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Checklist of miniatures from Mage Knight: Resurrection (HeroClix)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
005 Altem Sentinel Phoenix Concord Common
013 Arythea Dominion Pact Uncommon
011 Bonebreaker Shaman Dominion Pact Common
102 Cavalier Freeblade Mercenary Starter Exclus.
H001 Delphana Infernus Indy Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
H002 Domineer Monk Indy Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
002 Dwarven Axeshield Mercenary Common
023 Exarch Balion Phoenix Concord Rare
008 Gassalite Swordbrother Mercenary Common
104 General Marz Phoenix Concord Starter Exclus.
021 General Volkare Ascendent Rare
006 Goblin Pillager Ascendent Common
014 Goldyx Phoenix Concord Uncommon
103 Growlfang Dominion Pact Starter Exclus.
105 Harrowblade Ascendent Starter Exclus.
022 Khan Bonespike Ascendent Rare
H003 Kutturgoyle Indy Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
024 Lord Varatrix Council of the Mists Rare
001 Moonborn Dunewolf Mage Spawn Common
012 Norowas Council of the Mists Uncommon
H004 Northspirit Indy Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
017 Orc Harrower Dominion Pact Uncommon
106 Quavon Council of the Mists Starter Exclus.
025 Rayden Marz (Tezla Champion) Phoenix Concord Chase
010 Shyft Ravager Mage Spawn Common
003 Skeleton Skullwalker Mage Spawn Common
016 Skyguard Captain Council of the Mists Uncommon
019 Solonavi Domineer Dominion Pact Uncommon
018 Technoshocker Council of the Mists Uncommon
015 Tovak Ascendent Uncommon
H006 Vampire Thrall Indy Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
H005 Wild Rider Indy Unaffiliated Starter Exclus.
020 Wolfhawk Phoenix Concord Rare
009 Wolfkin Raider Ascendent Common
004 Xandressan Windsman Mercenary Common
101 Za'rax'as Mage Spawn Starter Exclus.
007 Zombie Shambler Mage Spawn Common