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Checklist of miniatures from Avengers vs. X-Men (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
T001 Avengers Avengers Limited Edition
007 Black Panther (AvX) Spider-Man Ally Limited Edition
101 Cable (AvX) Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
001 Captain America (AvX) Avengers Starter Exclus.
012 Colossus (AvX) X-Men Starter Exclus.
009 Cyclops (AvX) X-Men Starter Exclus.
015 Danger (AvX) X-Men Limited Edition
G001 Dark Phoenix Cyclops Power Cosmic/X-Men Limited Edition
010 Emma Frost (AvX) X-Men Starter Exclus.
S103 Fragment – Colossus Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
S101 Fragment – Cyclops Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
S104 Fragment – Emma Frost Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
S105 Fragment – Magik Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
S102 Fragment – Namor Marvel Unaffiliated LE-Special Obj.
016 Hope Summers (AvX) X-Men Limited Edition
002 Iron Man (AvX) Avengers Starter Exclus.
102 Lei-Kung the Thunderer Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
013 Magik (AvX) Mystics/X-Men Starter Exclus.
014 Magneto (AvX) X-Men Starter Exclus.
011 Namor (AvX) X-Men Starter Exclus.
104 Phoenixbuster Iron Man Avengers Limited Edition
008 Professor X (AvX) X-Men Limited Edition
006 Scarlet Witch (AvX) Avengers/Mystics Starter Exclus.
004 Spider-Man (AvX) Avengers/Spider-Man Ally Starter Exclus.
R100 The Phoenix Force Marvel Unaffiliated Limited Edition
003 Thor (AvX) Avengers Starter Exclus.
103 White Phoenix Hope Power Cosmic Limited Edition
005 Wolverine (AvX) Avengers/X-Men Starter Exclus.
T002 X-Men X-Men Limited Edition