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Checklist of miniatures from HWK-290 (Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
HK29005 Blaster Turret Upgrade - Turret Fixed
HK29006 Intelligence Agent Upgrade - Crew Fixed
HK29007 Ion Cannon Turret Upgrade - Turret Fixed
HK29001 Jan Ors Ship - HWK-290 Fixed
HK29002 Kyle Katarn Ship - HWK-290 Fixed
HK29008 Moldy Crow Upgrade - Title Fixed
HK29004 Rebel Operative Ship - HWK-290 Fixed
HK29009 Recon Specialist Upgrade - Crew Fixed
HK29003 Roark Garnet Ship - HWK-290 Fixed
HK29010 Saboteur Upgrade - Crew Fixed