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Checklist of miniatures from Trap Team (Skylanders)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
TTK001 Air Hourglass Trap Key Regular
TTK002 Air Jughead Trap Key Regular
TTK003 Air Screamer Trap Key Regular
TTK004 Air Toucan Trap Key Regular
TTM007 Barkley Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TT033 Bat Spin Standard Regular
TT002 Blades Standard Regular
TT001 Blades (Legendary) Standard Variant
TT026 Blastermind Trap Master Regular
TTM003 Bop Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TTM001 Breeze Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TT021 Bush Whack Trap Master Regular
TT028 Chopper Standard Regular
TT023 Cobra Cadabra Standard Regular
TT024 Déjà Vu Standard Regular
TT024L Déjà Vu (Legendary) Standard Variant
TTM011 Drobit Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TTK005 Earth Hammer Trap Key Regular
TTK006 Earth Hourglass Trap Key Regular
TTK007 Earth Orb Trap Key Regular
TTK008 Earth Toucan Trap Key Regular
TT038 Echo Standard Regular
TT027 Enigma Trap Master Regular
TTM013 Eye-Small Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TTK009 Fire Scepter Trap Key Regular
TTK010 Fire Screamer Trap Key Regular
TTK011 Fire Torch Trap Key Regular
TT007 Fist Bump Standard Regular
TT003 Fling Kong Standard Regular
TT039 Flip Wreck Standard Regular
TT018 Food Fight Standard Regular
TT017 Food Fight (Dark) Standard Variant
TT011 Fryno Standard Regular
TT034 Funny Bone Standard Regular
TT030 Gearshift Trap Master Regular
TT040 Gill Grunt Standard Regular
TTM015 Gill Runt Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TT005 Gusto Trap Master Regular
TTI001 Hand Of Fate Item Regular
TTI002 Hand Of Fate (Legendary) Item Variant
TT009 Head Rush Trap Master Regular
TT019 High Five Standard Regular
TTM014 Hijinx Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TT032 Jawbreaker Trap Master Regular
TT031 Jawbreaker (Legendary) Trap Master Variant
TT004 Jet Vac Standard Regular
TT014 Ka-Boom Trap Master Regular
TTK012 Kaos Trap Trap Key Regular
TT036 Krypt King Trap Master Regular
TT035 Krypt King (Nitro) Trap Master Variant
TTK013 Life Hammer Trap Key Regular
TTK014 Life Torch Trap Key Regular
TTK015 Life Toucan Trap Key Regular
TT041 Lob Star Trap Master Regular
TTK016 Magic Axe Trap Key Regular
TTK017 Magic Hourglass Trap Key Regular
TTK018 Magic Log Holder Trap Key Regular
TTK019 Magic Skull Trap Key Regular
TTM009 Mini-Jini Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TTI003 Mirror Of Mystery Item Regular
TTI004 Nightmare Express Item Regular
TTM002 Pet Vac Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TTI005 Piggy Bank Item Regular
TT025 Pop Fizz Standard Regular
TTI006 Rocket Ram Item Regular
TT008 Rocky Roll Standard Regular
TT037 Short Cut Trap Master Regular
TT020 Shroomboom Standard Regular
TTM005 Small Fry Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TT043 Snap Shot Trap Master Regular
TT042 Snap Shot (Dark) Trap Master Variant
TTM010 Spry Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TTK020 Tech Angel Trap Key Regular
TTK021 Tech Hand Trap Key Regular
TTK022 Tech Scepter Trap Key Regular
TTM004 Terrabite Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TTM016 Thumpling Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TT006 Thunder Bolt Trap Master Regular
TTI007 Tiki Speaky Item Regular
TT012 Torch Standard Regular
TT013 Trail Blazer Standard Regular
TT029 Tread Head Standard Regular
TTM012 Trigger Snappy Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TT022 Tuff Luck Trap Master Regular
TTK023 Ultimate Kaos Trap Trap Key Variant
TTK024 Undaed Orb Trap Key Regular
TTK025 Undead Axe Trap Key Regular
TTK026 Undead Hand Trap Key Regular
TTK027 Undead Skull Trap Key Regular
TT010 Wallop Trap Master Regular
TTK028 Water Axe Trap Key Regular
TTK029 Water Jughead Trap Key Regular
TTK030 Water Log Holder Trap Key Regular
TTK031 Water Tiki Trap Key Regular
TTM006 Weeruptor Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TTM008 Whisper Elf Mini (formerly Sidekick) Regular
TT016 Wild Fire Trap Master Regular
TT015 Wild Fire (Dark) Trap Master Variant