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Checklist of miniatures from YT-2400 Freighter (Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
YT24F05 Counter-measures Upgrade - Modification Fixed
YT24F01 Dash Rendar Ship - YT-2400 Fixed
YT24F06 Dash Rendar Upgrade - Crew Fixed
YT24F03 Eaden Vrill Ship - YT-2400 Fixed
YT24F07 Experimental Interface Upgrade - Modification Fixed
YT24F08 Gunner Upgrade - Crew Fixed
YT24F09 Heavy Laser Cannon Upgrade - Cannon Fixed
YT24F10 Lando Calrissian Upgrade - Crew Fixed
YT24F02 Leebo Ship - YT-2400 Fixed
YT24F11 Leebo Upgrade - Crew Fixed
YT24F12 Lone Wolf Upgrade - Elite Pilot Fixed
YT24F13 Mercenary Copilot Upgrade - Crew Fixed
YT24F14 Outrider Upgrade - Title Fixed
YT24F15 Proton Rockets Upgrade - Missiles Fixed
YT24F16 Stay on Target Upgrade - Elite Pilot Fixed
YT24F04 Wild Space Fringer Ship - YT-2400 Fixed