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Checklist of miniatures from Icons of the Realms: Elemental Evil (Dungeons&Dragons)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
014 Air Cult Warrior Medium U
029 Air Elemental Large U
033 Air Genasi Rogue Medium R
033-ALT Air Genasi Rogue, Invisible Medium Ultra Rare
45 Ancient Silver Dragon Gargantuan P
036 Basilisk Medium R
038 Black Dragon Medium R
039 Blue Dragon Medium R
042 Brass Dragon Large R
043 Bronze Dragon Large R
044 Chimera Large R
037 Darkenbeast Medium R
012 Dread Warrior Medium C
021 Duergar Fighter Medium U
011 Earth Cult Warrior Medium C
019 Earth Elemental Medium U
024 Earth Genasi Fighter Medium U
024-ALT Earth Genasi Fighter (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
027 Ettin Large U
005 Fire Bat Small C
017 Fire Cult Warrior Medium U
028 Fire Elemental Large U
034 Fire Myrmidon Medium R
004 Fire Snake Small C
002 Forest Gnome Ranger Small C
002-ALT Forest Gnome Ranger, Invisible Small Ultra Rare
009 Ghoul Medium C
022 Gnoll Fighter Medium U
015 Gold Dwarf Guard Medium U
015-ALT Gold Dwarf Guard, Invisible Medium Ultra Rare
040 Green Dragon Medium R
032 Griffon Large U
031 Hieracosphinx Large U
001 Magmin Small C
018 Moon Elf Ranger Medium U
018-ALT Moon Elf Ranger, Invisible Medium Ultra Rare
025 Ogre Large U
026 Owlbear Large U
023 Peryton Medium U
006 Pseudodragon Small C
035 Salamander Medium R
007 Shield Dwarf Fighter Medium C
007-ALT Shield Dwarf Fighter, Invisible Medium Ultra Rare
030 Solar Angel Large U
003 Svirfneblin Rogue Small C
010 Troglodyte Medium C
013 Water Cult Warrior Medium C
020 Water Elemental Medium U
041 White Dragon Large R
016 Wight Medium U
008 Wolf Spider Medium C