Rare
620 Ruby Ice Quarterback Quarterback Rare
105 San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver Common
143 San Diego Chargers Linebacker Common
181 San Diego Chargers Lineman Common
27 San Diego Chargers Quarterback Common
65 San Diego Chargers Running Back Common
624 San Diego Chargers Joey Bosa Lineman Common
107 San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Common
145 San Francisco 49ers Linebacker Common
183 San Francisco 49ers Lineman Common
29 San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Common
67 San Francisco 49ers Running Back Common
679 San Francisco 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo Quarterback Common
626 San Francisco 49ers Navorro Bowman Wide Receiver Common
106 Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver Common
144 Seattle Seahawks Linebacker Common
182 Seattle Seahawks Lineman Common
28 Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Common
66 Seattle Seahawks Running Back Common
678 Seattle Seahawks Earl Thomas Playmaker Common
625 Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson Quarterback Common
115 Seattle Seahawks Vintage Linebacker Rare
104 St. Louis Rams Wide Receiver Common
142 St. Louis Rams Linebacker Common
26 St. Louis Rams Quarterback Common
64 St. Louis Rams Running Back Common
163 Stanley Da Bear Lineman Rare
185 Steely McBeam Lineman Rare
109 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linebacker Common
147 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver Common
186 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lineman Common
31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Common
69 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running Back Common
632 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston Quarterback Common
681 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Evans Wide Receiver Common
41 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vintage Running Back Ultra Rare
110 Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver Common
148 Tennessee Titans Linebacker Common
187 Tennessee Titans Lineman Common
32 Tennessee Titans Quarterback Common
70 Tennessee Titans Running Back Common
629 Tennessee Titans Demarco Murray Running Back Common
682 Tennessee Titans Marcus Mariota Quarterback Common
672 Tom Brady MVP Edition Quarterback Rare
113 Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Common
151 Washington Redskins Linebacker Common
189 Washington Redskins Lineman Common
35 Washington Redskins Quarterback Common
73 Washington Redskins Running Back Common
685 Washington Redskins Josh Norman Playmaker Common
641 Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins Quarterback Common
116 Washington Redskins Vintage Linebacker Rare
1 ´╗┐Glow-In-The-Dark Quarterback Rare