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Checklist of miniatures from Icons of the Realms: Rage of Demons (Dungeons&Dragons)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
22 Air Myrmidon Wild U
21 Banshee Borderlands U
49 Beholder Underdark R
35 Blink Dog Wild R
52 Blink Dog (Invisible) Wild Ultra Rare
36 Bugbear Hunter Borderlands R
27 Carrion Crawler Underdark U
30 Chasme Demon Underdark U
6 Cockatrice Borderlands C
41 Copper Dragon Borderlands R
1 Derro Underdark C
32 Djinni Wild U
2 Dretch Demon Underdark C
26 Drider Underdark U
23 Drow Archmage Underdark U
16 Drow Captain Underdark U
13 Drow Scout Civilization C
7 Duergar Fighter Underdark C
33 Efreet Wild U
18 Ettercap Underdark U
37 Gnoll Champion of Yeenoghu Borderlands R
4 Goblin Archer Borderlands C
46 Gold Dragon Borderlands R
54 Gold Shadow Dragon Underdark Ultra Rare
43 Grell Underdark R
10 Grimlock Underdark C
15 Half-Orc Paladin Civilization U
42 Helmed Horror Underdark R
12 Hobgoblin Soldier Borderlands C
45 Hook Horror Underdark R
14 Human Wizard Civilization U
51 Human Wizard, Invisible Civilization Ultra Rare
3 Kobold Guard Borderlands C
9 Kuo-Toa Underdark C
24 Kuo-Toa Archpriest Underdark U
11 Lizardfolk Fighter Wild C
38 Mind Flayer Lich Underdark R
53 Mind Flayer Lich, Invisible Underdark Ultra Rare
47 Nalfeshnee Demon Underdark R
31 Nightmare Underdark U
17 Quaggoth Underdark U
5 Quasit Underdark C
48 Red Dracolich Borderlands R
28 Roper Underdark U
39 Rust Monster Borderlands R
55 Shadow Beholder Underdark Ultra Rare
20 Shadow Demon Underdark U
8 Shield Dwarf Wizard Civilization C
44 Spectator Underdark R
25 Troll Borderlands U
29 Vrock Underdark U
19 Water Myrmidon Wild U
50 White Dracolich Borderlands Unique
34 Wood Elf Archer Wild R
40 Xorn Underdark R