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Checklist of miniatures from X-Men Days of Future Past (Marvel 2014) (HeroClix)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
G001 Alpha Class Sentinel (Attack Mode) Marvel Unaffiliated Action Pack
G002 Alpha Class Sentinel (Defense Mode) Marvel Unaffiliated Action Pack
005 Angel (DoFP) Defenders Common
002 Ariel X-Men Common
004 Avalanche (DoFP) Brotherhood Common
015 Blob (DoFP) Brotherhood Uncommon
003 Colossus (DoFP Common) X-Men Common
014 Colossus (DoFP Uncommon) X-Men Uncommon
011 Destiny (DoFP) Brotherhood Uncommon
007 Franklin Richards (DoFP) Fantastic Four Common
H003 Human Protestor Marvel Unaffiliated Action Pack
017 Magneto (DoFP) X-Men Rare
016 Moira MacTaggert (DoFP) Marvel Unaffiliated Uncommon
H004 Mutant Protestor Marvel Unaffiliated Action Pack
018 Mystique (DoFP) Brotherhood Rare
009 Nightcrawler (DoFP) X-Men Uncommon
024 Nimrod (DoFP) Marvel Unaffiliated Chase
022 Professor X (DoFP) X-Men Rare
006 Pyro (DoFP) Brotherhood Common
010 Rachel Summers X-Men Uncommon
008 Senator Robert Kelly Marvel Unaffiliated Common
001 Sentinel (DoFP) Marvel Unaffiliated Common
H001 Sentinel (Hunter) Marvel Unaffiliated Action Pack
023 Sentinel Alpha 3 Marvel Unaffiliated Rare
H002 Sentinel Sentry Marvel Unaffiliated Action Pack
020 Sprite (DoFP) X-Men Rare
021 Storm (DoFP Rare) X-Men Rare
012 Storm (DoFP Uncommon) X-Men Uncommon
019 Wolverine (DoFP Rare) X-Men Rare
013 Wolverine (DoFP Uncommon) X-Men Uncommon